(Real) Last Loot of December

Well, that statement I made in my last loot post turned out untrue as Hobby Search has come through the goods before New Years! This just came by EMS this morning around 7:30AM o_0;;. I usually get things shipped to me at work, but I’m on holidays so I changed the shipping address to home. The Delivery Guy woke me up, but I’m not mad at him ^_^;;


So it’s n0 surprise, but this time around we have Figma Shana, and both A and B sets of the Nendoroid Playsets.

I am going to have very much fun with these Nendoroid Sets.  Me being a 4Koma Baka after all ^_^;;


Playset B can be attached to Playset A to make the whole classroom.


And lastly Shana. To be honest I’m not too happy with the way that Figma Shana turned out from the photos … however it’s another Figma, and I do like the translucent hair. An maybe it will look better in person. I also can’t wait to give Fate the Katana and do some ass kicking ^_^;;


Well that’s it for this shipment. I don’t have much other stuff lined up for a while. These were all pre-orders that I did ages ago, and I haven’t ordered much stuff for January. Perhaps I will get more Gundams since I have a bit of time off work. I do have a lot of stuff lined up for Feb -> March though ^_^;;

Just watched the last episode of Akane no Iro and WOW! The best ending I could have envisioned for this type of Anime. I won’t spoil anything here, but for those who know what character I ship with on this show, you can probably guess ^_^;;


Anyway off to breakfast! (Lol, usually I’m off to dinner on my other posts. I love holidays!). O Hayo gozai masu! ~Ace-san

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7 Responses to (Real) Last Loot of December

  1. optic says:

    Will get my figma Shana next year. -_-
    Unfortunately, I’ve canceled the Nendoroid Sets a few days back. While I find them cheap, I don’t reckon they will be worthwhile in my case. And while the AUD is still low, I rather invest this money into the figures I really want.

  2. Snark says:

    The nendoroid playsets look like awesome fun, can’t wait to see what 4komas you come up with them =D

  3. deadbeat says:

    nice. I had the shana ordered as well, probably coming mid jan. Anyway, how much did you pay for the classroom sets as well as the shana, after factoring shipping?

  4. sonic_ver2 says:

    Wow, i just knew right now that Nendoroid playset like that exist. It must be fun playing your nendos with more props.

    Anyway, mind to exchange link? I’ve added link to your blog in my blogroll.

  5. acesan says:

    Optic: I’m starting to like the Shana figure more now that I’ve got my hands on it ^^. Though i”m disappointed all of her hair isn’t translucent, not sure why they changed that? Anyway hopefully the AUS dollar picks up a bit…

    Snark: I’ve already written a few scripts, just need the time to take the photos !

    Deadbeat: I think all up, it was around 8000 yen including shipping. The shipping was a large proportion of the cost, because though the playsets are cheap, the packages themselves are actually quite heavy for the box they come in…

    Sonic: I’ve got quite a few props now, and the Nendo set has added even more. I’ve also added you to blogroll, see you round! ^^

    Happy New Year everyone!

  6. Q says:

    I got my Shana on the day of release, and I agree with you that Shana looks better once you’ve got your hands on it, as it doesn’t look as impressive in the package. It’s kinda strange that the top part of the hair is painted solid red, but some people actually prefer that to the translucent hair :\

    Anyway Happyy New Year to you too!

  7. M12 says:

    Really? Unfortunately, I dropped Akane no Iro. I wonder what the ending is? Bah, tell me :P.

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