Transformers Classics Overlord Custom

Recently I started reading a lot of the IDW series of Transformers Comics. I got absolutely hooked! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE has the most interesting, action packed, character-based, comedic Transformers story yet, in my 30 years of being a fan. And LAST STAND OF THE WRECKERS was one of the coolest, goriest series in Transformers yet!


I immediately went to get all of the IDW More than Meets the Eyes characters ++ if they actually were the IDW versions (e.g. Tailgate who I’ve reviewed before). However one character eluded me – with no real classics version available – OVERLORD.


IDW Overlord has to be my favorite Transformers villain ever. Because he actually has a personality! So I had to get a toy of him – even if it means making my own. I went online and saw what other people had done, but I wasn’t satisfied with the scale of the base molds chosen, or the aesthetics. But I finally found one I was satisfied with…



Cybertron Dirge (Voyager)! It seemed about the size I was going for and was sufficiently bulky. It also helps that most of him was the right color already. Here is my mostly completed product in alt mode. I say mostly complete because I can still make it better.


Note the Tank looks pretty good if I say so myself for just being a pair of legs and a gun. However it pretty much Parts Forms to the extreme like legos. I have to work out how to integrate the tank treads into robot mode lol.

ace_overlord_02 ace_overlord_03 ace_overlord_04

And here is robot mode. I admit, not 100% accurate to the IDW source material (the jet cockpit is supposed to be on his left arm) but for me it’s close enough. It’s classics after all (yeah I know, excuses lol).


Gun was taken from some knock-off robot transformer I found at Megamall. I think it was a basketball that turned into a robot. Pretty cool. I thought the gun would look good for Overlord painted purple, and yes it does!


Antenna is made from 2 metal pins I pulled apart from another knock off that I was using for parts. It’s pretty much Dirge’s head though, just painted his face silver and carved the sides of his head to glue the antenna.


No ankle tilts 😦

ace_overlord_08 ace_overlord_09 ace_overlord_10 ace_overlord_11

Overlord VS some of my IDW crew.


Need IDW versions of Rodimus, Whirl, Chromedome, Brainstorm. Maketoys Trashtalk pretty much kills it for Swerve. The others are fillers for now, though pretty awesome fillers.


Fort Max gets his revenge?


Poor Rewind (Spoilers!)

ace_overlord_15 ace_overlord_16

Have to admit I’m happy with how this guy turned out. Just need to integrate the tank treads into transforming into his legs.


Overlord FTW!


The below would make a good story!

ace_overlord_19b ace_overlord_20b

Anyways hope you enjoyed, and if you like Transformers and haven’t read the IDW series “Last Stand of the Wreckers” and “More than Meets the Eye,” go out there and get them now! (or purchase online!).


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