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00 Raiser (HG 1:144) Gundam Model Review

Haven’t done a 4Koma in a while, so though I would do one better and do an 8Koma! And today I’ll be reviewing the HG 1:144 00 Raiser Gundam (Combined from the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser).

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April Loot Wave Begins

I have an absolute ton of stuff coming in this month and the next several months where all my pre-orders kick in ^_^. Can’t wait, but here’s the first shipment … first up is Zange-chan from Kotobukiya: I dunno, for … Continue reading

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First Loot of 2009

Yep, as can be expected, another shipment of goodies (from Hobby Search) arrived today :). Although it’s only a couple of things, I was excited about this one… Do people like Loot Posts? I remember this question was asked over … Continue reading

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Random Gundams

Just realised I hardly have any Gundam Posts, despite myself having so many Gundams o_0. I better fix that up quick smart. Although please excuse the quality of these pics, as they were taken when I first got my camera … Continue reading

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Strike on a Bike (Final Fantasy 7 Playarts: Cloud and Hardy Daytona)

So I was going to take some shots of my new FF7 Playarts Cloud and Hardy Daytona with the intention of reviewing him, however it all went awry when I realised that my trusty MG Sword Strike Gundam could ride … Continue reading

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00 Gundam (HG 1:144) Model Review

So I actually swore off buying any more HG Gundam Models because MG Models were so much better. But after getting into Gundam 00 Season 2 … I broke my rule and bought myself a HG 1:144 00Gundam ^_^;; Yes, I … Continue reading

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Gundam Seed Destiny – Meer Campbell Voice I-Doll Superior

So I noticed that the Mikaru Figma was in stock at the online store i frequent, so I immediately snapped her up. However, shipping to Australia from Japan is a tad expensive, so to make the most of these purchases, … Continue reading

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Don’t you love new loot? (Something Special lol)

It feels like Christmas morning everytime you get new stuff! The stuff on the right hand stuff is what got delivered today, while the left hand stuff I bought at the local model shop. I’ve been after MG Freedom for … Continue reading

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Haruhi’s new Meteor

FInished this Meteor unit today, and thought it kinda sucked, until I realised it looked better with Haruhi riding it 🙂

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MG Aile Sword Launcher Strike!

Finally finished my Aile Striker Pack for my Strike. Way better than Destiny don’t ya think lol? Time for a photo shoot!

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