It is eleven years into the dark future. Join the new adventures of Ash and Pikachu and discover the changes that have left the world in ruins…. And discover the power of the Pokemon Masters… (Note: This fanfic contains violence and explicit language).Pokemon MASTER Fanfiction

It’s hard to believe I wrote this fanfiction 8 years ago, and the immense popularity it has received over the years. I have learned a lot about writing from being totally into fanfiction and I must say, I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these experiences.

Back then I was struggling through Uni at the tender age of 17 or 18 with no income and really, not knowing what to do with my life. I found myself with lots of free time, and being an Anime fan, who also liked reading, and not having much access to Anime, I thought I would join the FFML (Fanfiction Mailing List I stumbled upon) and make up my own content! The rest, as they say is history.

A fanart by Vaporeon who heavily supported my writings ^_^;;

A fanart by Vaporeon who heavily supported my writings ^_^;;

There was also a dark part of my life around this time, where my little brother, Justin, was diagnosed with Luekemia – some of you old time readers may remember, I may have wrote something about this. At that time, he managed to pull through, however during the first remission, unfortunately the cancer came back, and he was not able to pull through this time. I never really got over this, and to this day, thinking back it still causes me pain.

Going through this, it made me realise that life is a fickle thing, and one should not waste their time with worries about whether you should do this or that. Just thing to yourself, what is the worst that can happen? Will you regret not trying? Just do it!

New Fanart by Animagess! Please visit at http://animagess.deviantart.com/

Back to the present, I’m now pretty stable in life, and due to hard work and commitment and my new philosophy, have a job I enjoy and have a huge interest in (and get compensated pretty well doesn’t hurt either!). Part of my job is writing much documentation and detailed design documents, and it’s funny, but fanfic writing actually helped out here ^_^;;. In the corporate world, one may underestimate the power of expert writing skills, being able to write and articulate yourself is huge! One day, however I would like to write my own novel! And not a technical one!

Recently I’ve gotten back heavily into Anime, Web Development / Communities, figure, toys, and I find I’ve got that urge to write once more. But there are many things to write about, I don’t know where to start. As I was looking through my old content, I realised I had this FAQ for Pokemon Master sitting in the folder, and that I had never published it!

So without further adieu (did I spell that correctly?), here it is! I will now post all new content on this blog (along with thoughts / writing / random photos) as being a person who gravitates toward the easiest and most effective methods, blogs are the way to go!

Pokemon MASTER FAQ Note: It goes without saying, that this has spoilers to the actual story, so if you are a new reader, you might want to read the story first!

Matta Ne!

PS If you would like me to write new content, what would you like most?

PSS Feel free to comment below, that’s the cool thing about blogs!

100 Responses to Pokemon MASTER FAQ

  1. chendo says:

    Wow, you’re back. I thought you had disappeared.

    Anyway, I’d like to say thank you for inspiring me to write. A friend of mine finally got around to reading the first chapter of this story I’m writing (five month writers block, though) and was shocked. He asked where I learnt to write like that, and I pointed him to Pokemon Master.

    I vaguely recall you mentioning something about a prequel to Pokemon Master. I would love to read that.

  2. acesan says:

    Thanks for your kind comments, and it’s funny but I have an unfinished first part to a prequel to PM on my harddrive that I was looking over yesterday … I’m not promising anything, but it’s on my mind ^_^;;

  3. eevee says:

    ACEY~ !!

    Omg… you’ll never imagine my surprise when I saw an update! XD I was actually in the middle of almost passing out while watching old Miyazaki films (it’s 5:40am here…) when my cat suddenly jumped onto my lap (and one arm) to take a nap… so I was like ‘argh… now I can’t get up to walk to bed! What can I do with one hand? …I guess I can browse my saved favorite links for a bit…’ ::clicks on Acey’s site:: …everything looked normal at first and then I saw the “2008” and was like OMG.

    I’m glad to hear you’re still interested in writing! I’m still waiting on that book of yours! XD And… not to damper the mood, but you know how I feel about you and your brother… ::hugs::

    Oh yes, and as much as I wish I could take credit for Vaporeon05’s amazing artwork, it wasn’t me! ^^ I sent you plenty of other (less impressive) fanart! lol~ ❤

    Anyways keep us posted! I need to read something ACEY… it’s been a while! X3

    Acey’s #1 fan! ^^

  4. acesan says:

    Hey Eevee! Long time! You still into anime stuff? Hmm, I must’ve remembered wrong about that fanart >_>. Glad you’re still around, and hope you’ve been doing well. Throw me an email if you like and we can catch up :). My gmail one that is!

  5. Rin says:

    Ace-san~! I’m in the middle of reading your fic yet again! (It’s been so long since I last read it) Great to see you back! I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog for sure!

  6. Rin says:

    Sorry for the double post. >_< But the Sword of Truth series was an inspiration! Wow, I only found those books a few years ago, I’ve read half of them so far. So awesome to know you’re a fan.

  7. acesan says:

    No it’s cool! I finished the last book of Sword of Truth actually just a couple months ago. To tell the truth, I wasn’t that happy with the ending though! Still, I guess it was a good read while it lasted.

    Have you tried reading David Gemmell books though? He’s my new inspiration that I want to write like!

  8. ZeroOBK says:

    Hey, Ace-san! Glad to see that you’ve got your urge to write back!

  9. lemon says:

    I read PM more than 5 years ago and even now, I still think it’s one of the best fanfics I’ve ever had the privilege of reading. It’s absolutely unforgettable. I’m glad you’re still active today, because I can now thank you for writing such a fantastic story. =)

  10. acesan says:

    Ty Zero and Lemon :). I may have a few surprises in store soon.

  11. katrin says:

    hey ace!
    wow, i just scrolled down my favorite links list and recognized your website link was still there and I was like: hm, I should take a look, maybe there’s some sign of life – and I was totally surprised when I saw the update!
    I’ve read PM when I was 15/16 or 17 I think – I liked it so much, and although I’m from Germany and at that time had my problems with the English language at certain parts it was a great experience and I improved in writing my own stories and also in reading english texts ;o)
    since today I think I read PM about 4 or 5 times (the last time 1 1/2 years ago I guess) and I’m thinking about reading it again – well, now I’m 22 years old and still into Pokemon and anime stuff like that… ;o) well, just love this stuff and it’s a gentle reminder of my teen years *lol* and I’m very glad, that you’re still into writing stories – keep it up, if your novel will ever come out count me in as one of the first ones to read! (okay, if it’s a best seller – and I definitely think it is! – it might be published in germany as well – if not I just get it from amazon.com *smile*)
    so, nice to hear from you again, fanfic-master of my teen years ;o)
    wish you all the best!
    greetings from germany

  12. Stephanie says:

    Heya Acey-! ^^
    I love your orginal concept of Pokemon Master, its like not anything ever done before since Pokemon Fanfiction. There ARE Dark Pokemon now in Pokemon (Poochyena/Mightyena) but YOU were the one to introduce the idea of Shadow Pokemon! I can see that others still talk about your fanfics online 😀

    You’re the only fanfic author I know who have fanart of your fanfics! I’m envious (in a good way) I can see you had a lot of good influence over the Pokemon fans of yesteryear~!!

    How did you manage to come up with a cool yet twisted concepts of the Pokemon characters? (Still wondering that after all those yrs).

    TRIVERION was an innovative idea… *vee* I wish they would merge or combine Pokemon in the anime… That would be kudos. How did you come up with Starmos and Light-achu and all of your original Pokemon? Did you have to visualise them? Are you going to add more original Pokemon in your next fanfic? Is your sequel/prequel going to add more merged Pokemon (please do! I would like to see a Ninetails/Golbat merge) How did you come up with such awesome sounding attacks such as Holy Light and Thunder Shatter?

    I like how Agatha’s spells rhyme and you are a natural at poems. Cinnibar’s an ICE ISLAND… Awesome idea, I love the idea of skating… I loved how you incorperated Lorelei and the Elite Four in this fanfic. Do you write the plot before you begin each chapter, or do you write madly (Like I tend to do whenever I get an idea)

    Unlike any Pokemon fanfic I’ve ever seen. I liked the idea of the Masters using elemental powers like Pokemon! And the plot as the end of the world, forbidden pokemon… and the plot twists! I loved it even though it was violent and so long to read. Liked how you included the old characters as well. Valdera was Misty’s ‘evil’ side? That was so awesome and unexpected.

    One thing though… Why did you make Brock the villian!? I felt horrid afer finding out it. He’s one of my favourite characters and makes me laugh over his romances! Couldn’t it be someone else? Like some other evil character? I likes Sabrina’s role, she’s wicked cool. Brilliant fanfic…

    Are you going to send this to the Pokémon anime company?
    Maybe you could make the fanfic into a script (cutting down on all the violence) The anime could use some of your ideas – instead of all the dull ideas they have. Would it be for teenage audiences?

    Are you going to write a sequel? A fanfic focusing on what happens before ‘Pokemon Master’ would be most informative! I must be boring you after all these questions!! Hee! ^^
    I’m just gonna wait for your reply. bye! good luck for the future.

  13. acesan says:

    Hi Katrin, yes I’m back and practising writing once again :D. It’s great I helped you with English even if it was a little bit. Writing in general is such an important skill (it’s helped me heaps in the corporate world!). It’s been ages but its cool that you still remember me :P.

    What series are you watching now? Perhaps it will give me ideas on the kinds of things people are into nowadays and direction for future projects. In fact I’d ask this of everyone who might be reading this!

    Stephanie: Thanks for your kind words, and yes, I was kind of suprised when Pokemon Silver/Gold introduced the “Dark” Pokemon type ^_^;;. I like to think sometimes that my fanfics gave some people at Nintendo who were in charge some influence in creating that type in the games.

    With original Pokemon, I didn’t really sit down and say “I’m going to create some new ones,” it was more like I created them to serve a purpose in the story. If existing pokemon could not fit that purpose, I made new ones up. Triverion was just an idea I had of pokemon combining, since I was a Voltron / Transformers fan 😛

    With PM, apart from the first chapter, I had already written a very basic script regarding timelines, and what was meant to happen in each part for the story to go where I wanted it to go, and a finish. I had also written a whole bunch of character designs and how they were supposed to act. The script and character designs helps you when you actually write each chapter, but I actually come up with the more minute and final details when I’m actually writing it.

    With ideas, these can come and go at weird moments, so I tend to jot down idea notes as I get them. Back then, it could have even been during daydreaming in a lecture ^_^;;. Then you can go through your “ideas” stockpile and see if you can implement it within your story script.

    Brock being evil? I have a love for themes where best friends/ lovers and comrades turn against each other and become enemies. This is actually true in real life, as I have known plenty of best friends whose relationship sours and they actually become worse enemies than if they had never been friends before. It’s strange but at the same time understandable. And if they can make up, then they become even stronger friends/lovers/comrades than before.

    As to writing a sequel/prequel, it’s on my mind, and I certainly have the beginnings of all I need. It’s more about personal motivation, and demand. Nowadays, Pokemon isn’t as huge as it was before, and interests have shifted. I myself, don’t play any of the games anymore, and I’ve been watching other animes. So on one side I want to finish what I started, but on the other, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to do it as much justice as I did with the first series as I don’t have as much intimate knowledge of the source material.

    Sending to Nintendo? Hahahah … somehow I don’t think they’d take too well to giving their children series blood and guts. They would have to dramatically change their target audience, which I don’t think they’d do, even if the violence and mature themes were toned down. I certainly wouldn’t turn down any offers though if they approached me ^_^;;

    Overall I’m happy with what I accomplished witt his fic and I think has given me valuable writing, and creativeness skills to help me succeed in life. And if I were to write my own novel, I have complete confirmation that my ideas and style can appeal to many people ^_^

  14. Ty says:

    Hey dude, its me. Shockwave. I really shouldn’t be rearing my head around here. After I started writing the prequel to PM and never finished it.

    Now we’ll never know the league becomes evil, or how Team Rocket becomes heroes. That was the plan for my story. The whole TR+PokeLeague (Giovanni)… I was just getting there too lol. Stupid life.

    Your story inspired that great time in my life dude (you already know)! Many thanks! Great to see you around and writing. Me? Heh. Who knows?


  15. Hello. Ya don’t know me, but I guess ya could say I’ve been reading PM since.. hmm.. damn, it been so long I’ve forgotten, but I know it was at least 2002, maybe earlier. I definitely know it was sometime before it was finished. Well, all I can say is.. It’s about damn time, man! Though you have a few stories on the site I’d love to see conclusions to, as well(Blonde 1/2 comes to mind. ^.^;;). Thank you for writing such a story. PM was actually the first fanfic I had ever read, and well, it also got my own creative juices flowing as well. (Though I think my stories suck, but still.) Well, I’m rambling and wasting your time. Still, more history and maybe a sequel to PM would be freakin’ awesome. As for demand, yeah. you’re gonna get it from a lot of people. ^.^

  16. acesan says:

    Ty: Thx, yeah see ya around, especially if you’re still in anime and writing.

    Jisuse: Yep, good to be back! I’d rather have productive hobbies (e.g. writing, building websites) than non-productive ones (e.g. gaming). Yes, I have those old comedy fics, but the good thing about comedy fics is that you don’t really need to finish them because they’re episodic ^_^.

    I made sure I finished PM because otherwise the fanbase would’ve killed me.

    Right now however, I’m just flexing my writing muscles, and buying anime figures and showing them off. But who knows what I’ll do next.

  17. acidmembrane says:

    Pokemon Master is an intense fanfic. Evil is the Spice of Life looks like it could be a good one.

    Good luck with life and writing.

  18. Lord Seth says:

    Pokemon Master was a purely amazing fanfic. The only complaint I have about is something you couldn’t have done anything about: Namely, that the later-introduced characters (May, Dawn, etc.) weren’t integrated into it. Would’ve been cool to see how they would’ve fit into the story. Still, like I said, there’s no way you could’ve done that, unless you had put off writing the story for a few years. Great fan fiction!

  19. theresa says:

    Pokemon Master was the reason why I fell in looooooove with pokemon/aaml/fanfiction in general. I tried reading other fanfictions on pokemon (aaml too) and nothing compares to this story. Like I keep on wanting to re-read it and re-read it (not that that’s a problem but it is long (but likewise amazing!)). I really liked the romantic part of it too. It was like the best combination of action, adventure, romance, and a hint of comedy/tradegy. Well put together and thought out. I really wish more people would do what you have done. That and more freaking fan art! I love the pictures posted but some on the original website you can’t see anymore :(. Well, I hope you one day write another pokemon fanfic! They are all truly amazing! and Congrats on making it through those hard years.

  20. acesan says:

    Hmm I will check those fanart links because I still have all of them on my pc. Thanks for your kind comments guys! Looks like I need to write more romance in my stories, that’s obviously what is popular!

  21. Hortos says:

    8 years later and I still see this fanfic, you’re awesome.

  22. Cam says:

    OMG, Acey’s still alive! Glad to hear everything’s going alright for you mate, I think I’ve read PM more times than any real book, that’s how awesome it is.

  23. acesan says:

    Yep, still around Cam and Hortos. Thanks for your patronage 😛

  24. Abi says:

    Hey, I suppose in the scheme of things, I’m a reletivly new reader, I found your stuff about three years ago, and I absolutly adored it! I was really glad you continued with the original characters, I was sick of people making up stories about themselves being Pokemon trainers ¬¬.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for writing such amazing Fanfictions, they really did provide me with days of entertainment. The first time I read them I went on holiday and I was actually really excited to get back just to continue reading! I never get sick of your fanfictions, you really are an excellent writer.
    Hope you continue writing!

  25. Some random dude says:

    You have no idea how fucking glad i am to see you hopefully writing more fanfics among other things again. I’m not being a suckup or exaggerating when i say Pokemon Master is one of the best pokemon fanfictions i have ever read anywhere on the net (I also like your parody of new trainer fics you did-they really are annoying). I read it for the first time about 2 years ago and i was hooked from the first paragraph 😀 And it still kicks ass 8 years on.

    Anyway, after i read pokemon master i wanted to see your recent work, but apparently you had’nt updated the site since 2005, so i stopped checking the site. But today i was looking through my history and went back to the site, and found the link to this new blog you’re doing 😀

    Anyway, hope you continue to write more kickass fanfics, pokemon or not, and i’m glad you’ve decided to reappear on the net after a 4 year haitus XD

  26. misty says:

    omg! it took me ages to read all the sections of that nail-biting story! But, it was all worth it in the end! my name is Misty Riverbed and i have blonde hair and blue eyes and im 13 years of age…i get called at high school alot because of my name but i really dont see whats wrong with it! the reason why i like pokemon is because of one of the main characters name is Misty! and i was just lookin for images on google websearch then i saw this amazing picture of a handsome young man with black hair which flops over his eyes and a beautiful ginger-haired woman! i was dumbstruk! so i cliked on the actual picture to see it abit more enlarged but as i was waiting for it to load up, i noticed that it had a website relating to the heart-melting picture! so i cliked the first section which had a picture of a cute, black mouse with blue eyes which i know as Pikachu. the minute i saw it was a story i got all exited and started telling everyone about it! after that i started reading the continuing sections of it and got into it so fast! i loved every single bit of it! but the very end bit where Ashura and Misteria agreed to marry eachover truelly made me well up with a heap of emotions!I think i might be youre biggest fan!!! XD!! 😀 🙂

  27. noddwyd says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you before now Ace, but I would like to thank you for your wodnerful story. It was one of the first fanfiction’s I ever read, and it inevitably pulled me into the world of fanfiction at large, both reading and a bit of my own writing. In fact, I recently dredged this up from my memory when my son asked for a bedtime story. Granted, I watered it down quite a bit, but he still loves it and wants to here more some other time. Consequently, I should probably go and read this all over again. No complaints here. I’m not sure how I’m going to explain Brock as an evil character though. That’s a tough one, 😛

    I remember the first time I started reading this, must have been 9 or 10 years ago, and I thought, ‘wow, these ideas and concepts really bring pokemon into a different realm’. I remember thinking about all the various implications about how the world would change if these things suddenly appeared, not to mention if people started to show elemental affinities.

    I also really enjoyed reading some little snippet somewhere in the story about Ash and Duplica back in the day when he had started to train solely with Pikachu. Really interesting stuff, and I still wonder now at how all of these different threads would evolve into the great story you have.

    Also, I remember you had a separate story called Soul Mates, and I find that a very interesting concept as well, and wonder what PM would have been like if you’d combined the two ideas.

    Anywho, thanks again Ace, and if I ever find the old artwork I did based on this story I’ll definitely send it to you.


  28. Lore says:

    My god, Ace… it’s been 8 years, but now I’ve finally found you again! I’ve never actually wrote to you before, but I’m just so glad you’re still around… because really, whether or not it was intentional, you gave meaning to my shattered life through your wonderful story, Pokemon Master.

    I was so enthralled, so engrossed within your imagination – your godlike talent – that I actually started writing myself not long after reading PM to its completion. You, Acey, gave me a future, and while this may sound cliche or melodramatic or whatever the hell you wanna call it, it’s the truth.

    Once I typed my first post on a RP forum, I was instantly hooked, and that was 8 years ago. I’m still actively pursuing writing, RPing on the website I mention here, and hungry to start a novel of my own someday. I love writing, and I WILL make it my successful career, and it’s all because of you.

    You gave me friends a person could only dream for, a life one could only hope for, and a girlfriend one could only love with all his heart.

    This future of mine was made possible only through your efforts, Acey, and I can’t even begin to describe my tremendous amount of gratitude.

    Thank you, and feel free to visit Torrent Oblivion anytime. I would love to do for you a fraction of what you did for me, and if this in some small way renews your creativity, your subconscious commitment to bettering others’ lives, then that’s all one can ask.

  29. acesan says:

    Thank you all for your very nice comments since last I posted on this page ^_^ ^_^. It’s been quite a while and it’s great that the story made such a lasting impression on so many of you. One of the reasons people write is because they want to share their vision on others, a vision they’re passionate about, and knowing others read it and enjoyed is one of the main perks.

    It’s also really cool that there was an impression made to even affect irl. That makes you feel a bit humble!

    Abi: Haha, I loled about your complaint about the stories about themselves as trainers! That’s why I made a parody fic “The new trainer” back in the day. I’m not sure but I think it offended a few people even though that wasn’t the intention! http://members.iinet.net.au/~aceywacey/ace/fanfics/new_train.txt

    Some random dude: Glad you found this blog nowadays! It’s the new thing to do I suppose, and I really like how there’s easy communication with your readers on just about anything you post.

    Misty: Thanks for reading! You don’t find too many people that young on the net that would read something that is pretty much novel length, but I’m glad that it interested you so much and you enjoyed it ^_^

    Noddwyd: Yep, better water down some of those scenes haha! Though I’ve found kids nowadays mature very fast, and soon enough you might find your son asking for the “uncut” version, haha.

    It’s great that I had some influence in you deciding to write. Creativeness is in everyone, but if no one actually put pen to paper or finger to keyboard we wouldn’t have so much awesomeness in all the writings out there.

    Soul Mates was one of my more weirder concepts, and also an experiment in my writing style. I do think the community at large would probably be offended by it though!

    Lore: Not all because of me, I’m sure, probably just nudged you on the path that anyone can write a successful story given enough effort ^_^. I’m flattered that you feel that way though, and very much luck and hopes to you on your writing and goal to pursue a novel.

    I’ll visit your site and check it out!

  30. Lore says:

    Much obliged, Senpai. It’s not everyday that your source of inspiration takes an interest in your writing, no matter how small!

    I hope you enjoy the visit(s), and please excuse the low amount of members. We’re a close-knit group who can’t seem to recruit anymore writers, which is strange considering the number of people who type online.

    Be well, Acey.

  31. Stephanie says:

    Hey Acey, thanks for the replies~! I was just rereading/flipping through Chapter 13 of Pokemon Master again, and I was just wondering, was the fusing/fusion of Mistaria and Valdera intentional or was it just to see how your fanfic reader’s react when they realise that Ashura can get BOTH girls now *grins*.

    I’m just curious to see what’s Mistaria/Valdera fused name is now that they have combined. XD Also, does Mistaria own Valdera’s Light Pikachu now that it is technically hers? Does she have Valdera’s memories. XD

    It’s not too often you see a fanfic end with two character combining into one! Character combinations are unfortunately very rare in online stories, they should do it more often. *slight grin*

  32. Lena says:

    I originally read PM many years ago as a young girl, and adored it. You gave me a whole new view on fanfiction, and the Pokemon series in general. I even began writing fanfiction, and eventually original fiction as a result. Even though I no longer follow the show, I still have great affection for your story-telling abilities and would just like to thank you for your dedication. Every once and a while I look up PM and reread it for fun. An epic story like that is timeless. I hope you do consider a sequel or prequel, as I’m sure you would have quite the audience for it.

    Anyway, thanks again, and I hope you get to write that novel someday!

  33. paul says:

    acey man pkmn master is the reason i write so i can hopefully one day become a fanfic leged like acey!!

  34. Kayne Lee says:

    HOLY GOD!!! UR ALIVE!! 😛 i think it was many MANY years ago i first read Pokemon Master, i’m currently only 18 years old hehe, so im kinda in love with your writing 🙂 i am a guy just so you dont accidentally hit on me XD jokes…. -.- anywho off topic, i really really really really really really really really REALLY hope you make a prequel, you series was such an inspiration to me, and i haven’t done much in life yet, but i am a writer (altho currently im in internet mode XD), and your series when i read it was a turning point in my life, it seems wierd that its pokemon that did it, but without you i think i wouldn’t be as happy, and true to my feelings and as spontaneous. also im australian 🙂 its nice to know there are other super-australians out there haha, take into account the fact that i heart you :3 and finish the prequel eventually 🙂

    your fan ever more
    Kayne .<

  35. Francisco Sadras says:

    Hey Acey, once again, writing to you to tell you that I love you’re writing and that its great that you’re thinking of writing more new stuff! Was always curious as to all the back stories with Ash and Duplica.. How he got all those powers (well more details).. So much left for you to write *wink wink nudge nudge*

    As per usual, small request to people, if you have a copy of pokemon academy by uiru please drop me a line frna1 at hotmail dot com.

    Cheers 🙂

    Thanks again for all the great times I spent reading your stories Acey! Many hours well spent.

  36. Francisco Sadras says:

    Sorry for double post.. But forgot to add that I really like the depictions of Team Rocket. You made them actually not useless ;). And I kind of like the idea of Jessie and James going over to the good guys as they never really seemed like proper bad guys.

  37. that guy in the corner says:


    Kudos to you my friend, yours was the very first long fanfic I ever read seriously. It was truly amazing and inspired my love of fanfiction, it’s so great to have you back and to know that your mind never stopped working! I loved your story when I was younger (11-12) and now that I’m older and have re-read it, it’s even better. You are a truly gifted writer my friend, and you have a knack for deep storylines. I was incidentally checking up on the status of Final Fantazy Versus XIII (which comes out soon) and saw that 2 of the main characters look remarkably like Ash and Valdera and might make for a decent AMV. I hope to read more from you in the future and good to hear you’re alive!


  38. SmokeMaxX says:

    What you did was truly a tremendous thing at such a young age. The story is no joke. It really is novel or near-novel length and to provide such a story with such seemingly little incentive is mind-blowing. I look at your story as one that fascinates Pokemon lovers, but also entices those who don’t care for the series. The themes throughout are universal, the characters are well-developed, and none of the story seemed forced.

    I know you have your priorities, but I for one would enjoy a sequel or prequel to PM. That being said, good luck with everything that you are doing and thanks.

  39. SmokeMaxX says:

    Also, upon inspection of the FAQ:
    1) WoT is a great series; how do you feel about the death of Robert Jordan and the decision to have Brandon Sanderson replace him?
    2) Lance is labeled as a female. Mistake or subtle plot twist that you’re saving for a sequel? haha
    3) Some of the builds/heights/weights/sizes seem a bit off. Most of the women are centered near the Barbie line (36-24-36), which isn’t really THAT bad depending on how you feel about the portrayal of beauty within the media. In fact, many of the characters seem vastly underweight. JT at 5’2″ ~100 lbs? Blaine at ~5’9″ ~150 lbs?

  40. acesan says:

    Thanks Smoke. Yeah there are a few mistakes with the FAQ which i need to fix. Comes from copying and pasting and forgetting to edit the details lol

  41. Steph says:

    Hey Acey, thanks for the replies~! I was just rereading/flipping through Chapter 13 of Pokemon Master again, and I was just wondering, was the fusing/fusion of Mistaria and Valdera intentional or was it just to see how your fanfic reader’s react when they realise that Ashura can get BOTH girls now *grins*.

    I’m just curious to see what’s Mistaria/Valdera fused name is now that they have combined. XD Also, does Mistaria own Valdera’s Light Pikachu now that it is technically hers? Does she have Valdera’s memories. XD

    It’s not too often you see a fanfic end with two character combining into one! Character combinations are unfortunately very rare in online stories, they should do it more often. *slight grin*

  42. AirWolf says:

    Ace hows it going amigo! I hope all is well in the land down under. I’m a USAF flyer hopefully I’ll be making it to Richmond Aus. sometime in the next few months we got a new mission down there :). anyways on to business lol first and foremost I just want to say you sir are an amazingly talented writer. I write a lot of fan fic for my personal enjoyment and seeing yours its nothing short of excellent and this is no small praise I’ve read enough books to know a good book from a bad book(I am a very avid reader ^^). You should really consider taking your talent and trying it in the market you already have a very strong fan base who adores you, heck man balls in your court. I first read your fan fic about 5 years ago when I was still in highschool and I decided to read it again these last few weeks. I really got to say I would love to see a sequel theres enough loose strings in the book that you have the manuverability to write another great novel, for me the best part of reading a series is knowing that when I get done with that first wonderful book there will be another waiting for me. Anyways I had a lot of things I wanted to say I’m sure I’ve missed some but most importantly I just wanna say thanks for a wonderful reading experience and best of luck to ya in all your endeavors.

    P.S. Ever see an anime called code Geass? any recommendations for me? I just got done with record of lodoss war myself 🙂

  43. AirWolf says:

    PS I had a friend, A brother who died from luekemia as well. I know its years past but regardless my condolences to you Ace its a pain no one should have to endure.

  44. Automatic Jack says:

    I can’t believe it. I remember reading this all the way back when I was around twelve or so, and it blew my tiny prepubescent mind. A long couple years later, I scoured the Internets trying to find out where you’d gone, but your site was exactly the same and I couldn’t find any Google results for “Ace Sanchez” that could satisfy me as to your whereabouts. I used to print out your fan-fiction on actual paper and read them aloud to my siblings and my cousin when we went to visit him! Crazy!

    I stopped playing Pokemon after Yellow came out, and stopped keeping up with the franchise after the third movie. Then I went to college, where it seems everyone is back into Pokemon in a big way. Today a friend and I decided to get together and watch the first three Pokemon movies, because we hadn’t seen them in almost a decade when they came out in theaters. Seeing all of that made me want to go back and check out some of the old fanfiction I used to read, so I was absolutely astonished when it seemed like you’d resurfaced with a brand-new blog and everything!

    Bizarrely, I almost forgot that I too once wrote fanfiction (and not that long ago, either)- My most ambitious pieces were a novel-length Yu-Gi-Oh fanfic called “The Second Voice” and a novelization of Donnie Darko, both of which can be found under my old Fanfiction.net user name, Animagess.

    It seems so long ago, but now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure these pieces owe a huge debt to PM, and not just in term of length or dark content. Pokemon itself really kicked off the whole North American anime scene in a big way- It was my first introduction to the concept of fandoms and fanfiction, as I’m sure it was for a lot of other people, and PM was in retrospect was probably a huge part of that whole scene. Yeah, it’ll probably never be analyzed as a cultural event the way Woodstock was, but it was a lot more fun in my books.

    Since I’m an animation student now (and apparently animators never forget their roots- I just bought two issues missing from my Pokemon manga collection by Katsuhiro Ono for probably five times the price I would’ve paid eight years ago), my drawing ability has gotten a lot better. Maybe someday I’ll shoot you some fanart- Whenever I think I’ve outgrown this sort of thing, it comes back to haunt me in a big way. This is a great blast from the past, and it’s great hearing comments from everyone else who probably grew up reading this sort of thing, who haven’t forgotten about it at all.

  45. XiaoWolf says:

    Holy crap…I thought you forgot about us…lol
    Well I still love your fic…Ive lost count how many times Ive read it. I was so crazy about it…I printed the whole thing so I can read it in class or my free time. That was like…6 years ago lol. Well Just know Im your biggest fan and I will never get sick of your Outstanding Fanfic!

    Glad your back!!!

  46. Steph says:

    Gah, sorry about the double-post, it was a mistake xD ^^ Anyway, I was watching Heroes the other day, and I’ve just realised that even though there’s a ten-years difference between your cool awesome fic and Heroes (2008-09), the concept is fairly similar. I guess Tim King (producer of Heroes) read your fanfic! ^_^ and it’s strange, but the motto of Heroes is/was “Save the Cheerleader, save the world” and I noticed Brock said in chapter 13, “Save Saffron City, save…” or something similiar. Coincidence? I think not xD

  47. theresa says:

    I’m so happy that you might be getting into writing again! And even if you think of writing a prequel to PM, I’d read that in a jiffy. It still amazes me that I can re-read PM and still get the goosebumps on my skin. Heck! I even got one of my friends to start reading it and now they are hooked. ❤ PM and ❤ your writing style. I hope you get more inspiration to write more pkmn stories! (I'm a pokenerd and aaml at heart)!

  48. Cynthia says:

    Hi Ace,
    I read your fanfic years ago, when you were still in the process of writing it. I just wanted to let you know how much I loved it (and still do)! Every single time you updated I would stop whatever I was doing and read the chapter in one shot. You are a fantastic story teller, and out of the hundreds of fanfics I’ve read, PM is definitely one of the top, if not the best. PM is something that I can read again and again without losing interest because the depth of the characters, the wit and the plot really pulls the reader in. I used to wish that it could be turned into a movie, or at least a novel that I could keep! Although it’s been 8 or so years, I still remember your story clearly and come back to it every now and again. I’m a big fan of your writing, and I wish you the best!

  49. acesan says:

    Soz for the late replies guys!!!
    Steph: Haha, that’s pretty funny 🙂 I would like to think so.
    Theresa: Awesome, at heart the fic was bone big AAML haha
    Cynthia: Thanks for comments; yeah it has been some time!!! Although I do look back and kind of cringe because I know I can write a lot better nowadays. But I just need that same motivation that made me just fully focus on getting something done. I guess it’s part of getting older -_-;;

  50. sophia-louise says:

    Hi ace i can believe its be 8 years PM means so much to me it helped me to read and im thankfull for it.And you all so inspiring me to write its taking me 8 years to do so lol. And its help me through some bad time in my life and doing the some now i love this storys and im gald your doing well.PM is one of the best and no fanfics or books that i have read can compare to it. Hope all is well 🙂

  51. Jedi Vash says:

    Hey ace!good to see that your still around and kicking and that PM is still as big a hit as ever!
    I was a writer long before PM came out, but it was PM that convinced me that I was much better at Fan fiction writing then my many failed attemps at individuality. I have had some pretty successful stories… til my writing partner decided to grab the files and posted them on fanfiction.net as his own solo work… I think you will understand why I refuse to tell you which ones.
    Looking over your stuff again the other day, I noticed how many unfinished works you had. Soul Mates is a very intreguing concept, and desrves to be finished, if not by you then by one of your hundreds of fans. My little group of fans also feel that PM itself is unfinished, due to the fact that you have glimpses of the massive Team Rocket war, yet not actually have a story about the war itself.
    Regardless, I understand that you are a busy man, so we have no expectation of any of this happening anytime soon. I think I can speak for your fans when I say we eagerly await your retirment from professional life and return to your roots as the creator of the PM series.
    Good job, and thank you for creating a wonderful series.

  52. Vatina says:

    Whoa. I know the original page is kind of old now, but I just came across this blog today.
    I remember reading your pokemon Master story years ago and loving it to death – I thought you had disappeared form the internet, but it seems like you’ve been around all along 😛 I’ll have to re-read that story some time.

    Happy New Year!

  53. acesan says:

    Sorry for late replies guys, blame holidays mindset!

    Sophia: That’s great I could encourage you to write, nowadays its rare to have hobbies that are actually constructive! I hope your writing practise helped you out as much in real life in the past 8 years as it has me 🙂

    Jedi Vash: I always thought Fanfiction writing allows you to still be creative in exploring other facets of characters or universes that you like. But I think anyone who can write fanfiction can write original stories, you just have to try enough.

    Yea I have quite a few unfinished works. The problem is that my attention span was (is?) unpredictable. It’s only if I really get hooked on something I can stick with it. Though it’s fun reading my old stuff and sometimes I get the desire to write more.

    I actually have a partly written prequel to Pokemon MASTER, but around that time I got busy with IRL stuff so it never really got realised from there.

    Vatina: Yep, still around! Glad you still remember from that long ago, and cool you liked it 😉

    Happy new year to all!

  54. NaZ says:

    I’ve always wanted to write to you. Man, you’re one hell of an amazing guy. I could almost idolize you. The same likes: anime, manga, computers… but dang, you’re still smarter than me. I actually developed a desire to write after reading Pokemon Master several years ago. After these many years, I still enjoy reading it and recommending it to friends. I’m in uni at the moment and studying IT/MM. Spend most of my free time gaming, watching anime and reading but lately started writing. Maybe one day, I’ll actually finish my story. You’ll have to check it out sometime.

    P.S – I’m filipino too! I live in Australia at the moment haha.

  55. otakugal15 says:

    You know, I have always been an artist, but this was one of the few fanfics, in the beginning, that REALLY made me wanna DRAW. I’ve always had this desire to capture this story in the form of a comic and I may just do that for my own amusement (quite an undertaking, but hey, the practice would be good for me). But yeah, this story….at the age of 11 (when i found it XD) has been a kind of subconscious inspiration for me for the past 11 years (damn Oo;;;). I’ll think on it and my interests get all crazy and I wanna draw fantasy/sci-fi/random stuff and my love of pokemon is rediscovered and yeah. I’m rambling now.

    Basically, I am damn friggin’ glad you wrote that fic so many years ago. Granted, I may have found some other fanfic or even a book that would ave had that same impact, but the ting is, it was THIS fic that captured my intrest. It was THIS fic that made me realize you can be just as creative with existing characters as you can be with OCs. And it’s a good start for budding writers and artists alike. ^^

  56. lledoj243 says:

    Hey…someone on fan fiction.net named fafa12990 has copied and pasted your entire story and claimed it as theirs…even named it the exact same thing..http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5690305/1/Pokemon_Masters

  57. Han says:

    Hey Ace

    I just discovered your fanfic from a link on Kotaku and it is AMAZING. It took me 3 days to read it and I even stayed up way past midnight. Those last few chapters are very long…

    You really have a talent for writing as unlike other fanfics and some published books I had no idea what was going to happen. It was great how you only used some of the cliches that I normally read in stories :p.

    Just a question, when Misty and Valdera fused what happened to Valdera. I assumed that Misty got control of the body so what happened to Valdera and does Misty inherit any of her personality?

    Thank You for writing not only one of my favorite fanfics but one of my favorite stories ever.

    And Shame on “fafa12990” for claiming it as his/hers.

    Thank You again for making the past few days of my life interesting.

  58. Han says:

    Sorry for double post but I would LOVE to see the prequel you have for PM even if its unfinished though I imagine you will probably want it to be done before any release. Teaser?

  59. Austin Bolin says:

    Very good advice throughout this post, anime takes up too much of my work-time.

  60. BDV says:

    I remember reading this a solid 5-6 years ago and being completely mesmerized by it. This had to have been one of the best, most well-written, and as such, most enjoyable fan fics I’ve ever come across (although it could be because I’m a die hard pokefreak XD), but I digress. I remember I was reading this during late winter/early spring of ’04. I was up one night at 4am, not being able to sleep because I was having nightmares about my grandpa who just died then (I was only 11 at the time, it wasn’t a fun experience) and I just clicked on the link to the first chapter and read for the rest of the night. In fact, I printed the entire thing out to read again later on. I just recently stumbled across it while I was on vacation for spring break and read the entire thing in one sitting. It’s amazing how much I still enjoy this and how different it appears not only because I’m older and have read it ten billion times, lol, but also, because of how far the whole pokemon franchise has come (5th generation has already been announced; damn I miss the old days). I don’t really know where I’m going with this anymore lulz so I’ll just wrap it up by saying thank you for a wonderful read and a fresh new look into the pokemon universe.

  61. BDV says:

    P.S. I’d LOVE to see the prequel you wrote to this, or even another fic dedicated to like, the Dark Wars, and Giovanni’s part of the story and whatnot. Just a little wishful thinking. 🙂

  62. Yeaomi says:

    Wow. I just wanted to say thank you for changing the way I thought about how fan fiction was supposed to be done all those years ago. I still remember sitting up all hours of the night reading this fic and being completely blown away by it. I’m so happy that all these years later it’s still available. Thank you!

  63. lilymoncat says:

    Hello, you don’t know me, but I’ve been a fan of Pokemon Master for many years, since before it was even completed. I’ve always wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job with the characters, fleshing them out and making them so much more while still keeping them themselves. I recently re-read it, and noticed yo’d posted a blog up, so I thought that I’d tell you this. Thank you for writing one of the most enjoyable Pokemon fanfics I’ve ever read.

  64. Hi there. I’m quite interested in your fiction,but I like the artworks more. Especially the ones showing Misty and Ash as mature young adults now. I’d like to ask Vaporeon05 permission to post a couple of his/her artworks into my website for all to see. Plus, check out my website, where I too am doing my own fan fiction, which combines elements of Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and Warhammer 40,000. There are plenty of impressive artworks of my creation there. Leave me your responses via my deviantart site or email address, leave me as many as you want! But I’d still like permission to post some Vaporeon05’s artworks on deviantART, if permissible.

  65. criticfan says:

    i can’t believe it the great ace is still alive. It is great to know that the author of the greatest fanfiction/story i have ever read is still alive and kicking. i have literally read thousands of stories and fanfictions and still to this day 8 years from when i first started fanfiction that i have yet to find a story better than yours. i really hope to see more of your work posted.

  66. Zeke says:

    Wow.. i come back after years to read my fave online story and i notice it has an update…

    I love your work and would even more love to read anything else you have writen..

    The story about the original war maby?

  67. Izer says:

    Just wow, I just read PM and it was amazing. How long is it? I read it on just over days :o, i was pretty enthralled by it! Really, amazing work ace.

  68. Izer says:

    i meant 3 days* haha,

  69. Ivo says:

    I personally preferred your original style (as in the start with the first battle) where it shows more character (for example the line ‘it’s always time to go’), and I personally prefer how it’s more illustrative at the start.

    Over-all I do believe that you did a very good job, even though it was – at times – a bit hard to keep track of everything that was happening at the same time.

  70. Jane says:

    It’s brilliant to know your life is going well.
    This is another big thank you from a reader who you helped through a dark patch, too.


  71. Leah says:

    Hey, Ace! 😀

    Ever since I first read Pokemon Master, I’ve been eagerly coming back to it over the years and I can say the adventure/action/romance/betrayal and everything mixed in is something I never expected.

    You’ve created a story, one that I’m sure will go down in history as being one of the greatest Pokemon fics ever!

    For a time, I felt like doing my own version except mine was Yu-Gi-Oh based but I kinda gave up on that.

    Once again, well done on creating such a wonderful and thrilling masterpiece!

  72. Leah says:

    Ace, I salute you!

    You are an incredible writer!

  73. Herbert says:

    Hello, I was really inspired by your post. I was having a little problem in my life and your post really helped cheer me up.

  74. Shadowwolf says:

    I would just like to let you know that you have done me a grand favor of helping me find a way to gain exposure for a writing project I’ve been working on. The Fanfiction Mailing Archive is a method I never would have found had you not listed it on your website. I sent you a mail a while ago to see if you can help support the project but I had never received a reply. Now that I have seen a little background on you, it’s perfectly understandable that you are a very busy individual.

    My writing project is called “Stray”, a dark Pokémon fanfiction/roleplaying story, and it has been in the works for nearly three years. I have been seeking any way possible I can to give it exposure and doing all I can to make this project a worthwhile and satisfying one. The site dedicated to it:

    I have been reading your story and personally I felt you had done really well with the characterizations and the action sequences. I shall use it as an example to my collaborative writers as a demonstration of great fanfic writing. And once again, thank you for showing me a way to find some proper exposure.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Your site with all of your fanfiction has disappeared! What has happened?

    Fortunately I kept the entire fic -including the FAQ- in my computer, but a lot of people will be unable to read it now.

  76. Mystery says:

    Yeah dude, something happened to the original website. Cud u perhaps check it out so that people in the future will be able to read it on your website?

  77. Yin says:

    Thank for that it wasn’t just me. I had thought that Ace had took it down himself. So, did anyone know where else I can read it? I REALLY, REALLY need it. Please and thank you

  78. NyNy says:

    Wow, that sounds like an awesome story to be honest. Have you thought about putting it on FF.Net before?

    It’s been 15 years of the Pokemon anime this year but in this post I’m talking about the game and anime so I’m hoping that people will comment and share with friends: http://nynyonlinex.wordpress.com/2012/12/17/15-years-of-pokemon/

  79. acesan says:

    Hey all, I shut down my Aussie Website because I’ve been living in the Philippines the last 4 years and been focussing on my job. However I have made a new website, though I’m still fixing it up. I have moved Pokemon Master to http://www.acesanchez.com/index/pokemon.htm
    Yes I have my own domain now 🙂 I may do a new Blog on the main site, but I don’t know what it will be about yet…

  80. Yin says:

    Thank so much for your response.

  81. cchhcc says:

    I am getting massive MASSIVE nostalgia reading through all this. Ace, I first read PM when I was in 7th grade in 2000. I think I emailed you one time later in high school to tell you that I still remembered this site with fond memories. Later after college I was studying for the LSAT and the week before my test I wanted to read something “enjoyable” and not stressful, and decided to read PM again. Although I have changed very much since 13 years ago, every once in awhile I’ll look back to “those days” when I was obsessed with Pokemon and especially PM – it was and always will be the coolest fan fiction I ever read. Glad to hear you and some of our other peers still check back in!

  82. Hi, I discovered your article on and even though the content looks excellent, I wonder if your site could be
    going through some web browser compatibility issues.
    When I view your blog in Safari, it looks fine however, when opening in Firefox, it has a small amount of overlapping problems.
    I simply wanted to provide you with a brief heads up,
    that’s all.

  83. Hello there, You have done an excellent job. I will certainly
    digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I am confident they’ll be benefited from this web site.

  84. Sara says:

    My best friend and I first read PM when we were 12/13 years old, back when you were still writing it. I remember tingling with anticipation, waiting for you to release each new chapter, then being so worried for you and your family when your brother first got sick. We were super active on your forum boards (Dragizard and Ponytres, haha)…basically, totally obsessed. We printed out the entire story and had a special binder for it. We even emailed you several times just to tell you how awesome you are. I remember you were doing some kind of work for the Summer Olympics at the time, and I was going on a group trip to Australia that summer (with a stop at the Olympic stadium) and wanted so badly to run into you somehow. Probably for the best that I didn’t, I surely would have scared you off with my fangirling out 😉 Well time moved on, we grew up, PM settled to the back of our minds as a fond memory…and then, when I was getting married 11 years later, my best friend had a special present for me. She had found our old binder with your story in it! Since then, we’ve introduced PM to new friends who love it as much as we do. We came across this site today and just had to tell you how much you and your writing meant to us. Even though you never knew us, you were a big part of our lives and are a phenomenal writer. Thank you for everything!!
    –Sara and Bree

  85. Imagin8io says:

    Hi Ace,

    I read your PM fanfiction when it had been finished, I think I was maybe 13? So around 2004. To me it was the harshest, goriest, most amazing thing I have ever read. I remember crouching like an old lady in front of the computer we had set up in the office, reading until bedtime (which was 9pm for me *shame*) for like…weeks! This thing truly had me hooked. The fact that I still think of it every now and then….I mean I’ve read other Pokemon fanfictions, granted not a lot, but this was such an immense journey for me as a kid to undertake, and the fact that you basically thought up a whole new world that existed within the one I loved so much already, it was fantastic.

    Just a quick (well rambly) message to say thank you, this fanfiction was as much of my childhood as Maximum Ride, Artemis Fowl and ASOUE had been, it is literally up there with my favourite works. Thank you.


  86. jesse says:

    i first started reading PM when u only had a few chapters up i sat there and waited forever for updates. never saw an update on that page but always kept it saved update ur pokemon masters faqs says its gone would love to see.

    ps sorry about ur brother i sent an email when u first announced it was so happy when u posted good news. hopefully we will see u post again soon

  87. Mattie says:

    Wow, this iece of writing iss fastidious, my youngewr siser iis anallyzing
    thedse things, thus I amm going too lett know her.

  88. Shawn says:

    hello ace,
    you really took up a part of my life for me and my brother

    we were both in elementary school and we were totally obsessed with Pokemon
    when we happened to stumble into your fanfiction world.

    it is really great that you’re still up and running,
    and now even me with a job, i can understand how hard it would be to continue writing up new content, but anyhow it’s really great to see how you’ve been doing.

    hope you have something new on your blog anytime soon!
    will be waiting~ : D

  89. Pineapple Senpai says:

    Hey Ace!
    I just want to say that you’re Pokemon fan fiction was probably my first one to ever read, and probably can’t be bested because of that. Although, when I first read it, I probably was a bit young for like half the content, it was still enjoyable.

    After remembering from a chat with a friend about hobbies, I tried looking for the site again, which is still up. I’m glad to see you’re still writing again, in a sense.

  90. jstyadi says:

    Hey I loved the story, but I can’t find ch 13?

  91. Drago says:


  92. Simran says:

    U are such a good writer. I have spent a lot of time reading this fanfic and it worth .it’s an amazing work

  93. Simran says:

    I am not getting the last chapter of PM

  94. Simran says:

    I am not getting the last chapter of PM

  95. ShadowJake says:

    Hey Ace, your story was hugely influential on need as a young kid and eventually teenager, but more importantly was for that time in my life the friends I made on your guestbook. I read through all these comments just to see if there were any people I could remember, though I only found one (Sara and Bree, who I weirdly remember having a picture of them on a tractor? Lol). I do still keep touch with one person from that time, and often look back fondly on those I lost touch with.

    Anyway I just wanted to say thanks for your story which gave me so much inspiration at that time, as well as a place to make great friends for an awkward kid… And I’m sorry we filled up your guestbook with so much roleplay/writing.

  96. Temos a humanidade classes de cadeiras de escritório.

  97. Rando says:

    you gotta make a remake with all the newest gens

  98. Kai Marie says:

    rereading in 2022! does anyone know if Ace has any socials?! this story was the best damn thing ive ever read as a teenager. brings back so many memories as i am now about to be 31. wish this was a published book oh man. thank you so much for this!

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