Transformers Generations Skrapnel and Reflector


Thought I’d review Tailgate’s wave mate while I’m here seeing as how these guys haven’t really showed up anywhere else except the Philippines?

Anyway, Transformers Generations “Skrapnel and Reflector”. I prefer Shrapnel, who the hell thought of changing his name?!



What it says on the back of the box: REFLECTOR and SKRAPNEL are always on the lookout. Reflector uses his lens to steal Autobot secrets from long range. The insecticon Skrapnel is also on the lookout… searching for the next victim of his supercharged electric current blasts.


Anyway here they are. Don’t mind what looks like Skrapnel’s black face. He actually has silver paint there, but it doesn’t really come out in my pics.


Back view Kibble galore.


I actually kind of like Reflector though.


Reflector in “gun” mode.


Pew Pew on G1 version of “Shrapnel” who I think is still superior to this new version. Can’t beat die cast and chrome! I’ll take those over the articulation in this case.


Camera mode. Skrapnel stealing the Autobot’s “Secrets.”


Any Secrets here? 😉


Insect Mode. I actually don’t know what kind of insect it is – some sort of horned beetle? The transformation is actually a bit involved. I’m ashamed to say I had to look at the instructions to make sure I was doing it right.


Not too bad. I felt like I was stressing the plastic insect legs when folding them however.


Compared to G1. The only thing I like better is the legs compared to the wheels.


Beetle Fight!

ace_shrapnel_13 ace_shrapnel_14 ace_shrapnel_15 ace_shrapnel_16

Hmm. I think I’ll leave it here… anyway, not too great an update on the G1 I think. Worth getting if you like the Reflector, but I’d say Skrapnel himself is pretty average.

Till next time!



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