Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate

Walked into Toys R Us Powerplant Mall on a whim yesterday after getting a haircut and spotted this little fella! Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate (and Groundbuster but who cares about him…)


I’ve been quite addicted to the IDW series of “More Than Meets the Eye” lately and I have to admit it is the BEST Transformers comics series yet – coming from a longterm fan. James Roberts (the writer) is an absolute legend. Also love Alex Milne’s art, very “Anime” and Transformers at the same time.


Anyway, Tailgate here is one of the “Lost Light” crew members when Rodimus takes off into space on a Quest to find the Knights of Cybertron. Whatever that is. Anyway the premise of the story takes a back seat to character development that you wouldn’t believe a robot could have – and comedy too.


Tailgate here was actually millions of years buried underground until the crew find him just before takeoff in issue 1. Anyway I won’t spoil the story, however Tailgate does become one of the favorite characters of the series, kind of like a mascot.


Matches the comic design quite well!


Hmm, I wonder what he transforms into?


Throwaway target master weapon thingy. Not accurate to the comics so people probably won’t care about it.


Spots car mode. No, not cybertronian like the comic unforunately.


Comparison to G1 Tailgate. Excuse the yucky yellowing…


Again not found in the comics…


Comparison to his old self in robot mode.


Very cool little guy. He’s no third party , but still quite accurate.


With best friend Cyclonus.


Awww, aren’t they the couple!


With Frenemy Whirl?


And Maketoys Trashtalk (Swerve) and PerfectEffect Rewinder (Rewind).


VS MasterMind Creations Terminus Hexatron (Sixshot).



All up a cool little bot and glad he came out here in the Phils early! Need more IDW More than Meets the Eye!!!


UPDATE – Additional Pics as requested on boards:

Head Articulation left


Head Articulation right. Not that much, but it’s something?


With Targetmaster partner in “robot” mode, Groundbuster. Yes, you just sort of sit the tank up on its butt.


Lay it down flat and you get bulldozer mode. It pretty much transforms like a Matchbox car!


He does make a good Driver for Fansproject Revolver (Roadbuster)?




This cover inspires the below:



Not like Rodimus is some hero in the comic though! I actually find him pretty useless. Anyways, till next time!



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4 Responses to Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate

  1. kikot12 says:

    nice review bro! i was just wondering, where’d you get your whirl??? don’t seem to see him anywhere locally (Phil.)

  2. acesan says:

    I had to buy it online :(. He didn’t show up anywhere here – I looked!

  3. kikot12 says:

    yeah… real shame as well… i was really lookin forward to getting skids by the stands last january but up til now – still nothin… hope all of them get released soon… 😦

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