Gundam Seed Destiny – Meer Campbell Voice I-Doll Superior

So I noticed that the Mikaru Figma was in stock at the online store i frequent, so I immediately snapped her up. However, shipping to Australia from Japan is a tad expensive, so to make the most of these purchases, I usually go looking for more goods to fill up my order.

Since I’m a Gundam maniac, I thought I’d get a Gundam girl, and what better to get than the hottest one in Seed Destiny? I mean, she’s got Lacus face, voice, all on top of a better bod! lol

What I ended up getting was this Meer Campbell Voice I-doll Superior (whatever that means). And I really think she deserves a review.

Now, I didn’t really care about the voice part, but apparently the thing that looks like a 1970s answering machine she’s standing on is actually a device that plays famous phrases that Meer (who Rie Tanaka also plays as Lacus) from Seed Destiny.

Here’s the back of the box where I’m assuming it describes what each of the phrases are. I don’t know because I can’t read Kanji, and the little Hirugana and Katakana I tried learning ages ago has faded from the dark pits of my memory.

Here’s a close up of the “answering machine.” As you can see, 10 phrases, by Rie Tanaka. Not Rocket Science.

Here’s where you put the batteries, and there’s also a On/Off switch on the top. Silly me, I put the batteries in, and tried pressing a button, and it did nothing. Then I noticed the switch ^_^. Then I pressed a button and was almost deafened by Rie Tanaka shouting something in Japanese extremely extremely loudly.

And now for some pix!





Obligatory up-skirt shot. Except I didn’t notice that her leg was coming off until after I took the photo. Doh!!! Oh well, now you get to see one crack at least ^_^;;

And the reason her leg comes off, is so you can have some cast off fun to remove the skirt! Yay lol!

Side to side shots. Yummy…


In conclusion, a very very nice figure. I don’t usually go for fixed posed figures (I’m a HUGE fan of articulated figures. What’s a toy if you can’t play around with it?), but I’m making an exception for this one and allowing to say that was I pleasantly surprised.

Though I must admit that the 10 voices gimmick is a fun thing to play with! Just make sure you don’t press them in the middle of the night, unless you want your neighbours to think that you are doing the dirty with a Japanese girl in your house.

Overall, I give Meer a 9 out of 10. She is actually quite anime accurate (an extremely important factor for me in my purchases), and a very hot rendition of her character. If you are a Gundam fan (and even not, I guess) and you can find her, I recommend you snap her up.

Look even Mikuru approves!!!

Till next review! Ja Matta!

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3 Responses to Gundam Seed Destiny – Meer Campbell Voice I-Doll Superior

  1. Quen says:

    Danny Choo sent me *_*

    I have the Lacus Clyne Idoll, pretty, and the voices are fun to listen to.

    Was already far over my limited budget when I bought her, but having something that speaks in Lacus’ / Rie Tanaka’s voice to me was too much ^_^

    The phrases on back are so small I could only get 9, 10 and 1 because 1 is reprinted in large text under Meer’s knees.

    1) All (you) brave soldiers of Zaft!

    9) Maa~, I’m really so happy! That you’re being here for me.

    10) I’m too happy, it’s as if I’m looking at a dream.

  2. Persocom says:

    nice, Rie Tanaka’s voice attached to a figure. is there no volume control? XD

  3. acesan says:

    Q: Ah! Thanks for translating those lol. And P, no, I couldn’t find a volume control thingy, so her destiny plan will always be shouted from the heavens. I even checked up her skirt, but no volume control there either!!

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