Hi all!

This blog was born because lately I’ve been too lazy to write HTML! If you are interested in whatever I’m interested in, you may like my sites. And say hi!

I suppose I better write up a bit more about myself, that’s obviously why you’ve clicked this “About” link hey? Either you were extremely bored, masochistic, or you actually are genuinely interested in what kind of insane person would write the way he does, none-the-less, you are here so I better deliver.

Ace is actually my real name, although my middle name. I am Aussie, but of Filipino descent. I am 29 years old (yep, getting there). I work for a very large Australian Corporation as a Business Operations Specialist. If you are wondering what that is, it is a Business Analyst Position – in fact that wikipedia entry pretty much describes what I do to a T. I also dabble in Project Management, and am accountable in the management of several product sets.

You probably wouldn’t have guessed the above right? ^_^;; Anyways, continuing on, my hobbies are Writing, Reading, Gaming, Anime stuff – as you could guess from this site, and my favourite sport is Tennis.

I have a distant goal of writing my own Novel, though at the moment take my career very seriously and am focusing on that. At this point, writing is just a hobby, although it does come in handy when writing technical documents and process flows.

But I better stop now, as I’ve probably completely bored you all. But hey, it was your fault for Clicking the “About” Link so don’t say you didn’t expect this!

In closing, here’s a pic of me running along the wall with a ninja dagger!