Transformers Masterpiece MP12T Tigertrack Review


So now we know how Tigertrack was made!!! My review of this figure after the jump…


I got this figure last Friday at the 12th Philippines Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2013 which ran from last Friday to Sunday. Reserved from Patrick’s Toys at Greenhills who always reserves me the good stuff 😉


Very nice repaint. The Sideswipe Mold is definitely one of my favourites.


I didn’t stick the Autobot sticker on his chest because I wanna keep the alt mode clean… which you’ll see later on in the review (Hint: Looks AWESOME)


Paint on this one isn’t bad. I think I lucked out. The clear plastic of this mold found on the roof of the car, or back of the robot mode doesn’t take paint well and usually is a bit messy. Before you open the box of any Sideswipe Mold MP, knock on wood, pray on a monkey’s paw, burn an offering to the Transformers Gods, because I’ve seen people who weren’t so lucky on the net and got a figure that looked like it was spray painted by a 2 year old!


The more observant of you would see that his face is Redalert’s but with Sideswipe’s head. I have a Redalert but couldn’t be bothered taking him out for a comparison (I couldn’t even be bothered transforming Sideswipe lol). Guess you’ll just need to rely on memory or your imagination.


Shoulder Rocket is painted black at the rear making it look more G1 than cartoon.


Other details are red on the shins (silver on Sideswipe) and blue on the feet (not on Sideswipe).


Gun is identical to Sideswipe from what I can see


Use’s Sideswipe Mold Chest and Shoulders (Redalert had the nobby things on the top of the chest and fake wheels on the shoulders). I prefer Sideswipe’s Mold….

Full body shot. Very cool looking.


Has all the same articulation of Sideswipe and Redalert


Now with Sideswipe’s Weapons for dual wielding fun


Guess which gun is Sideswipe’s?


Stick em up Pissbot!


Size Comparison Fansproject Bruticus reissue with Asia United:) I got this the other week, another very very cool figure. Note I replaced Quake with WST Shockwave (Looks way better!!!)


Sideswipe comparison (too lazy to transform him)


Tigertrack also comes with black plastic versions of the exclusive arm pile drivers (Sideswipe came with the square blocky ones)


Too bad they didn’t give us the metal versions. Anyway now to transform him…


And we get the car that I used to draw a million times when I was a kid – Lamborghini Countach – Yellow version!


One day when I’m rich I’ll have one of these… and not just toys of it 😦



Love this car!!!



This car needs orifaces (probably spelled that wrong)!


As you can see, paint job isn’t too bad. I lucked out – even my Sideswipe has pretty good paint.


Both these cars together makes the coolness factor multiply exponentially!


Apologies no Redalert comparison, but the plain decos always looked better to me anyway


More angles of these beauties.


I bought Sideswipe for about $75 US when it first came out. Beggars can’t be choosers for prices in the PH compared to when I used to order everything Online direct from Japan back in Australia. But when I found out that Sideswipe increased in value to $150 it makes me feel a little better lol


The weapon attachment on roof looks a bit stupid to me. It’s good that you can store the weapons, but I’d rather leave them off


And now for some chicks posing on cars action!


Her name is Anna and she comes from the Transformers GT line, Star Saber.


Not terribly in scale but you can use your imagination


Unfortunately no GT chicks that have yellow clothes


They should reuse the Alternity GT Mold for Bumblebee, then I’ll get the yellow chick 😛


Here with Star Saber and Sideswipe. The GT Mold looks awesome. May need to review it! And Optimus Prime (who I also have)



Anyway, the verdict? I don’t usually go for repaints of characters I don’t know (couldn’t give a damn about Diaclone) but the Lamborghini was always my favourite car growing up and the Yellow looks amazing. Sideswipe is also my favourite G1 Car. Verdict?



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1 Response to Transformers Masterpiece MP12T Tigertrack Review

  1. apsoh says:

    Really wish they do a real Sunstreaker figure rather than tease us with repaints like this. I can see a “Blue Bluestreak” figure coming soon from that mold in 2014. They give us a Movie Bumblebee redeco of the MP Bee instead of Cliffjumper too.

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