Tomoyo Sakagami Kotobukiya 1/8 Figure Review

I’ve realised that I’ve changed. It used to be that I would usually “ship” with the female protagonist of every show I watch. However it seems that now I actually go for the interesting side characters more often than not. The main female of a story is usually formulaic to appeal to the widest audience there is, whilst the side characters cater for the niche fans. So it looks like I’m now a niche fan ^_^


So that brings us to Clannad, and Tomoyo Sakagami. And if I have to have a Clannad Figure, it would be everyone’s lovable street fighting School President. I do like girls that can fight, and being a fighter and a School President is really quite unique. But that isn’t the main reason why she’s my favourite. The reasons are mostly because of Clannad Episode 24, the DVD Special (Although the fact that her and Tomoya’s names match is a cute coincidence).

It seems that Tomoyo was orginally popular enough in the original game that she actually spawned her own Alternate Universe. Which is sad in a way, because I found it much more interesting and emotionally moving than the “real” story with Nagisa. Although they had to cut out a lot in the Anime adaption as they had to fit it all in one episode, I still found it an awesome watch. So before I go into the Figure, I’ll blog a bit about the episode that made me have to have her (Though you can skip this part if you’re just interested in the figure ^_^;;)

The episode starts off with Tomoya narrating how he and Tomoyo got together, then Tomoya getting woken up, as is their ritual. Tomoya jokes about breaking up…


 Even if it’s a joke, Tomoyo doesn’t like it. I thought that was extremely cute ^_^;;


I can’t relate with a society that pressure you to break up with someone you love (and they love you back) because you’re seen as someone who is “not good enough” for him or her. I mean, shouldn’t that decision be made by the man or woman, rather than society? Though in my opinion that jerk who was telling Tomoya to break up with Tomoyo because he’s a drag to her, is simply jealous…


However, I can understand why Tomoya did what he did. It’s one thing for society to butt in, in a relationship, it’s another when you yourself think you aren’t good enough for someone. And you love someone so much that you will even lose them to see that person succeed.


Unfortunately Tomoya gives in, as he honestly believes that he’s just not a good enough person for her.


Tomoya gives a convincing argument with Tomoyo about why they should break up. Tomoyo of course refuses, and it’s only until Tomoya tells her that what he felt wasn’t really love, that she accepts it. That right there tells you that Tomoyo *doesn’t care* what everyone else thinks, and would rather be with him, than leave him for higher places. As what is the point of those higher places, when you can’t share it with the one you love? However she only accepts the break-up when Tomoya leaves her to think that he doesn’t love her…


After a lot of depressing scenes where Tomoya goes on with daily life – he doesn’t actually regress to the delinquent he was before – eventually he meets up with Tomoyo on the snowy road lined with the Sakura trees that was the main reason she wanted to School President in the first place.


No, it’s not a coincidence that she was waiting for him. She tells him that she’d been watching him, and that she saw that he could do well on his own, without leaning on her. She tells him that the Sakura Trees will not be chopped down, but she had to sacrifice a lot of time without the person she loves to do it. *Hint* *Hint* to Tomoya!


This scene is one of my favourite ever in a romance themed show …


And the insert song is just damn awesome.


Tomoyo knows what she wants, and she came back to get it. And she won’t take anymore of Tomoya’s self depreciating bullshit – if you love someone, things like that just don’t matter. And this cements why Tomoyo %$*#$ all over Nagisa (sorry Nagisa fans!)


Well, enough preaching about why I think Tomoyo is the best girl in Clannad, it’s time to get to the Figure ^_^;;. This figure is actually a re-release and I always regretted missing out on getting it as I got into Figures kind of late. But once I saw that pre-orders were available for this release, I knew I wouldn’t miss out this time.


Vital Statistics as follows:

  • Name: Sakagami Tomoyo (durr!)
  • Scale: 1/8
  • Material: PVC and ABS
  • Scuptor: Hiroyuki Tsumezuka
  • Company: Kotobukiya
  • Series: Clannad
  • Moe Rating: Off the scales


The figure also comes with this Fridge Magnet thing ^_^;;.  I wish it actually had a pic of her rather than just the name and a logo.


And here is the figure all assembled (with the Pot Lid lol) in all her moe glory.


The long hair strands are actually a softish kind of PVC, same with the pink-purple apron. I am unsure if you can cast off the apron – I’m not going to try in case I damage it ^_^;;


If there’s one thing I can fault about Tomoyo’s character is that I find her cooking and bento skills a little cliche. Though I suppose being a good cook and making bentos for her man are probably every Japanese male’s fantasy. Anyway, the apron, pot and bear slippers are all pure Tomoyo.


Girls with long hair are one of my favourite types of character design, and Tomoyo-san does not disappoint. The long, wavy hair on this figure is really well done, and extremely detailed.


Tomoyo’s colouring is unique to character design as well. The hair is a strange really light brown shade, almost whitish-blonde. It goes well with the blue eyes and black hairband.


It’s a shame she isn’t naked under that apron. I guess we will need to stick with fanart for that ^_^;;


Close-up of the pot with ladle in it. I was expecting the lid to have an opening for it, but it doesn’t, meaning the lid will always sit slightly askew. Not too much of a bother though, and I suppose it makes it more realistic, if less practical as a figure.


Here is what is inside the pot. I’m sorry Tomoyo-san, but that just doesn’t look appetising to me.  I wonder what that white stuff is.


Close-up of the base. I do like the wooden floor design, however it’s made of a softish kind of vinyly plastic, which I don’t really like. A base should be heavy and hard … soft bases don’t really do it for me. It could cause leaning, and this figure, does look like it could lean, based on the one leg pose.


Btw, the background is a CG from the game, I think. You like? Though no rude bits sticking out.


And now for some random shots. Have to say, really liking this figure.






I don’t know if it’s just me, but Tomoyo doesn’t really have that big or prominent eyes (not the optical kind, but the other). This isn’t a complaint in any way, just an observation. Or maybe that’s just the apron making them seem more slight.


In conclusion, the score I will give this Figure is a 9/10. Originally an 8 because of it being a static PVC, but regains a 1 simply because it’s Tomoyo. This is my first Kotobukiya Figure, and I’m not disappointed at all. Might look into getting more figures from this company. The sculpt is extremely accurate, the details top notch, and the paint-job is great. All in all, a great Figure and highly recommended to any Tomoyo fan like I am.


Oh, last but not least, and you thought I had forgot, but I didn’t! Here is the obligatory Pantsu shot. Tomoyo is the type who goes for black pantsu. RAWR!


Anyways, I hope everyone had a happy Christmas holiday (and if you celebrate Boxing Day, that too!). Matta Ne! ~Ace

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23 Responses to Tomoyo Sakagami Kotobukiya 1/8 Figure Review

  1. Snark says:

    Knowing nothing about Clannad (and having little interest in romance animes), I can’t really comment aside from saying that’s a nice figure =P

  2. optic says:

    U got her before me! >_<
    Neat review. I can tell the apron cannot be taken off and I reckon including a fridge gadget as a bonus is pretty awesome. I wish most figures comes with a little bonus. ^_^
    Nice bg. My eyes kept losing focus. It is an attractive bg after all. xD

  3. phossil says:

    Oh Tomoyo will be perfect in my kitchen!!

  4. acesan says:

    Snark: I’ll watch anything that doesn’t have Yaoi in it so unfortunately that widens my scope o_0;;
    Optic: Though the apron I don’t think is actually molded on to the figure, it does seem separate! Kind of … heh. I have a lot more Tomoyo pics that I picked up, may post them.
    Phossil: Perfect, but be careful, grease and kitchen gunk may end up on it!

  5. ZeroOBK says:

    Tomoyo? Niche? That’ll be the day …

  6. acesan says:

    Well technically she isn’t the main female, no matter how many fans she has. It’s too bad the Tomoyo After Story was not the one aired instead of the current Season 2 … so bored of Nagisa!

  7. sonic_ver2 says:

    Tomoyo is also my favorite girl from Clannad, and i’m still waiting for this figure to arrive (ordered from Play Asia). Because of too many holiday around, my shipment is somewhat delayed. Looks like this figure is nice.

  8. M12 says:

    I agree with sonic_ver2. Tomoyo is easily my favourite in Clannad. Well actually, I like Nishina Rie a lot, too :3. But hey, we’ll never see a figurine of her -_-.

    I like the background you chose for the figurine shoot, and how you talked about Sakagami a bit first. Well done.

  9. animewriter says:

    Wow, that Tomoyo figure looks absolutely adorable. In Clannad, Nagisa has always been my favorite girl but after seeing the Tomoyo figure I’m ready to change my mind. But, after seeing both Nagisa and Tomoyo in aprons makes me want to get married if I could find a woman who likes to cook and looks good in an apron.

  10. acesan says:

    M12: Thanks, and you have good taste 😛
    animewriter: Hehe, same! Though I think nowadays they expect the men to cook, I guess I will have to learn!

  11. Krust says:

    Get fuuko ibuki! shes adorable :]

  12. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the person from that chat who told me to visit your blog 🙂

  13. Rukawa says:

    LOL i never expected we all liked Tomoyo i dont get why they made Nagisa to be with Tomoya ,Tomoyo should be the one with Tomoya Nagisa is so ugly just thinking of her makes me sick. By the way i think u are a little perverted the last figure shows her underwear lol u are one perverted guy but i like it to =)

  14. acesan says:

    Because Key decided Nagisa would be the one :(. However they did make Tomoya After as a sidestory… anyways pervertedness is a staple among figure collectors who take photos of their collections lolz

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