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Nanoha X Fate – Converted Yuri Fan Desu!

I’m not usually a fan of Yuri pairings, however it seems with Nanoha and Fate, I’ve been converted ^_^;;. Hmm I seem to have a lot of Nanoha-themed posts lately, I must be hooked! Also saw this video today, and … Continue reading

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Ace’s Update – Writing and Figma Headswaps

I know I’ve been pretty slack lately in regards to keeping up to date with my fanfics, but I do have ideas churning around and around, just haven’t been putting it to computer … probably going to spend tonight punching … Continue reading

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Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – Last Night

Yet another Figure 4Koma from me ^_^;;. Got this idea after looking for Fate pics, and coming across an unbelievable amount of yuri pics with Nanoha. This pairing is really popular it seems ROFL… it doesn’t make any sense either, … Continue reading

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Magical Battle Arena

Recently stumbled across this Japanese game, Magical Battle Arena by Fly System. It’s pretty damn fun because you get to pick random Magical Girls and beat the crap out of other Magical Girls… I don’t know half the other series, … Continue reading

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Nendoroid Shana Enpatsu Figure Review

It’s strange, but I actually think of all the Shakugan no Shana figures out there, I think this one actually embodies the true essence of her character. It must be because of these Shana-tan comedy shorts. I thought they were … Continue reading

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November Loot Part 3

No, I didn’t miss Part 2, because that was actually my dual Fate Figmas ^_^;;. Anyway, this week’s haul is technically a Part 3 and Part 4, because they are actually 2 shipments that arrived on the same day from Hobby … Continue reading

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Fate T. Harlaown Figma Max Factory Review

I’ll start off this review different than how I usually do… with a Figure Comic! (Gomen: This review has a TON of images, so apologies for the load time. I went a little crazy here)…

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Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4KomaS

YAY! Got my Fate-chan! This is my new Favourite Figure! I can’t believe how many accessories she comes with. Spent most of tonight mucking around with her and taking photos. Was going to do a full review, but I’m like … Continue reading

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Random Gundams

Just realised I hardly have any Gundam Posts, despite myself having so many Gundams o_0. I better fix that up quick smart. Although please excuse the quality of these pics, as they were taken when I first got my camera … Continue reading

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November Loot – Part 1

I just realised I haven’t done a loot post in a while, so here we go! Just got these today from my new favourite store, Hobby Search: Lootings are as follows:

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