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Citizen Stacked

Puns are the lowest form of humor, but I couldn’t resist after seeing what KFC named their NOT-Ultra Magnus:) ~Ace Advertisements

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Transformers Classics Overlord Custom

Recently I started reading a lot of the IDW series of Transformers Comics. I got absolutely hooked! MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE has the most interesting, action packed, character-based, comedic Transformers story yet, in my 30 years of being a … Continue reading

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Transformers Generations Skrapnel and Reflector

  Thought I’d review Tailgate’s wave mate while I’m here seeing as how these guys haven’t really showed up anywhere else except the Philippines? Anyway, Transformers Generations “Skrapnel and Reflector”. I prefer Shrapnel, who the hell thought of changing his … Continue reading

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Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate

Walked into Toys R Us Powerplant Mall on a whim yesterday after getting a haircut and spotted this little fella! Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate (and Groundbuster but who cares about him…) I’ve been quite addicted to the IDW series of … Continue reading

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Fansproject M3 – AKA Stunticons & Menasor

Finally, after a year of collecting these figures, I now have the set, behold – The Stunticons!!! Err … or should I say Fansproject Casuality Military Motorforce… The Stunticons were my favorite combiner group back in the day; if they … Continue reading

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UT Warlord – AKA Predaking

  I always found it weird how Predaking was supposed to be the ultimate fighting machine, and yet he got beaten by Sky Lynx, Wheelie and a Human on his debut episode in G1 >_>. I mean, check this out: … Continue reading

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Cool Stuff #2

My 2nd Custom – another black prime – Laser Prime Scourge and Maketoys Battletanker. Rather than pay a fortune for the collector club one, I just made my own 🙂

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