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Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate

Walked into Toys R Us Powerplant Mall on a whim yesterday after getting a haircut and spotted this little fella! Transformers Generations IDW Tailgate (and Groundbuster but who cares about him…) I’ve been quite addicted to the IDW series of … Continue reading

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UT Warlord – AKA Predaking

  I always found it weird how Predaking was supposed to be the ultimate fighting machine, and yet he got beaten by Sky Lynx, Wheelie and a Human on his debut episode in G1 >_>. I mean, check this out: … Continue reading

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Transformers Masterpiece MP12T Tigertrack Review

So now we know how Tigertrack was made!!! My review of this figure after the jump…

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Transformers Masterpiece 13 – Soundwave Review

To celebrate the end of my hiatus from reviews, I’ll do a figure I have been waiting a while to get! Transformers Masterpiece 13 Soundwave!

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Nendoroid Nankyoku Sakura Review (Penguin Musume Heart)

Haven’t done a proper full Figure Review for a while, so here goes one for Nendoroid Nankyoku Sakura from GoodSmile Company ^_^ Sakura is from the Anime Series Penguin Musume Heart. I really didn’t think much of this series at … Continue reading

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Figma Konata Izumi Summer Uniform Version Review

I think I’ve mastered my batch processing powers so I can now bring to you photo reviews of almost a hundred images each without taking too much time ^_^;; So beware, this is a bandwidth hungry review! Anyways! Tonight I … Continue reading

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Figma Sonsaku Hakufu Review

First Figure Review with my new Canon EOS 1000D DSLR camera. Pics turned out OK, but I think I overexposed by bumping up the Exposure Compensation because I thought the pics would turn out dark again. Turns out that my … Continue reading

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Zange-chan Nendoroid Review

So anyways, yes, I hate the Endless Eight arc in the new season of Haruhi >_>. But I disgress. Anyways, I got myself a Nendoroid Zange-chan by the very skilled GoodSmile Company.

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Teknoman Blade with Pegas (Soul Spec) Review

Didn’t realise but as of today, my Blog is 1 Year Old. Wow, time goes fast. In celebration, I’ll review a figure / toy I got this week of one of my favourite shows of all time whilst I was in … Continue reading

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Yami 1/8 Goodsmile Company Review

I’ve been really slack on my Yami Fanfic, so I thought I’d make it up a bit by finally unboxing and getting some pics and review of my Yami Figure from Goodsmile Company.

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