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00 Raiser (HG 1:144) Gundam Model Review

Haven’t done a 4Koma in a while, so though I would do one better and do an 8Koma! And today I’ll be reviewing the HG 1:144 00 Raiser Gundam (Combined from the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser).

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April Loot Wave Begins

I have an absolute ton of stuff coming in this month and the next several months where all my pre-orders kick in ^_^. Can’t wait, but here’s the first shipment … first up is Zange-chan from Kotobukiya: I dunno, for … Continue reading

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First Loot of 2009

Yep, as can be expected, another shipment of goodies (from Hobby Search) arrived today :). Although it’s only a couple of things, I was excited about this one… Do people like Loot Posts? I remember this question was asked over … Continue reading

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November Loot Part 3

No, I didn’t miss Part 2, because that was actually my dual Fate Figmas ^_^;;. Anyway, this week’s haul is technically a Part 3 and Part 4, because they are actually 2 shipments that arrived on the same day from Hobby … Continue reading

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Random Gundams

Just realised I hardly have any Gundam Posts, despite myself having so many Gundams o_0. I better fix that up quick smart. Although please excuse the quality of these pics, as they were taken when I first got my camera … Continue reading

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Infinite Justice, Haruka Oppai Pad, Mini-Loots

Not as much of a loot haul this week, but still worth blogging about ^_^;;. Misa Misa is all excited! First up, is my Master Grade Infinite Justice Gundam.

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Strike on a Bike (Final Fantasy 7 Playarts: Cloud and Hardy Daytona)

So I was going to take some shots of my new FF7 Playarts Cloud and Hardy Daytona with the intention of reviewing him, however it all went awry when I realised that my trusty MG Sword Strike Gundam could ride … Continue reading

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00 Gundam (HG 1:144) Model Review

So I actually swore off buying any more HG Gundam Models because MG Models were so much better. But after getting into Gundam 00 Season 2 … I broke my rule and bought myself a HG 1:144 00Gundam ^_^;; Yes, I … Continue reading

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Gundam Seed Destiny – Meer Campbell Voice I-Doll Superior

So I noticed that the Mikaru Figma was in stock at the online store i frequent, so I immediately snapped her up. However, shipping to Australia from Japan is a tad expensive, so to make the most of these purchases, … Continue reading

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MG Aile Sword Launcher Strike!

Finally finished my Aile Striker Pack for my Strike. Way better than Destiny don’t ya think lol? Time for a photo shoot!

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