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Pokemon MASTER Fanfiction FAQ

Was going through some of my old fanfiction writings and noticed I actually went to the bother of writing a FAQ for my most popular Fanfic back in the day, but never posted it! So I’ve decided to dedicate a … Continue reading

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Don’t you love new loot? (Something Special lol)

It feels like Christmas morning everytime you get new stuff! The stuff on the right hand stuff is what got delivered today, while the left hand stuff I bought at the local model shop. I’ve been after MG Freedom for … Continue reading

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Haruhi’s new Meteor

FInished this Meteor unit today, and thought it kinda sucked, until I realised it looked better with Haruhi riding it 🙂

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MG Aile Sword Launcher Strike!

Finally finished my Aile Striker Pack for my Strike. Way better than Destiny don’t ya think lol? Time for a photo shoot!

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Haruhi & Pikachu VS Predaking

Next up in the VS series is Haruhi on Pikachu mount VS Predaking! Actually this one is probably no contest, sorry guys! ^_^;;

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New Lewts

Exactly 1 week ago, I was browsing HLJ to get some Gundam supplies I can’t get here in Aus, and my impulse shopping gene kicked in. Long story short, today I got an email saying new delivery downstairs and I … Continue reading

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Code Geas 18

One of the few anime series I’m watching diligently this season. Damn what a kick ass episode. Below pic kinda reminds me of Freedom defending the Archangel in it’s debut battle. But this time it’s Kallen defending Lelouche 😛

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Paint VS Wallet

Every other day I seem to buy a new can of paint because “I forgot, I need this color,” or “I’m thinking of a custom.” I didn’t realise I had amassed this many until I went looking through my bag … Continue reading

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Destiny Harima VS Yakumo GN-Arms

Today’s match-up! Kenji Harima in Destiny VS Tsukamoto Yakumo docked in GN Arms! Who will win this fight??? *sigh* My favorite couple in School Rumble …. Who was yours? Anyways finally tried out the Testor’s Dullcote on my GN-Arms .. … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Hi everyone. Thought I’d start a Blog because it’s easier to load content than writing html ^_^;; I’m not altogether sure what I’m going to put on here yet, but for the meantime, I’ll store some miscellaneous stuff.

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