Figma Kanu Review

Another one of my bulk purchases the other day that arrived with my Mikuru that I will now review. To be honest, if I really wanted an Ikkitousen (sp?) figure, I would’ve really wanted a Sonsuku Hafuku. But oh well, Kanu will have to do!

Here she is, inside her Figma box…

 Here is the back of the box with a couple of her poses. I wonder if some of the Japanese writing says “Warning! Do not poke in the face as chest contains large protuding objects!”

Here is Kanu fresh from outside of her box. And Pikachu checking her out. Yummy!

Here is the accessories she comes with. 1 spear, check. 4 more sets of hands, check. 2 extra faces, check. 1 figma bag, check. 1 torn skirt, check. 1 extra pair of boobies, check. Pikachu likes those ones!

Here are the instructions which show you how to change her skirt and boobies. Basically to change the skirt you need to remove both her legs, then her panties, then skirt. For the boobies, you need to tilt them slightly up and then tug outward. It’s a bit of an effort “installing” these, as I found out later!

Here is the obligatory Figma stand. Except one new piece I haven’t seen before is you now get a bent condom thing that you stick on the stand peg. This is to avoid Kanu’s really long hair from blocking the stand. What is ironic is that the condom piece peg is still too fat for the hole in the back of Kanu, and I had to “trim” it a little with my trusty Bandai Gundam nippers so that it could fit.

One thing I wasn’t happy about was the fact that Kanu’s front hair piece, no matter how I forced it in, would still stick out a little like so.

So after examining what was causing it, I realised that the 2 main pegs inside the head that hold the hair piece were a little too fat to fit all the way in. So again, using my trusty bandai Gundam nippers, I trimmed the bottom edge of those pegs a little.

And voila! As flush as you are going to get it with a figma. And it’s still tight too. If you are going to do this to any of your figmas, make sure you only take off a little at a time. Too little is better than too much, otherwise it will be too loose and her face will keep falling off. And you will cry every time you play with her.

And now for some proper shots of the figure itself. To get the staff into her hand, you actually have to remove the cap at the end of it, slide it in, and then put the cap back on. It’s quite a tight fit. Didn’t realise that Kanu was so tight.

She’s a bit tricky to pose because her hair so so damn long. Though her feet are big enough that she actually has quite good balance.

Although the hair has other uses. Like a makeshift stand!

And now here is where I try “installing” her other bits of hardware. As you can see, she can jettison her legs and her panty so that you can remove the skirt. The skirts are actually made of rubber, and actually quite hard to insert properly. I was afraid of snapping it like an elastic band. In the end I got it on though. Removing a skirt from a girl in real life is a lot easier than this!

Here is a traditional Haruhi pose in traditional Ikkitousen ripped school girl clothing.

The Melancholy of Unchou Kanu

And now for the obligatory “Fun with Figmas” section of this review, made famous by that evil chap Danny Choo of fame

In conclusion, Kanu is a fun figma to have and worth getting if you are a fan of Ikkitousen. If I have to say she has a flaw, that flaw is that she is actually quite a bit smaller compared to other figmas like the Haruhi ones. I really wish they were to scale, even if they cost more.

Another minor issue is that the extreme length of her hair kind of restricts her poses, for example, she can’t do any sitting poses. But that’s the price to pay for awesomely long hair.

I won’t count the non-exact fitting of the front hair piece and the boobies, because those are problems you can fix with a bit of ingenuity.

The highlight of this figure for me is that you can change her clothes as well as her faces, which is kind of unique to the figmas I have so far.

Anyway, in closing, I give Kanu an 8 out of 10. (Pikachu might give her more however)

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3 Responses to Figma Kanu Review

  1. Persocom says:

    Nice review, I’ve been waiting for a decent review about this Kanu. I’ve already ordered her and she’ll be arriving soon but I was skeptic about it at first because I haven’t seen the anime up to her introduction yet, only on the first half of the first season right now. She caught my attention because of the optional ripped clothing and I was interested in just how that worked. Those nippers seem to come in pretty handy for a lot more than they were intended, I’ll have to see how my Kanu turns out and keep what you did in mind.

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