Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 22 – A Sweet Girl

Okay, now I’m really back from Hiatus lol… anyways, people probably forgot the story already (there was a story?), but the quick update is… Fate is a school girl, Nanoha is insane, and Hayate is insaner ^_^;; And to hold to tradition … Omake after the jump!

For the beginner parts / newbies, go to my 4Koma Page

Yep my Queen’s Blade Bad Girl set is complete ^_^. And check out loot I got yesterday below:

That’s right my friends … Vita! Now my main characters from MGLN is complete and the 4Koma can continue! And also got a camera tripod to make it easier for me to take pics (4000 pesos lol).

Anyways, it’s time for beddy time, but since I’ve been really slack lately, I’ll post some more pics of my Omake to say goodbye, my favouite is Feito Meido (if you’re wondering how I stuck her head on, it was wit a piece of bluetack) ^_^;; Sayanara till next time! ~Ace

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10 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 22 – A Sweet Girl

  1. lols what will they get upto next 😛

  2. bd77 says:

    Wow. Didn’t that one coming, from school uniform to meido uniform XD

    bluetack… lololol. And use it for “tentacle” purposes (and others) in my 4koma… ^^
    Very useful, that.

  3. shinigang says:

    Admittedly Fate looks good on Airi’s body xD…Congratulations on your Figma Vita, may I ask if you got it locally(Philippines)and where?

  4. Twintail for a twintail head replacement, eh? 😛

    Looks like Nanoha liking Hayate’s magic! And if I didn’t see Nagato’s body behind Airi’s head, I could’ve sworn I saw Menas giving birth to Airi’s head >.>

  5. acesan says:

    Penguin: Well, you can guess it will be something ecchi. I haven’t done that in a while lol
    bd77: bluetack is the wonder material, agreed
    Shinigang: Actually she does, though it works better in photos than in real life (a stray breeze would blow her head off ;P). Actually I got Vita via, I was actually wondering if the package would show up, but it did, thought they charged me 40 pesos extra delivery fee lol
    lightnings: Yeah it kinda fits! and no I wasn’t going for the Menace giving birth look but I guess it looks like it…

  6. shinigang says:

    acesan: Nothing a good dose of putty can’t fix 😛 and the figure(Fate on Airi’s body) looks like the 2p recolor of Airi. Shucks I thought you got Vita locally, I went to Greenhills last Sunday hoping to find her xD

  7. Cadha13 says:

    Yes, figma Vita is super great! Now I have the Nanoha army done and start battle!

    The transformation from sailor fuku to maid is very unexpected. Fate looks good as a maid!

  8. sonic_ver2 says:

    I think Hayate is a sweet, since she did that transformation on Fate to make her become a cute maid. XD

  9. acesan says:

    shini: Sorry for getting your hopes up ^_^. Actually Im still not sure if they got her locally yet, I was there last week getting christmas presents, and they still didn’t have her
    Cadha: Yes she does, which is why I’ve expanded on it this week ^_^
    Sonic: Not sweet to poor feito-chan!

  10. Shinigang says:

    Already got Vita^^…I’m quite excited to open her along with Shamal 😀

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