Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 23 – Fortunate Mistake

A late Christmas Present for everyone – Fate in a Melona Suit – LOL. I think she’s pretty hawt tho! Omake after the jump…

Yeah, I know, horrible pun. But Fate gettin abused by Insecticons had to be put in here somewhere ^_^.

As always, for the newcomers, you can catch the earlier parts at the 4Koma Page

I hope everyone had a safe and awesome Christmas! Even though I’m here in the Philippines, I do have some relatives which I spent Nocha Buena with. It was a fun-filled alcohol fuelled night >_>. I won’t say more than that …

As for Christmas Loot for myself:

  1. MP-4 – Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Trailer – Always wanted a Japanese version!
  2. Figma Tsukasa Summer Version
  3. Figma Kagami Summer Version (yay for extra head of the fang toothed girl!)
  4. Disney Transformer thing
  5. Figma Tsuraya (Yes, another one – I broke my old one’s arm off ;_;)

I bought most of the stuff (except the Disney thing) from Wasabi Toys in Green Hills, Shoppesville:

A bit of free publicity for them ^_^;; A lot of people recommended them to me so I thought I’d check it out. They seem a tad cheaper than some of the other places and legit. Will probably buy more from them, especially if they stock more figmas.

Anyways looks for a comic on new years from me as well ^_^;; I already have one ready. But for now, sayanara and keep enjoy the festive season! ~Ace

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11 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 23 – Fortunate Mistake

  1. bd77 says:

    Hot omake IS hot. Uh.. is it me or QB Revoltechs are the same height as figmas?… O_o

    Happy holidays. Now I’m down (but not out) with a flu.

  2. acesan says:

    The QB ones are the same height. Hope you get better! Off to work for me, meanwhile, but meeting at starbucks outside my apartment first 😛

  3. bd77 says:

    Thanks… *sniff*
    Looks like the figma are shorter Fraulein series. Oh well…

  4. sonic_ver2 says:

    So, you could say that Fate’s a dress up doll for both Hayate and Nanoha? XD

  5. Shinigang says:

    Cool 4komas as always, can’t wait for your New Year Special

  6. Animagess says:

    Hey Ace, dunno if you got my e-mail, but I sent you a rather late Christmas gift through your Gmail account. If you didn’t get it for some reason, you can find it below:

    I guess you can call it a slightly early New Years present. Anyway, enjoy!

  7. acesan says:

    bd77: Yep figma aren’t too big
    sonic: That and other things!
    shini: Cheers, tho it might be posted in the afternoon of new years depending on how I go tonight lol
    Animagess:WOW, nice picture!!! OK if I post on my blog?

  8. gilesaquil says:

    Happy holidays, acesan! Yea, Wasabi rocks! XD

    Fate looks good in Melona outfit, but IMO her Airi dress looks better haha.

    The “It’ll do” is EPIC XD

  9. Happy New Years!! To my favorite blog, hopefully no tactical body armor is required with all those idiots blasting their pistols into the air.

  10. Oops… happy belated Christmas? ^^;

    Heheh having fun with the Revoltechs, eh? I really am loving these QB ones, but so far I haven’t found ideas for them yet, and I don’t want to steal your ideas either ^^;;;

  11. acesan says:

    Giles: Will come back when I have the time and buy more stuff 🙂 And yeah I liked Airi outfit better too, but Melona is more naughty hehe
    Abraham: Ditto, and I reckon not just the armor but a facemask and oxygen tank from all the smoke I saw down there!
    lightningsabre: Yeah QB really changed my opinion of revoltechs. They initially disappointed me because the heads don’t attach 1:1 with figmas, but I obviously found a way around for that … bluetack lolz. I’m sure you can think of something yuri-inspired for them…

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