Nendoroid Shana Enpatsu Figure Review

It’s strange, but I actually think of all the Shakugan no Shana figures out there, I think this one actually embodies the true essence of her character.


It must be because of these Shana-tan comedy shorts. I thought they were hilarious, and they may actually be even better than the real episodes >_>;;


Though my favourite part doesn’t involve Shana-tan at all, but when Yuji is talking to Yukari-san all emotionful, with a sad insert song playing, and then he realises he’d been wiping his face with her panties LOL


Anyway, back to the figure. Tonight I’m reviewing the Shana Empatsu version, Nendoroid by GoodSmile Company. Yes, this one is even more Shana-like than her Figma version, which to me looks very strange and very unlike Shana. And that too is strange considering this figure sports a massive head on a tiny body, but it works somehow. Lately, I’ve been getting into these Nendoroid Figures, and now I have around 5 of them.


One thing I like about them, is that they are actually quite playable because like Figmas, they come with quite a few interchangeable parts. Shana comes with several sets of limbs, a cape, katana, Alistair necklace (which is made of bendable wire), however only 2 extra faces. Some of my other Nendoroids came with an extra 3 faces…


The default face has her standard angry Tsundere look with mouth closed. I think this default face is my favourite one


Nendo Shana also comes with a brown haired version. However I like this burning red hair, red eyed version the best. Burning eyed, burning haired, Flame Haze would not be Shana without them


The cape can actually fit other Nendoroids, so long as their hair is not that long and obstructive. The katana also fits snugly, tight enough that it won’t fall out of her hand


Rear view. Sorry can’t see any ecchi bits because of the cape and hair. Not that you could even see Nendoroids in that light unless you’re into large heads and small bodies


This is her GRRRR Tsundere face. I’m actually kind of sick of tsundere characters, as they are getting a tad cliche. So if they’re not Tsundere classics that I already know (e.g. Haruhi, Shana), I don’t tend to like them so much. Even Taiga of Tora Dora (anime version) took some time for me to actually start liking


Speaking of which, Kugumiya Rie(sp?), the voice actress of Shana, also plays Taiga. I wonder if Rie is a Tsundere herself in real life? That would be irony


One thing I haven’t talked about yet, is the stand she comes with. Early Nendoroids had absolutely atrocious stands that hardly even worked. Now, the engineering is such that Shana’s is almost perfect. You can hardly see it, and it’s firm enough you can pick up the figure, without the stand falling off


This is the last optional face. Have to say, I really like all 3 faces. As I’ve said already, it’s a pity she didn’t come with a fourth face like other Nendoroids.


One other thing I haven’t mentioned about Nendoroids yet, is the articulation. Of course, nowhere near as good as Figmas, but enough to be able to make some funny poses. No elbow or knee articulation, but you can move her arms up and down and rotate, whilst the legs don’t have movable knees, but you can move them whichever way you want from the hip connection


I forgot to put Alistair, her necklace, on some of these shots so you’ll have to forgive me for that


If Fate and Shana had a fight, who would win? You can guess who I would pick ^_^;;


Both have magic, but I haven’t seen Shana pull off the kinds of things Fate has done in her series


So I’m going to have to say Fate wins ^_^;;


And now for some Figure Cosplay! The other Tsundere makes an appearance!


Shakugan no Misa Misa is kyuto!


And Shana-tan’s turn


Shana in gothic loli is strangely attractive ^_^;;


Anyway, that’s it for this review. I very much recommend this figure if you are into Nendoroids. I give this figure an 8.5 out of 10

Signing off, konbanwa! ~Ace

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9 Responses to Nendoroid Shana Enpatsu Figure Review

  1. Snark says:

    The “>_<” face is hilarious XD

  2. Aiko says:

    hmm I dont know if Rie herself is a Tsundere but shes a pettanko in real life too. LOL

  3. quazacolt says:

    hehe nice shana-tan review yo! especially the anime part, nostalgia indeed 🙂

  4. Q says:

    I think I like the >o< face the most: “Uruchai Uruchai Uruchai!” 😛

  5. Riiana Doon says:

    Me wants the Shana Nendroid!:P To Kawaii, I love it!:D

  6. acesan says:

    Snark: >_<
    Aiko: Yeah, saw that! lol. It would be perfect if she was tsundere too, she could say “uresai, uersai, uresai” irl and stamp her foot, that would be cute 😛
    Quaza: Thx, I think series 3 Shana coming up too?
    Q: I think mine is starting to lean toward the GRRR face
    Riiana: Nendoroids are my guilty pleasure 😛

  7. Divine Fang says:

    Gothic loli version should look better if you have her “neutral” face on.

  8. R0B!N says:

    shana looks good in haruhi’s uniform…

  9. J says:

    Thanks for the review :O)

    Are all nendoroid heads interchangeable between figures?

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