November Loot Part 3

No, I didn’t miss Part 2, because that was actually my dual Fate Figmas ^_^;;. Anyway, this week’s haul is technically a Part 3 and Part 4, because they are actually 2 shipments that arrived on the same day from Hobby Search and HLJ. I’ve found that HLJ can hold stock of widely desired items longer than HS can. So the trick is, if you want items the earliest possible, you go HS. If you want items that have already sold out at HS or difficult to acquire otherwise, you go HLJ.


Anyway you can’t go wrong at either store. But I disgress, on to the Lootingz!

VF-25S Ozma Custom from Macross Frontier – Apparently these are hard to get. Was pre-ordered at HLJ, looks absolutely awesome


VF-25F Alto Custom also from Macross Frontier – Also another popular Kit and also from HLJ. I have wanted this ever since I saw this guy’s Alto


Shana Nendoroid X2 – from HLJ (One of them is for my niece. I’m collecting some doubles to give her for Christmas ^^). Like all Nendoroids, bloody cute!


00 Gundam SD Version – From Hobby Search. Yup, another Gundam to stick on my build queue! I still haven’t started on my Infinite Justice MG >_>


And finally that Figure I talked about in a previous Post (From Hobby Search). Don’t know if I should post pics of it unless I heavily censor it ^_^;;


Anyway this is probably last Loot Post for the Month. No more pre-orders due, and nothing else I need to get right now. But December promises to be another good month for the figure companies! I have decided that for this year, I am going to give Figures for Christmas presents to a lot of my friends, and etc!

Oh here’s a Poll:

~Sayanara, Ace

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3 Responses to November Loot Part 3

  1. lobotman says:

    The Macross kits look good. Whats the total damage for this loot?

  2. Snark says:

    Holy bleeding crap thats an awesome stash! I soooo want that nendoroid!

  3. acesan says:

    About 28000 yen all up including shipping I believe. Shipping was a killer because those macross boxes aren’t small!

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