August 09 Loot Part 3


*Sigh* I thought it was a mistake when I skimmed over the invoice and saw Quantity = 2 on Figma Ryomou .. turns out it was true. I had *misclicked* somehow on the final purchase and didn’t realise it. I checked my email to see the receipt … and yep … 2 of them! Sh*t!!! It wouldn’t have mattered much if it was a character I actually liked, that I would actually LIKE getting 2 of, but the only reason I decided to get her was that I needed the set. Gah!!!


Oh well, lesson learned. Maybe there is still something I can do with 2 Ryomous. Maybe matching Meido Nanoha and Fate? HMMMM!!!

Anyways, it’s no surprise now, but here’s the rest of the loot. Figma Sonsaku Hakufu – my favourite Ikki chick. I will actually end up getting 2 of her because I stupidly combined my pre-order of her with Alter Fate, who I then found out was delayed till October. So that means it wouldn’t ship till the end of the month. Well we can’t have that, I want her now! I don’t care if I get 2 of her, she’s so awesome anyway


Figma Meiya Mitsurugi. No idea who she is, but she looks cool and comes with another Katana. Can’t have too many swords. Off the top of my head I now have a Reika Katana, Seto-san Katana, Shana Katana, Saber Excalibur and Avalon, Fate Zamber, Signum Sword, and now this one. This violates one of my Figure rules, but the real reason I wanted her, is for her body. Yes that sounds wrong, but you probably get what I mean.


Nendoroid Nankyoku Sakura. If you like stupid silly comedy, I do recommend watching Penguin Musume (sp?) Heart. And if you are a fan of my blog, you probably are, so go watch it if you haven’t ^_^;;


And finally the real reason I bought this load of goodies. Saw Nendoroid Mikuru-chan in stock for some reason so nabbed her up. She went out of stock as soon as that happened, so good buy! And it’s not worth really buying just one thing so decided to just fill up my cart. Unfortunately too much (yes, I’m still lamenting TWO f*cking Ryomous. Sorry for the language).


Anyways, still plotting out my Signum Xkoma (I’ll call it Xkoma until I find out how many panels it will be) so look forward to it. Ja Matta for now. ~Ace

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2 Responses to August 09 Loot Part 3

  1. Snark says:

    Given the general fan theory that Ryomou is just an escaped Rei clone, having two would be pretty much par for the course -_-

  2. Optic says:

    Bought the 1/8 scale of Nankyoku Sakura by Alter so it’s a pass for me on the nendo version.

    Surely u must have beaten me by now?
    I guess, ur the rightful figma master. xD

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