Next Week’s Lewt Preview

Yes, I admit I am addicted to Figures now. Global Economy Meltdown? What’s that? ^_^;;

Anyway, what I should be getting next Monday shipped from HobbyLink Japan:

HG 00 Gundam: At first I didn’t really like the design when seeing early pics of the lineart. However after seeing it in action in all the previews and realising how damn AWESOME the first episode of S2 was, I knew I just had to get this. It’s cutting in line to the front of my build queue immediately!
Fraulein Revoltech Yoko: Pre-ordered when it first came available. Actually I don’t really like Revoltech’s to be honest, but this one from the preview pics looked really good, so I took a gamble. I’ll see if I won out when I receive it.
Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol. 1: Cloud Strife & Hardy Daytona: I’ve been umming and ahhing about this for a while. Then I thought to myself, “If it becomes sold out tomorrow, would you care?” Therefore it got included into my cart immediately ^_^;;
Figma Kagami Hiiragi Winter Uniform Version: Needed this for my Figma Lucky Star set. After I nab this one, I just need Miyuki. To be honest I don’t really like Miyuki, but I will need to so I can have the set :/.
Sawatari Mitsuki PVC (CLAYZ): She was on sale ^_^;;

Apart from the above, I decided to try out a new online store, Hobby Search. They seem to get a lot of new stock much earlier than HLJ, so I figured that I’ll try them out. When I was browsing their restock section, lo and behold I found 3 items I have wanted FOREVER, but were always sold out:


YES! Nendoroid Light, Misa and L! Immediately added to cart! I remember when the Death Note manga first came out, I was addicted! However it was only recently that I actually finished the whole lot. To be honest, I didn’t like the ending, and thought a lot of characters were out of character. So to me, the real end to the series is after the first arc ^_^;;. Who’s with me?

Anyways, expect a few more photo reviews soon. Did I mention I’m addicted to this stuff? *sigh*

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