Anime I’m watching this Season


I have an open mind about most genres. I’ll watch just about anything if it isn’t boring – be it Action, Drama, Romance, Comedy, etc. So at the very start of a new Anime season, I usually download EVERYTHING ^_^;;. However after a couple weeks, my list will usually get cut down; mostly because if it starts getting boring I fall behind, and there’s no real point to watching any longer. Last season I cut quite a lot of series from my initial watch list.

This season however, is looking surprisingly good. I haven’t cut that many series from the list, and it’s already been a month or so. I am going to list the series that I am still watching quite avidly, and I will rank them in order of “doki doki” level. First up…

1: Gundam 00 – Season 2

Lovers reunited


Pretty much a no brainer for me this season. Last season was Code Geass R2, so it’s kind of fitting that this would also take top spot. There’s just something about giant robots beating the crap out of each other mixed with political intrigue, subtle nuances of romance and character-driven drama that propels this into the top spot, just like Code Geass did previously.

This season starts off with a bang compared to the start of the first season, so it seems as if the directors learned from their mistakes. Today’s generation have very short attention spans so if you don’t wow them quickly you risk losing your audiences.

Episode 4 was pretty cool with all hands now on deck, awesome Gundam teamwork, a return of … *snort* Mizda Bush-ii-do. Master of Names, Sunrise is not ^_^;;. Still, can’t wait till the next episode next Sunday!

Highlights: Setsuna and Marina’s simultaneous denial of their being lovers, Feltd sexual harrassment from the new Lockon, Sumeragi tight uniform(lol)

2: Tales of the Abyss

Kawaii Tear-san!


I didn’t think I’d get into this at first, it being an adaption of a video game I have never played before. But perhaps that was a blessing in disguise, since I don’t know anything about the game, the story is all new to me.

I’m really liking the character designs in this, especially Tear. Her Hymn magic singing ability is pretty unique and I always like female designs where half their face is covered by their hair, gives them a mysterious look. Luke is the typical whiny brat, however in typical RPG fare, I expect him to grow and mature – it’s still early days yet.

The plot so far seems very mysterious with Luke’s mentor seeming like he could actually be a bad guy. In fact, I”m willing to bet that he is. Though if he doesn’t I’ll eat my words later on ^_^;;

Highlights: Tear and Anise being shocked when Natalia is revealed to be Luke’s fiance, Natalia looking cute, Van looking obviously evil

3: Chaos Head

I want that Figure too!!!


This is a sleeper hit IMO. Also based on a video game I have never played, nor heard about before. But after watching a few eps, it’s shot up immediately to number 3 in my books.

The show’s protagonist, Takumi, gives me vibes from “Welcome to the NHK” with his Hikkomiri type ways. He’s an otaku who plays video games, collects anime figures, likes 2D girls more than 3D, and seems like a schizo. He also lives alone in a large Steel shipment container (that has internet too boot) on the top of some building. If that’s not interesting, I don’t know what is ^_^;;

Despite the lead’s freaky design, the story gives off a sense of the sureal and mysterious, and seems like one of those “mind-f*ck” shows that I like so much. You get the gist that something is happening, but you don’t know what the hell is.

I also find it extremely amusing how it seems he has a potential hot harem full of girls that could be interested in him, yet he runs away scared most of the time, and would rather love his Sera-chan anime character who he calls his Wife LOL. Definitely recommended.

Highlights: Takumi all excited over his new PVC figurine, Takumi accidentally falling on to Rimi and fondling her breast when trying to save Sera-tan his 2d wife, the cheap-ass di-sword getting snapped in half after his imouto with a nii-san complex rages at him.

4: Tora Dora!

Taiga looking extremely pissed


I read several volumes of the manga a while ago, so when Tora Dora was announced for this season, I knew I would be watching it.

I like the themes in this anime, about how people are misjudged, and what they appear as, may not really be what they are inside.

In the real world, full of political correctness, we always say that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in reality, people judge by appearances all the time. And this anime reminds us all in an exaggerated fashion. For a more in depth of look at the main characters Ryuji and Taiga, see my Aisaka Taiga Figure Review.

This week’s episode introduces Ami, a super hot model chick who seems friendly and even slightly ditzy. Yet this is all an act to get people to accept her. In reality she is vain, spoiled, and quite mean. Taiga and Minorin don’t buy it though, and next week’s ep looks exactly how they are going to show it.

Highlights: Ami! Minorin doing a funny face, Taiga depressed in bed and Ryuji cheering her up

5: Kannagi

LOL I wish I could go to planet tits


Another nice unexpected surprise. Kannagi is surprisingly hilarious and original, despite the formula from afar seeming quite rehashed and cliche. You wouldn’t think a typical male harem lead carving a cute chick out of a stump of wood who comes to life amid school life hijinks could be original, but it somehow is…

The animation is top-notch, with the characters all seeming like they just can’t stay still, and the voice acting as well – in fact Nagi is voiced by none other than the same chick who did Lala in To-Love-Ru (Tomatsu Haruka), and the range she shows here is really quite skilled.

In this latest episode, Nagi’s imouto, Zange-chan joins the cast. Zange-chan is the same type of character as Ami, in Tora Dora above, all cute and innocent on the outside, manipulating bitch on the inside, so promises some interesting conflict in episodes to come.

Hightlights: Zange-chan performing a bit of BDSM on her nee-san, Nagi telling Jin to go back to Planet Tits

6: Kurozuka

Kuro is Kakkoi


To break the streak of the last 2 romance comedies comes Kurozuka. Seems to be another mind-f*cky type of anime, with the timeframes jumping all over the place, filled with blood and gore.

About a ninja monk dude, who fights really cool, fleeing from pursuers, he meets a hot, mature-looking chick who provides him cover. They both seem to fall in love … except … it turns out she is an immortal vampire. After an attack, he is about to die, but she then gets him to drink her blood and turns him into an immortal vampire. The story then keeps fast-forwarding and rewinding throughout the ages as they flee from people wanting the secret to their immortality. SUPA KAKOI!

Very much enjoying this right now, and definitely recommended.

Highlights: Kuro going into “Max Payne Bullet Type Mode” as he makes short work of gunmen, sword slicing gore action, vampirez

7: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka

This show should be called "Minato ni Somaru Saka"


Yet another Harem Show, but this one seems to spice things up a bit with potential wincest ^_^;;. Is it strange that I am shipping for Jun and Minato, who are supposedly siblings? Well, I’m not unique in this either, as it seems a lot of the fandom for this show have the same feelings.

Minato has everything going for her. Hawt, super nice, can fight, cook, and voiced by Hirano Aya o_0;;. Meanwhile, over in the other corner, Yuuhi, typical violent tsundere voiced by Kugumiya Rei – where have we seen that before >_>

Also in the OP, it is obvious that the 2 main girls are Minato and Yuuhi. So I’m expecting some juiciness with the Minato and Jun relationship. I want to see drama! And I expect I’ll get it close to the end of this series.

Highlights: Minato saying to Yuuhi that there is nothing going on between her and nii-san then Jun saying “Minato, let’s go on a Date!”, Yuuhi insisting on a photo sticker booth and putting “I’ll kill you!” as the caption, Jun showing the Geno-killer power as he tells off a bunch of guys from attacking Yuuhi

8: Casshern Sins

Sopphita love your Casshern!


I didn’t really like the first episode of this as the character designs seemed so old-school, and 1 super powerful robot smashing hundreds of weak robots didn’t really seem that interesting. However I persisted with it for a couple more episodes, and now I am just hooked and badly.

It seems to go into quite a few depressing themes, such as, even when you have resolved to die, if given the slightest chance to live, you will do anything to get it. Very very interesting.

Also despite the character designs being old school, the animation is top notch. And because of this, it’s starting to grow on me. The colours and palette used in the design is nothing short of amazing as well. Yet another recommended Anime.

Highlights: Casshern VS Sophita, Casshern murdering every robot in that village lol

9: Vampire Knight Guilty

Go go Zero!


Zero is back and kicks ass :P.

I haven’t spoiled myself and read the manga on this one, so everything is new to me. The first series was pretty good, and now that it’s back again, and seeing the first ep, this is the next series in this anime season that has got me excited. Despite this technically being Shoujo…

To me, Zero > Kaname. Kaname got all jealous this ep over Yuki, go Zero!

It also helps that Zero is one of those rare breeds of Tsundere male 😛

Highlights: Zero kicking ass, half naked Yuki clinging to Zero through bathroom door, Erotic vampiring sucking

10: To Aru Majutsu no Index

Dispel Magic is the most powerful spell in the game


I’m always fascinated by characters whose main power is the nullification or dispellation of magical powers, and this guy’s right hand fits the bill exactly. Hilarious when that arrogant girl with the lightning powers goes full blast on him, and he simply nullfies it all with his hand, she was like zomg wtf!

However, I’m not too much a fan of Index’s character design. A loli Nun for crying out loud. Geez, well at least its unique. Other characters like the samurai girl with black hair seem kind of cookie-cutter and cliche though. Starting to get bored with this series, but I’ll stick around to see if it gets better.

Highlights: Arrogant lightning girl getting just-deserts, Loli-Nun clothes falling off, Go the Right Hand!!!

11: Yozakura Quartet

Mr Every time I use my power, I need a haircut


Very strange character designs in this, with it’s bunch of Yoki and the protagnist, a human, whose hair grows longer when he uses his power (very strange lol).

So far I’m kind of liking it. The female mayor is cute (most of the time, sometimes the animation makes her look weird), and the whole humans and Yoki hating each other aspect is still keeping my attention. However this show does seem to hold risk in growing boring later, so a possiblity of droppage.

Highlights: Stupid dog getting anilihated, Dual weilding Katana Nun

12: Clannad After Story

The only reason I am still watching this show


A continuation from last season’s Clannad. I’m a tad behind on watching this, which signifies I may actually end up dropping this, but haven’t just yet. Perhaps I would have been more interested if the story was about Tomoyo, and we were getting the Tomoyo version instead. But oh well. I’ll just keep hoping for more Tomoyo episodes ^_^;;

Highlights: Tomoyo, Tomoyo, Tomoyo!

13: One Outs

Now those are some evil eyes


Another sleeper hit for me. I don’t even like baseball that much, but for some reason this is really interesting to me. I think it’s because of the whole gambling aspect and how damn cool the pitcher is. Definitely keeping it on my list for the meantime.

You know a Sports Anime is good, when you don’t even really like the Sport!

Highlights: Tou making everyone look like an absolute fool

14: Ga-rei Zero

Yomi you evil bitch. Dai Suki!


Very very strange first 2 episodes. The blood, gore and main character deaths come fast and furious. However from Episode 3 onward, it looks like it is reverting to more mainstream formulae with the back story, and now I’m getting more interested in it. A keeper for the meantime, though I suspect this will have the potential to piss me off, because I am a hater of animes with sad endings ^_^;;

Highlights: Yomi offing everyone who even looks like a protagnist, Complete about-face with Yuri action in Episode 4


So that’s pretty much what I’m watching this season – 14 series. That’s quite a bit come to think of it, which just goes to show the strength of this season’s line up.

What will you be watching this season?

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6 Responses to Anime I’m watching this Season

  1. Snark says:

    Hmm. hadnt heard of Casshern Sins, might give it a look!

  2. acesan says:

    If you can get past the first episode, it’s worth a watch. Eps 2,3 and 4 are all very good. And I’m trying to download 5 now, but the tracker is stuffed -_-;;

  3. ZeroOBK says:

    Gundam, Akane-iro, Index, Toradora, and Clannad for me. I’ll probably wind up watching Chaos Head and Kannagi after they are completed. I also hear that Ga-Rei Zero pretty much requires reading the manga to get what’s going on.

    Also, I’m watching Linebarrels of Iron for the laughs.

  4. acesan says:

    Aha Linebarrels. I watched the first 2 eps. But the lead so pisses me off, I couldn’t watch any further. >_<.

    Akane-iro is starting to get good, so I might actually bump that up in my rankings. And Ga-Rei Zero is just a complete head-spin

  5. ZeroOBK says:

    The funny thing is, I kind of like the main character of Linebarrels. He goes from Shinji Ikari to Light Yagami to Kira Yamato to Sasuke Uchiha and finally comes out as a pretty ordinary shounen protagonist as of the end of ep. 5. Besides that, I want to see why the President of JUDA is dressed up as a tree in the ep. 6 preview. So yeah, I’m definitely watching it for the laughs and see if there’s any more breast groping (the main chara doesn’t need to breast grope to summon Linebarrel as of ep. 5, lol. He also had a disappointed look on his face. I would too.).

  6. Orphen says:

    OMG clannad i love it, its so sad though :(. Have you seen the tomoyo arc? i think its ep 24 from the first season =D

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