Figma Fate T Harlaown Re-Released!!!

YES! I knew it was coming, but it’s finally up for re-re-release! I missed out on the first release of Fate-chan because back then I hadn’t seen Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. After watching it, and realising that Fate-chan was then sold out I was heart broken -_-;;

But now she is back, yay!!! I immediately pre-ordered at Hobby Search. If you are also after Fate-chan I highly recommend you reserve her ASAP or she will be all sold out again very very soon I am guessing.

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7 Responses to Figma Fate T Harlaown Re-Released!!!

  1. Snark says:

    Holy shit thats a huge sword.

  2. andra says:

    My fate with Fate is back!! Really must grab, miss out on the first release too ;_;

  3. Q says:

    It’s definitely good news for those who have missed it. I was too weeks late, and had to spend a week trying to look for one (topping up to 400HKD/50USD in most shops). Finally got one for a fair price at 270HKD in an auction. It was a good feeling~

  4. Philip (redmango) says:

    w00t! I preordered mine too.

  5. acesan says:

    I ordered 2, just so my Fate-chan can dual weild 2 Zamber Swords. Wut!

  6. Optic says:

    Kinda tempted to order another one but then again I want another miku at the same time. ^^

  7. acesan says:

    Well, I just got the email to say she is now in stock. So better decide soon! Miku is always out of stock so take what you can get if you can imo ^_^;;

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