Ace’s Update: Back in the Philippines!

Well, I arrived in Manila on the 30th of September around about 6:30PM local time. It’s a new life for me because I’m going to be here for 1 year. Yes, that’s right 1 year!


I’m not sure if everyone heard but Philippines was hit by flash flooding last weekend where about 150+ people drowned. Apparently more rain fell in 1 day than what falls in the average of 1 month during the rainy season. Above is a photo from my apartment window in Rockwell…


My prayers go to the Filipinos and their families affected. Although most of the water has drained away, I still see some of the roads with huge puddles. I would have photos of them from my compact camera but silly me forgot to bring its data cable LOL. Need to buy a new one now…


Anyways the reason I’m here is for work purposes. I do get quite a few perks, and based from my previous stint here, I’m already quite used to it. It will be an interesting experience I think, and a chance to build up a lot of life experience


I’m staying temporarily in a sericed apartmen at Rockwell Center just near the Powerplant mall. It’s fairly nice, and will stay here until I find a more permanant place


Unfortunately I would have already had a car and driver, but apparently it was written off by the floods. It was a massive black 4wd Toyota SUV and it was actually completely UNDERWATER. So now currently searching for a new one


But I guess you want to hear the important stuff. Yes I brought all my figmas and props ^_^. So I can continue one I get settled in a bit. I have something really cool incoming next post, which I’ll post tomorrow. But for now I gotta run off and meet some of my workmates for lunch. Cya soon and sayanara for now!~Ace

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9 Responses to Ace’s Update: Back in the Philippines!

  1. d' says:

    ah yeah the recent flood at philipines look really bad~
    with a plus tsunami that happen near indonesia
    even affecting my country

    huhu soo much for malaysia outside from natural disaster

    1yr in Philipines 🙂
    lol gotta make a fast change with the weather then

  2. Ouch bad timing when you came… but still good to hear you made it ok. And wow a year, eh? That would’ve been a long wait for us if you didn’t bring your figmas & props, lol.

  3. bd77 says:

    In the Philippines for a year? You are still doing your 4koma, right? RIGHT~?! O_O

    All the best there. Maybe you should do what Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear did, put a big outboard motor behind a Toyota Hilux and name it Toybota. And yes, it did float and moves.

  4. gilesaquil says:

    Uh, welcome? It’s rather hectic in the country, but do hope you won’t have a hard time of it much, and also enjoy your year-long stay. ^_^

    Nice to read you’ve brought all the trappings of your 4koma works! 😀 Looking forward to those.

  5. acesan says:

    D: Yeah what happened in Indonesia and Samoa was devastating. Not to put a scale on human life, but over a thousand killed over there >_>. And yeah it is hot >_<;; Oh well, aircon 24/7 when indoors!
    Lightningsabre: Thanks mate! And though I could buy new stuff, much of my Figmas are now rare, and I have no idea if you can buy the sorts of props I had over here lolz
    bd77: Yes I am so no worries ^_^;; The only thing is I am sort of on hiatus at the moment until I find a more permanant accomodation and get all moved and settled in. The post I just made was already prepared before my flight on Wednesday… I don't have any of my photo shoot lighting and stuff … need to buy. But all I've been doing so far on getting here is settling in and catching up with friends so not much time for blogging. But I expect I might be 100% in about 2 weeks. Till then, I'll probably do he odd quick post now and then, and simple Figure 4koma stuff if I can do it
    gilesaquil: Thanks!!! I think it'll be alright, I have a lot of support here, and a few co-workers. Also my relatives are glad to see me. Yes I am Filipino has well originally (non-practising in Australia LOL)

  6. Shinigang says:

    Hey there, fan of your 4koma’s..heard you’ll be staying here in the Philippines for quite a while..It’ll be nice to meet the man behind the 4koma’s 😀

  7. acesan says:

    Shini: Thx! Maybe I’ll see you guys around the various cons!

  8. avmed says:

    It is trending towards Japan-like status, but relatively slowly, to the point where we won’t get to where Japan is today for decades. And because Japan isn’t sitting still on this front, by the time we look like the Japan of today, the contemporary Japan will look a lot worse.

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