Figma Shin Sonic Form Fate – The Making of – (WIP)





























I’ve been following Mizuna’s blog on how he created his custom figmas so I thought I’d try my hand at it ^_^

Haven’t had as much time to work on my Figma Shin Sonic Fate due to obvious reasons, but it’s looking pretty good! I did most of the work back in Australia and only just assembled her here now, during one of my now rare free periods here in Philippines


Buffed up her oppai with Epoxy Putty, and also spray painted those panty things black just in case I still wanted to use them. I also had some plastic that I was going to cut into her crotch flap, but  forgot it back in Australia lol >_<. Anyways results so far:


Her Oppai turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. I used Milliput Epoxy Putty super fine, where you have to mix 2 equal parts of the putty stuff which makes a chemical reaction of some sort to make it eventually harden to rock. I then smoothed out the lumps with water, and once it all dried, sand paper 


Spray paint used was Tamiya Black, which gave it a nice shiny effect. I then used Tamiya Gun Metal to spray the gloves. The weapons would not fit in them though, so for now I’m just using the standard Haruhi hands


Riot Zamber Blades is from the CM’s Corporation Fate. I didn’t bring her to Philippines, but I did bring the weapons ^_^


I still have a lot to go, namely the red details on the leotard, along with the belt straps on her arms and waist. I plan to use rubber bands for the belt and straps, and (if I remembered to bring it) sheet plastic for the crotch flap


Pictures were taken from my apartment room in Rockwell just near the window. Had to play with Exposure values to get the colours right on the front of the figure. It turned out OK I think ^_^;;


Don’t mind the black pantsu, like I said I plan on replacing that ^_^;;


I’m pretty happy with the way she turned out, especially her shiny oppai! Once I put the final details she is going to look soooo cool, even if I do say so myself


One more thing I may try is getting some beefier legs and paint them. The real Figma Fate legs used here do kind of look skinny… 


Anyway, just remember guys that this is only a work in progress. I plan to make this the most perfect Figma Fate I can make!

After that i’ll continue with my 4Koma series. So what do you think?

Ja Matta for now!~Ace

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19 Responses to Figma Shin Sonic Form Fate – The Making of – (WIP)

  1. bd77 says:

    *after seeing the last panel*
    WHAT~!? I was expecting they were going *ahem*, aka “mana-transfer”.


  2. Sonic form is great… but I feel disturbed after Nanoha’s yandere acts XD

  3. gilesaquil says:

    Nice work on the Fate Sonic form so far! 😀 I was impressed.

    Tho Nanoha acting very disturbing was abit, well, disturbing. Poor Sakurahime… Yea, at first I was expecting something kinky. lol

    And cool captures too. I now wait with bated breath. 😀

  4. sonic_ver2 says:

    Hey, now that’s cool! A custom figma. But going into detailed part sure is a hard thing to do.

  5. D' says:

    Hmm a lil add-on for a lil line for the mod-figure is hard @_@


    Hope u succed in modding this one
    im looking forward to see it

  6. phossil says:

    I also like Fate’s shiny oppai

  7. acesan says:

    bd77: This is Nanoha Yandere edition lol!
    lightningsabre: Nanoha wanted a Shin Sonic Fate so much she had to resort to this…
    gilesaquil: Thanks. I’ll come up with a Part 2 when I finish her …
    sonic: Shouldn’t be too hard. Only problem is I need to figure out where I’m going to paint .. dont wanna dirty up my apartment heh
    D: Nooooo she is miiiine! haha
    phossil: Me too ^_~ At first I was thinking about matte paint, then thought shiny might turn out good

  8. I’ll just assume Nanoha did it because of something Sakurahime did which we don’t know about. xDDD

    disturbed. T_T


  9. Q says:

    lol at the first comic strip!

    Good progress on Shin Sonic Fate so far; btw I’ve found the page of the person who did a modded Shin Sonic Fate before too. Maybe this will give you some insight on the modding:

  10. Q says:

    lol I have been an idiot for reading too fast – don’t worry about it then ^^;

    I do look forward to your finished product though!

  11. motaku96 says:

    That’s really impressive. It looks really good considering that you made it yourself.

    And I love yandere Nanoha. So funny.

  12. Snark says:

    Why the hell hasn’t Nanoha been arrested yet?

    But yeah, sweet work on the custom Fate!

  13. acesan says:

    hristvalkyrie: The only excuse is that Nanoha liked her body ^_^;;
    Q: It’s cool, yep he/she’s the one I got the idea from hehe
    motaku: Thnks!
    Snark: I don’t think I’d want to arrest a chick who could blow you to smithereens if she wanted lolz

  14. Gunstray says:

    I approve of Nanoha’s Yandares act, too bad Ill have to arrest her some time, Just have to making a living.(I’m immune to Nanoha’s (Gundam)beams)

  15. mark says:

    oh nanoha such a guro…@_@..those scenes(specially faito-chan’s head) still disturbs me..a little, nevertheless nice play. And great work of faito-chan!

  16. Lelouch says:

    You should do an Exceed Mode jacket of Nanoha next…

  17. lockon_x_dynames says:

    are you a filipino?????

  18. acesan says:

    Filipino Australian ^_^ I’m living here in the Philippines for a while, for work (as an expat).

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