Don’t you love new loot? (Something Special lol)

It feels like Christmas morning everytime you get new stuff! The stuff on the right hand stuff is what got delivered today, while the left hand stuff I bought at the local model shop.

I’ve been after MG Freedom for AGES, and since the local shop will never get it, I ordered online. While I was there, I got Saber and a Guren Lagann full drillized (it looks smaller than I expected but still cool).

Anyways, I will try to finish off my MG Force Impulse before I start work on the Freedom (you can see it riding the Pikachu). I’ve been dragging my feet on that thing for a couple weeks now and finally started last night – though I did paint most of the parts the week before.

Don’t you sometimes wish that models would make themselves? Anyways the below pic will give me inspiration to finish Force Impulse asap :). I’m thinking I’m going to have to say that I like Freedom more than Strike Freedom (Freedom’s Full Burst Mode looks a lot better with the overhead cannons)

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4 Responses to Don’t you love new loot? (Something Special lol)

  1. Persocom says:

    Gurren Lagann drillized and Guren Nishiki, DO WANT. Saber is a great purchase as well ^^

  2. GNdynames says:

    Great stuff, I’m thinking of getting Force Impulse and Freedom and making a diorama with it (something for next summer though).

    A word of wisdom on the Guren Nishiki. It’s equivalent to a HG but the quality of the plastic is much higher. That being said, removing nubs are a pain because the plastic is rock hard, that and the plastic is glossy.

  3. Rin says:

    Nice loot!!!!!!
    Freedom MG model!!!!! Nice get!!!!!

  4. lockon_x_dynames says:

    you like the freedom more than the strike freedom?!?!
    well… yeah.. the overhead cannons does look cool..
    but the strike freedom has the twin rifle and the dragoons too..

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