Transformers 4Koma #6 and Encore 20A Anime Devastator


I knew it was only a matter of time before my weird humour got even worse in these Transformers comics ;). Bonus pics after the jump:

I’m liking the Transformers Encore 20A Anime Devastator version! Although it still has the articulation of a pet rock, it’s still fun to mess around with. The WST Dinobots also scale pretty well with it….


Close-up of Anime Devastator’s face. MUCH more cartoon accurate!


Here with WST Optimus and Megatron…


And here with Maketoys Green Giant… no matter how great this Encore Devastator is, it can’t match up to modern toy technology. Green Giant in my opinion is the best Devastator out there (if you aren’t into nostalgia in which case it’s still original G1).


Here with WST Bumblebee about to go SPLAT!


Anyways it’s time to snooze! Bye again for now~


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