March 2010 Loot ;)

Package from Japan! Once again the Philippines Customs Department takes its cut out of me, but it’s worth it ;). What could it be? Hint: What Figmas have come out recently?

That’s right. Figma Feito-chan Nanoha 1st Movie version :). And Nendoroid Nanoha 1st Movie version. 2 of each. Oh and throw in Figma Mio for some good old impulse pre-ordering!

Also took a quick trip to Greenhills today for more impulse toy shopping: Donald Duck Transformers Disney Version. I’m a Donald Duck fan – so sue me!

Revoltech Guren and Langan. The little Langan is cute-awesome. Must get.

And Transformers Animated Voyager Bulkhead. I’m not really an animated fan, but I saw a review of this and what it could do. Just wait and see, it’s super cool…

Anyways, I am really behind on my reviews, but trust me I got a good one coming up for Feito-chan Loli version(tm) ^_^

Incoming soon but for now Ja! ~Ace

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7 Responses to March 2010 Loot ;)

  1. bd77 says:

    Nice loot grab. Now… The question is…
    How does Mio will get along with the rest of the girls?! >_<

  2. Persocom says:

    Nice get, Donald Duck Transformer makes me think of an An Cafe song.

  3. Hey Ace, I got Fate loli the other day too, am slowly working on review, but as uni is back its a bit crazy so don’t have much time 😛

    I hope you won’t use the lil girl version in ur comics in any lured way!

    I’m keepin an eye one you!

  4. phossil says:

    Two Figma Fate and two nendo Nanoha’s? Are they for spare repairs? Lol.
    Cool loot!

  5. soulfringe says:

    Oh yea. You will definitely be hearing from my lawyer =p

    But I was actually guilty of almost buying some other similar stuff at Christmas time ( I ended up getting some closer to that bulkhead one though). They were for my nephew(s).

    I can’t believe how many freaking crossover transformers they have like that though. I think I recall the coolest ones I saw were like X-men transformers or something.

  6. ecko00920 says:

    haii!!! you from phillipines too??? if yes..where do you pre-order your nanoha takamachi movie 1st nendo??? im hardly looking for it >.<

  7. motaku96 says:

    FFFF-! 2 Nanoha Nendos! Lucky~

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