Transformers 4Koma #1

I always had this idea that Soundwave was a mommy and all his little cassette-cons were his kids? And then I started thinking who would be the daddy of the animal ones … LOL

Anyways, just a little stop-gap comic till I get my reviews of my latest Nanoha stuff ready…

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12 Responses to Transformers 4Koma #1

  1. bd77 says:


    I sweat, really sweat after reading this… v_v;;;

  2. hahahaha random, well done 🙂

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  4. Gunstray says:

    Some part of Head just died after seeing this. hahah You’ve been gone for a while,nice to see you again^^

  5. acesan says:

    Thanks guys, yeah I’ve been in Bacolod for a week, then work stuff, you know how it goes >_>

  6. Shinigang says:

    Glad to have you back Ace 🙂

    It freaked me out a little after discovering Grimlock was the father of Overkill xD

    How was your trip to Bacolod? Had fun I hope 😀

  7. SEX says:



  8. Snark says:

    Fucking hell my mind has been burned.

  9. acesan says:

    Fun in Bacolod? sure you jest 😉

    And Snark, “Just as planned.”

  10. diamontina says:

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  12. I didn’t comment on this one yet?? Man, I can’t believe Soundwave is into bestiality…

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