More Lootz #2

Some awesome stuff arrived just recently ^_^. It’s a good time to be a Nanoha (or Fate) Fan!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s Portable, The Battle of Aces (PSP) ^_^. Bought from They still might have some in stock, but quite expensive for this limited edition version!

The special edition comes with a ton of Nanoha goodies + School girl version Nanoha. Hmmz, what can an evil mind do with a loli version of Nanoha?. I’ve already taken a few photos, wait for my review!!

Funny how things work out. I was over at Greenhills today to mod my PSP so I could play the game (I accidentally overwrote my custom firmware while upgrading it and couldn’t fix it myself >_>;;). After I accomplished that, I thought I’d do some window shopping. And what do you know, Best Toys had the Figma Movie version of Nanoha! Of course I already had it on pre-order at however it won’t come in till next month. Well I got it early woot! Fate can’t wait to molest, oops I mean embrace, them both…

One more impulse buy from Rich Toys, Box Set Transformers Devastator. I had all of these guys as a kid, but as kids do with fragile toys, they all got destroyed. I think I still have the fragments somewhere in a toy box in Australia. It’s cool how you can find old toys all over the place in Philippines – no one really sells stuff like that back home in Aus. My goal is that now I have money, to get back all the toys I destroyed as a kid, and the stuff I wanted but could never get (because I was a kid) >:)

I do have some other loot, but they got shipped to Australia (too paranoid to ship them here). Namely Alter Nanoha Strikers who you can see Omni reviewed here. Besides Customs would cost me a fortune. They charged me the Phillipines equivalent of 50 bucks just for my damn Nanoha game and figure GRRRR.

Anyways, wait for some cool reviews (and 4Komas ^_^;;). Sayanara for now ~Ace

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8 Responses to More Lootz #2

  1. bd77 says:

    Evil mind + Nanoha = LoLs ensues. XD

    OMG… A boxset Devastator, NOW that is a classic, and IMO, the G1 Devastator is more devastating (pun intended) than the recent movie one.

    Constructorcons~! Transform and merge into… Devastator~!

  2. phossil says:

    Yep. devastator got a new face in the movie ^^

  3. Gunstray says:

    Hahah we share the same goal, except the only toy I wanted to have again was the cheap 1/200 Voltes five toy bough near a church.

  4. Optic says:

    Nice goodies u got there. 😉

    Tempted to get figma Nanoha now but I had to cancel her for Alter Nanoha. 😦

  5. Yuki says:

    >_> Yeah I agree. The Philippines really do charge a lot. T-T And don’t ever ask for a CD/DVD delivery, happened to me before, had my CD’s casing cracked. >_> Dayuum them T-T

    And wow, I really admire you, you get to get some lootz here! XDDD!!Congratulations upon getting your game! XD!

  6. Shinigang says:

    Congrats on your loot Ace, looking forward to seeing those new figmas incorporated into your 4komas…Cheers 😀

  7. motaku96 says:

    What’d you think of the fighting system for the nanoha game? And do you think it’s worth it for the limited edition? I’m still deciding whether I’m gonna get it.

  8. MIZUNA says:

    It was waiting for seven hours though saw at the first day of opening to the public of the movie.
    However, the movie was very wonderful and moving.

    figma of the uniform version is very lovely, cute, and the highest.

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