Moar Lootz!

More lootings for the new year – bit late but better late than never!

Queen’s Blade Alleyne. Yum yum, definitely a fan ^_^;; Probably getting ripped off – paid 1800 pesos, but oh well! Might end up reviewing all my Queen’s Blades figures eventually – though I left my Leina and the snake panty girl (can’t remember her name right now, brain fart) at home in Australia.

Battle Roller for my Masterpiece Optimus Prime wth Trailier. This guy is awesome – despite him not being a real transformer, but some sort of custom made by a Chinese company. Might review this guy along with my MP Prime.

And yes, I did get a double of Cheer Leader Figma Haruhi. Well, it’s not really a double, this one is a real one, whereas the other was a fake -_-;; You can reall tell the difference, in teh paint and joint quality.

Anyways, I’ll post another Fate 4Koma in a sec! Was gonna put this looting post in the same post, but they’re really not related so decided to make two posts.

For now, here’s a fan service pic to leave you guys to think about!

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9 Responses to Moar Lootz!

  1. bd77 says:

    Snake panty girl: Enchidna.

    Cool… Lots of loot there. Looks like Menace have her hands “full” with Pikachu. XD

  2. I am waiting for my Alleyne I ordered her through amiami but with a fate testerrosa (sp?) figma and since fate is delayed till Alleyne and they shipping together I have to wait 😦

  3. motaku96 says:

    lol pikachu.

    I just got an email from hobby search. Looks like my nanoha exceed is gonna be shipped soon :3

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