Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 17 – The Rival


Hayate-tan officially joins the cast ^_^;; And Nanoha gets a rival. Don’t you just love Love Triangles? And, Omake after the jump…



Complete Set at 4Koma Page

Got myself a Nendoroid Puchi Churaya-san ^_^;; This size is perfect, so I won’t bother getting the full size Nendoroid version. The manga is awesome too, and fairly easy to read for novice Japanese readers…


Box looks like Smoked Cheese…


Back of box with Churaya showing…


Well worth the pre-order! Anyways, thanks to insomnia I managed to get this post out, though you can probably tell I rushed the photos. Tonikaku! Off to bed! Ja! ~Ace

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11 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 17 – The Rival

  1. astrobunny says:

    Everybody loves Fate. I’m waiting for that forced threesome post

  2. Snark says:

    Golgo is quite possibly the best teacher you could ever imagine.

  3. D' says:

    Wohoo Entering Hayate!!!1 😀
    i always hav this image that she hav a malicious plan XD .. ahead ~

    U even get yourself a Golgo13 figma too nice
    Looking forward for more hayate~

    p.s The teacher is smoking nyoron~

  4. mark says:

    lol @ Togo sensei smoking in class, a cigar no less. And soon there be a foursome(figgers crossed). i want to eat..err i mean have tsuruya..shes soo delici…>_<

  5. Commented on already, but I forgot to mention how a Churuya-san and Golgo 13 crossover will never, ever happen in real life… nyoro~n. Love the omake!

  6. acesan says:

    astrobunny: why stop at 3? lol … dammit I need Vita, but she don’t come out till December … sigh
    Snark: Not sure if I should make a couple of 4komas with his ‘lessons’
    D: It’s usually taboo to have someone smoking in a classroom. Hence why I did it 😛
    mark: I want figma Shamal and Vita, then we can have a 6 😛
    lightningsabre: Hah, but they are so made for each other 😛

  7. sonic_ver2 says:

    Wow! Hayate x Fate, that’s pretty new to me! Will she also transferred to Fate and Nanoha’s house? XD

  8. D' says:

    ROFL ..
    Ace-san shuld hav a signum,shamal and vita is coming soon XD damn hayate harem army will arrived O.O

    wonder if zaffyra is gonna coming up after vita 😀

  9. Optic says:

    She’s so small. 😛
    Oh man, I still plan to get Golgo. He is the shit of the shit.
    Sorry, I doubt the made any sense. xD

  10. acesan says:

    sonic: Spoilerific! Maybe ^_^;;
    D: Vita won’t be till Nov or Dec -_-
    Optic: Don’t worry I got ya, lol. I need to put him in more 4Komas

  11. bd77 says:

    Golgo 13 + Teacher job = awesomeness guaranteed.

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