Figma Konata Izumi Summer Uniform Version Review

I think I’ve mastered my batch processing powers so I can now bring to you photo reviews of almost a hundred images each without taking too much time ^_^;; So beware, this is a bandwidth hungry review!


Anyways! Tonight I review Figma Konata Izumi Summer Uniform Version of Lucky Star Fame. To tell the truth though, I’m more of a fan of Tsukasa, however I had to get this figure because it comes with the lovely Yutuka head ^_^;; Actually this review is more about Yutuka than Konata, as you will see after the jump…

Pictured here is the Lucky Star Gang, waxing a dolphin. It’s a metaphor for something, I’ll leave you to guess.

The Fight Scene was inspired by one of the most awesome Movies I’ve seen lately, Blood and Bone. I highly recommend you watch it if you enjoy fighting movies ^_^;;

In regards to the actual figure, I score Konata a solid 9, since she comes with the ever awesome Yutuka head. Also the quality and paint seems a lot better than the original Winter School Uniform Version.

Sorry no Feito-chan 4Koma tonight, but I hope you’ll agree this review was better than a single 4Koma ^_^. Ja! ~Ace

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11 Responses to Figma Konata Izumi Summer Uniform Version Review

  1. tamerchris says:

    lol That usage of Dolphin at then end of the fight was a cheap shot by Yutaka. XD

    Hahaha, waxing dolphin indeed…..

  2. sonic_ver2 says:

    Ouch… As a man, i hate to see one of the photo above. Anyway, nice fighting scene! And the last photos are awesome! I too would like to have a dolphin health care from those girls. XD

    Oh, and i’d like to see Konata with Spinzaku kick, it would be cool i guess. XD

  3. TaRzAn says:

    Isn’t her name suppose to be “Yutaka”??? But i keep seeing “Yutuka” in this post??? are my eyes playing tricks on me?? XD

    Anyway, that’s quite a show… hehhehehhe..:P

  4. mark says:

    did that dolpine wet him or akuma wet himself throu that dolphin…just wondering ^^.

  5. D' says:

    wow dolphin .. for this show O_o
    nice figyuu get for the LS

    //definetly max factory know how to milking money out from you guys with the extra head// @_@

  6. YuKi-To says:

    lol… ur suggestiveness has gone off-scale! XD

  7. phossil says:

    Lol. Be aware of Yutuka super fighting skills.. ^^

  8. zh3us says:

    the dolphin’s such a tease!!

  9. astrobunny says:

    Rofl. Nice figma comics. Yutaka is so out of character xD.

  10. acesan says:

    tamerchris: Dolphin as a weapon will be the new meme!
    sonic: Maybe next time if I star Konata in one of my dramas. I usually have Miyuki be the bad guy though
    Tarzan: You’re right, it should be Yutaka. I’m dyslexic when it comes to names though. Plus I can’t even spell dislexik
    Mark: Let’s just say the dolphin got a little excited
    D: Yep, Max Factory milking all our money for little changes. Just so you know I”m also a Bandai fan
    Yuki-to: That’s how we roll baby ^_^
    Phossil: I dunno I got in my head that Yutaka is a martial arts master
    Zh3us: Dolphins like being teased
    Astrobunny: Out of character makes for great comedy though ^_^

  11. konataxkagami says:

    buy tsukasa suimmer figma!!!!!!! do a comic with hiyori tamura!!!!!!!!!!!!!the yuri chick!!!!!!pleasseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thats what im waiting forrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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