Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 14 – Neko Pantsu


Looks like Feito-chan is going commando to school ^_^;; Omake after the jump…


Neko belongs to Aisaka Taiga of Tora Dora! fame. At first I was going to use Pikachu to shred Feito-chan’s pantsu, then I thought using Taiga’s cat because it was cuter and I didn’t particularly want to cross over this series with Pokemon ^_^;;

As always, if you missed earlier parts go to the 4Koma page.

Anyways, again it’s din-din time! Hope you guys have been enjoying this series! Ja! ~Ace

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8 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 14 – Neko Pantsu

  1. Quick Star says:

    I’m sorry for being off topic, I know this is too much to ask but do you like exchanging links? I already added you in my blog roll I hope you grant my request and be included in your sidebar… Thank you very much ^^

  2. Snark says:

    Love the cat thing

  3. acesan says:

    Quick Star: Added!
    Snark: It’s going to be a re-occuring character 😛

  4. d' says:

    ROFL !! good one : DDDDDD
    //nice taiga cat i want it only XD but i dont wanna buy a taiga//

    btw that zamber ..
    which model was it ?

  5. phossil says:

    How did the pink pantsu end up that far?? Lol.

  6. acesan says:

    d: It comes from the CMs Corporation Fate Shin Sonic form. It also came with frigging huge combined Zamber. Too bad the figure itself is below par :(. Though I might use it in a 4Koma someday…

    Phossil: The wind blew it 🙂

  7. motaku96 says:

    I wish I had that riot zanber. I wonder why the figmas didn’t come w/ nanoha’s exceed mode or fate’s riot zanber.

  8. acesan says:

    I wish too, but I wish more that they had Nanoha with the actual exceed barrier jacket and Fate in Shin sonic form dress as well…. I’ve got a suprise in store for that next week though!!!

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