Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 13 – It’s Cold Down There


If you’re wondering where the pink panties came from, they’re from Figma Sonsaku Hakufu who I reviewed earlier. Most Figmas come with only white panties, pink are unique ^_^;;


Actually come to think of it, the real Fate Figma actually comes with *black* panties. Now that’s cool, but only what could be expected of Feito-chan. Anyway I better stop mentioning pantsu or hordes of ecchi people all searching for that word from Google will soon descend upon my blog.

As always, if you missed earlier parts, please head to the 4Koma section

Anyways, Matta Ne! It’s Dinner Time~ ~Ace

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4 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 13 – It’s Cold Down There

  1. Snark says:

    I’m really starting to feel sorry for Fate -_-

  2. acesan says:

    Only now?

  3. d' says:

    i see hayate overthere
    trying to make her jump into the bandwagon ~

  4. Cadha13 says:

    Also, remember Figma Signum has those same colored ones as Fate-chan!

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