Gift Yoko

Not really a Review, just some photos of my Gift Yoko. This is a really nice figure, and pretty much the only Yoko fixed PVC I wanted to get (I have 2 articulated Revoltech Yoko Figures on the other hand, the standard and the movie one). Still experimenting with settings and lighting, so the pics aren’t the best quality, but I thought I’d post them rather than having nothing tonight (I was doing my Tax Return lol).


Definitely worth getting if you had to have at least 1 Yoko PVC. Anyways, matta ne! ~Ace

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4 Responses to Gift Yoko

  1. Sara says:

    such a nice figure, lol but pvc figures are too pricey for me to get, lols perhaps when I finish getting all my degree’s and stuff when I am working, 🙂

  2. sonic_ver2 says:

    I guess this figure is the best figure for Yoko before the revolution. But for me, it’s not enough, still looking for a better one.

    Anyway, some of your photos look blurry to me, like they’re out of focus.

  3. phossil says:

    Good set of pictures! Thanks for sharing! ^^

  4. acesan says:

    Sara: Yeah do cost a bit more than figmas, unless u get them on sale 😛

    Sonic: Lighting is probably bad, also shaky hands 😛

    Phossil: cheers!

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