Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 4 – Bath Time


Sorry, I was looking for something I could use as a Figma Onanism Toy, and the closest thing I could find is this Gundam Beam Sabre LOL.

Anyways took the shots for this 4Koma using my new camera. I’m still learning the ropes, but so far I’m finding it can get a lot sharper pictures than my old point and shoot. My lighting setup is really sucky though so I need to fix that up somehow…

As always read more for the Omake ^_^;;


Above pic was taken from old camera. It was so hard to get focused shots on it without flash. Anyways hope you liked today’s post. Konban wa! ~Ace

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7 Responses to Magical Girl Lyrical Fate 4Koma – 4 – Bath Time

  1. sonic_ver2 says:

    How did you make that Fate’s figma body looks nude?

    Anyway, i think you’ll need a tripod, especially if you’re having time with lighting. You can countermeasure low light by having very slow shutter speed. But with slow shutter speed, tripod is a must (or just use a table or chair or something strong, stable, and has flat surface).

  2. Sara says:

    lol your comics are all slightly disturbing, 😛

  3. Snark says:

    Eh, gundams have a naughty side I suppose

  4. MIZUNA says:

    Nice to meet you.
    I collect the action figure and the toy in Japan, and am reviewing.

    It reached here at last from the post of I was happy to see the photograph because it very liked “Magical girl Lyrical nanoha” series.

  5. acesan says:

    sonic: Photoshopped Mikuru body :D. I’m just placing the camera on the desk and image stablisation. I’m, still playing around, but maybe if I increase the EV a bit?

    Sara: Only slighly disturbing? lol

    Snark: Yep, you’re gonna see Omakes with them fighting with vibrating beam sabres now

    Mizuna: Welcome! If you enjoy Nanoha, you should like it around here ^_^

  6. Persocom says:

    nice onanism toy XD I want that bathtub and bathroom set.

  7. bd77 says:

    Somehow, I quite envious of your collection, in a good way. So many props you have. T_T

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