Nanofate “Gaijin 4Komas”


I’ve seen it around, but I never knew what this style of 4Koma was called until recently. But apparently it’s a Japanese Internet Meme called “Gaijin 4Koma.” It’s comedy is pretty self explanatory … anyways, was too lazy to do a figure shoot this weekend so I thought I’d try my hand at making a couple of these since they only take like 2 secs ^_^;;

This next one is dedicated to Actar. You can also catch his awesome video figure reviews as well.


This last one I didn’t make myself, I found it on the net somewhere. I thought it was pretty wrong, so that’s why it ended up here ^_^;;


Poor Nanoha doesn’t get any slack from me ^_^;;. Anyways next post shouldn’t be a filler post, at least I hope. I’ve just been slacking a bit because I want to get a new camera so I can get better image quality … a DSLR this time. Probably just an entry level one though. I wonder, is anyone sick of all my Nanoha themed posts lately? Might do a different series for a bit? Hmm depends what I feel like. Anyways konban wa till then! ~Ace

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2 Responses to Nanofate “Gaijin 4Komas”

  1. Sgt. NoOb says:

    Irm’s face is perfect for the ending LOL.

  2. acesan says:

    This whole post is just wrong I admit

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