Zange-chan Nendoroid Review


So anyways, yes, I hate the Endless Eight arc in the new season of Haruhi >_>. But I disgress. Anyways, I got myself a Nendoroid Zange-chan by the very skilled GoodSmile Company.


Zange-chan is from the series Kannagi, Crazy Shrine Maidens. I liked it quite a bit, though it does get corny at some times. Basically about a typical shounen who carves a likeness of a girl on a piece of wood and it gets possessed by a goddess and she actually comes to life. Hijinks ensues. If you haven’t seen it, note that Zange-chan is not her.


I actually like Zange-chan better than her sister, the main character, Nagi. Yes, I admit that her actually having a rack is one reason, but overall I thought she was a much more interesting and funny character – especially since this girl isn’t actually Zange, but a girl she possessed.


Just had to get this Nendoroid version of her. Pre-ordered from Hobby Search.


I was just thinking that maybe Zange-chan would fit in as a decoration in a Church, considering the religious gear she’s wearing? As time goes on, the amount of Church-goers have decreased, maybe a mascot as cute as Zange-chan would attract more people to actully go on Sundays?


Accessories? Apart from her Confession Sign, you see one of them around her neck … a kind of wiry necklace not dissimilar to Nendoroid Shana’s.


She also comes with 2 different evil spirit insect things. I can’t remember what they were called.


This one is a slug thing.


There’s also a spider thing (Not pictured).


Was too lazy to attach the spider thing.


She also comes with a crazy face. Kind of reminds me of Higurashi no naku koro ni.


Still cute however.


Quality is superb, just like other GoodSmile Company figures. Can’t notice any significant defects as always.


In conclusion another solid figure by GSC. 8.5 / 10. Definitely worth getting if you liked Kannagi. And even if you didn’t, the Church outfit and confessional sign is kinda different, as far as figure designs go.


On my part though, I’m going to have a bit of fun with a “Confessional” series of 4Komas. But for now, till next figure review / 4koma / fanfic / stupid random figure stories. Konban wa! ~Ace

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4 Responses to Zange-chan Nendoroid Review

  1. Persocom says:

    Zange nendo turned out pretty good. I enjoyed the series but none of the figures that came out really convinced me enough to buy them. Endless Eight confession was good. I almost had my Figma Yuki go ballistic on Haruhi over it too.

  2. Snark says:

    “As time goes on, the amount of Church-goers have decreased, maybe a mascot as cute as Zange-chan would attract more people to actully go on Sundays?”

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Jesus-chan.

  3. acesan says:

    Thanks. I have one other Zange figure, the bunny kotukobukiya one (I can never spell that right). Might do that one when I’m bored and already exhausted all my other content…
    @ Snark: Yes, but “Jesus-chan” would have to be a female moe-blob, tsundere loli (sacrilege >_<) and then it might work hehe

  4. NeedzMoarKyou says:

    OMG where did u get those awesome backgrounds? did ya make it yourself?

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