August 09 Loot Part 1

Got some cool stuff today ^_^;;


First up is Transformers Encore Bruticus set. Bloody awesome. I always wanted this as a kid, but never ended up getting any of the pieces. Now he is MINE! MINE MWAHAHAHA. *Cough* Sorry…


Transformers Encore Cassettes Volume 2. It’s sad but I actually don’t have my G1 Soundwave anymore. I think he is like totally smashed up in one of my old toyboxes somewhere. WTB Soundwave ;_;


And now for some more props! Some grass matting, for use in outdoor comic making situations…


Rock Face prop. Will use this to simulate outdoor walls, or rocky ground for figure photoshoots


And finally a paper Rock Wall prop and fying pan set. I have plans for this frying pan set. *Insert more evil laughter here*


That’s it for today. Transformers were bought from and the props from Hobbyco in Sydney. They have some cool 1:12 scale furniture and props for doll sets which are perfect for figmas. You’ve already seen some of my collection in my 4Komas.

Anyways, stay tuned for more silliness! Sayanara for now ~Ace

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3 Responses to August 09 Loot Part 1

  1. Snark says:

    Whoa, those props look cool! Where’d you get them from?

  2. optic says:

    Props from Hobbyco.
    Dam, now I have a purpose to go there again. xD

  3. acesan says:

    Yep, Hobbyco in the QVB. Go into the store, turn right, and into the model trainset / Doll section. If you can stand teh embarrassment of buying doll stuff you should be right lol

    Next set I’m going to buy is a kitchen set. Comes with an apron as well. I got ideas for that apron

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