Yami 1/8 Goodsmile Company Review

I’ve been really slack on my Yami Fanfic, so I thought I’d make it up a bit by finally unboxing and getting some pics and review of my Yami Figure from Goodsmile Company.


I like this one a lot better than my first Yami Figure, the one by Alpha Omega. Goodsmile Company make awesome figures pretty consistently. I couldn’t find any flaws with this figure at all.


Woops, can just see some pantsu there.


I guess this figure shot is more of a way to give me some motivation to continue writing. Overall though, the coldness of this winter is making me really lazy and  sluggish. You just don’t want to get up…


By the way, I didn’t bother introducing this character again, because I’ve already done so on my other review. I don’t usually get 2 of the same static PVC figure, but for this one I had to make an exception.


You can actually replace her arm with a blade arm. However I was too lazy to change it and take pics of it. Blame the cold. Btw, oops pantsu again.


The only fault I can find with this figure is that she takes up so much space with her hair all over the place. Also I hope she doesn’t end up leaning with that one leg like that.


I think I took too many pictures of her back.


But worth it for shots like these ^_^


Yep. Lol. Didn’t realise I took this many shots of this angle.


I’m trying a new method of photography with this figure. Basically tissue paper covering a flurescent lamp. High Tech!


Just in case there wasn’t enough pantsu in this post .


Anyways. In conclusion a very nice figure of Yami-chan. Probably my favourite one of her that has been released. Extremely accurate and dynamic pose. 9 out of 10.


So … now I can get back to writing, and when I need inspiration, I must need to look at this figure! Bai bai for now, ~Ace

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3 Responses to Yami 1/8 Goodsmile Company Review

  1. sonic_ver2 says:

    Nice photos! You managed to reveal her butt and her panties a lot!

    Anyway, i also like her pose. The best pose ever released out of all Yami figures.

  2. acesan says:

    Yep thanks. Though it’s a pity the pose takes up quite a bit of shelf space lol

  3. best post, that’s what I was looking for, I thank the author of this post with all my heart.

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