I’m back from da PH

And look wat was waiting for me 😛


Have to say, being in the PH was an experience. A lot of fun and games, and a very dangerous place to be if you’re single, have money, and young. But I was there to do a job, so I couldn’t get too carried away >_>

It’s very westernised, despite being an Asian country. Huge, huge malls, busy night life, and quite a lot of foreign businesses (like my company >_>). Most western currency goes a long way over there. My favourite comparison is the taxis. A fairly decent trip would set you back about 50 bucks Aus in Sydney. The same thing would cost less than 5 bucks (converted) in PH. And everyone speaks English to some extent, although some worse than others (especially taxi drivers >_<). I had to practise my bastardised Aussie-accented tagalog, quite a few times. Not pretty.

List of places I went to (aside from work functions) were SM MegaMall Edsa (which means I caught the Toy con), Shangrila Plaza, Mall of Asia, Edsa North, Green Hills, Greenbelt, the Fort, High Street, Eastwood, and probably a few other places I’m forgetting. All I can remember doing is working, eating, sleeping, shopping (and clubbing >_>).

In terms of purchases, I bought mostly clothes, shoes or trinkets / gifts to get people back home. Not very many figures or toys as most stuff was fake. I think there was one place in Green Hills which had real stuff though I didnt’ get a chance to buy much because I was there with a few mates from work, and didn’t want to hold them up. Never got a chance to go back again and get anything.

Absolute crap load of security guards ever. Have to get patted down whenever you go into a mall. Also there are so many people working everywhere, as soon as you go into a store or a restaurant, a mob of 5 jump on you asking you buy stuff / eat there. Lol!

It wasn’t all rose petals though. It’s a pretty “classist” society, if I have to call it something. If you’re a foreigner, and well off, you live and get treated like a king (or queen). If you grew up there, have poor parents / family or what-not, you have mostly nothing and you are looked down upon. I guess it comes from having such a large population, with little to support it (Australia has around 23 million, the PH has around 80 or 90 million).

I may post more about my trip later, but for now, more on the stuff that was waiting for me back home ^_^;;


Absolutely f*cking huge and awesome Nanoha from Goodsmile Company


Figma Makina which came with a bag thing (green)


Figma Haruhi Summer version. Also came with a green bag (wtf)


Figma Kagami Miku version


CM’s Fate. Not sure if I’m 100% happy with it. But I guess it’s the largest posable Fate figure, if you don’t count the dolfie (I am never getting a dolfie – dolls is where I draw the line lol). Might play around with it a bit and see if it looks better out of the box


Oh, and here’s some notable loot from the PH. Was in SM Supermarket buying some odds and ends and spotted this. Just had to have it LOL. Anyways, expect me to post mroe often now that I am back. Didn’t really get the chance to blog or anything because I was either super busy, or going out >_<. Sayanara for now!

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9 Responses to I’m back from da PH

  1. Snark says:

    Hmm, that’s odd, I left a comment earlier but its not showing…

    Anyways, good to see you back from PH, alive and well! I fucking love the figmas!

    And yes, taxi rides here are so fucking goddamned expansive >_<

  2. acesan says:

    Maybe got caught by auto spam collecter thingo 😛 thx glad to be back, and ye olde Aussie accent is comforting.

    Might take some more photos of loots on the weekend. right now im still bloody tired lol

  3. phossil says:

    haha, lol at the Pikachu toothbrush.,,

  4. Riiana Doon says:

    Awesome loot!:D Love that Nanoha and Fate! Must get someday soon!:D Welcome back btw! Sounds like lots of fun was had, and OMG, my son would absolutely love the Pikachu toothbrush, you have to tell me where you found that!:D

  5. optic says:

    U might be disappointed with CM’s Fate. Read some reviews about how poor the quality looked. Doesn’t even move well compared to figmas.

    Welcome back. ^^
    Do u feel like a meat pie? xD

  6. Persocom says:

    Welcome back! Good to see you made it home safe. nice toothbrush XD So you got the CM corp’s Fate huh? I couldn’t justify spending so much money on it after hearing about other CM figures. Nice Figma gets and the Nanoha swimsuit figure ^^

  7. acesan says:

    Thanks guys, and soz been slack, but I have a bunch of posts incoming! And CM’s Fate … sigh, it could’ve been so good. Though it does look ok with her “angwy” face on … you’ll see what I mean …

  8. Chris says:

    Nice gets! Eh? Funny, I also got myself a cute Mudkip toothbrush from Colgate too, which is more colour accurate.XD
    I thought there’s nobody like me who would buy a children’s toothbrush just for the cuteness of the “figure”. XD

  9. Wernecke says:

    Muscles being treated

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