Where in the world is Ace?

Well, I mentioned it a while ago, but here I am … in the Philippines.


Arrived at Manila International Airport on Sunday … and yep, luggage took 1 hour to arrive at the carousel. Also plenty of people wearing “Swine Flu” masks lol

Below pic of airport:


Yes, it would seem that a lot of people have nothing better to do than wave at the newly arrived >_>

Anyways,  my thoughts so far … very hot and humid – coming from Sydney where it’s practically winter was a huge change. So been preferring to blast myself with aircon. Although some places is like an artic freezer, like where I am working.

Huge culture shock from back in Aus. So many bloody people … and so many people calling you Sir lol. Staying at a hotel in metro Manilla business district … still can’t get over all the frisking and bomb detecting devices.

One thing I noticed … everything is so damn cheap. I think it’s something around 35 Pisos to 1 Australian dollar. Doing the conversion, a beer costs about 1 AU dollar … I can see myself getting very drunk indeed.

Speaking of Beers, I was over at Shangrila-Plaza, and noticed this girl dancing with what looks like a beer on her head????


Anyways, so far so good. Can’t beat the office paying travel expenses for you. Just to give an example, went out with the boys last night, and this is the before shot of dinner:


And this is after:


Absolutely destroyed.

Anyways … apologies to the people I promised I would do some writing last week, but (obviously) got caught up with real life and travel. I did bring along all my writing materials though, so plan to do some writing as soon as I get some free time.

But dammit, shopping is so tempting … I gotta go out and see if I can find some anime stores.

Anyone know of any places in SM MegaMall? Although I hear Greenhills is the place to be, but I hear it’s about 20 or 30 mins by cab…

But “stuck” here for the next month and a half, gotta make the most of it I guess ^_^;;

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7 Responses to Where in the world is Ace?

  1. nanashi says:

    You should go to Greenhills, But I believe it’s much cheaper to buy anime stuff in Japan or in Taiwan than here in the Philippines. You can check one of the prominent anime related store – Wasabi Toys and GreatToys. They carrry numerous anime figure and gundam except daikamura (never seen one or do they have password thingy @_@? ) 😀

    I believe they have a website so you could check the goodies and map of where you can find them. 🙂

  2. nanashi says:

    Oh yeah one more tip. If you go to SM Megamall the most likely anime related shop you can find is called “Comic Alley”. They carry anime related stuff but 80% of them are knock-offs of the genuine thing. So be warn if you don’t want to buy low quality figures and knock off CD/DVD’s.

  3. acesan says:

    Thx for the tips, however going to another country probly out of the question, cause here for works (Baido, is that wat it’s called in Japan?) … so gonna get some Filipino souvenirs, though I’ll try to get genuine stuff not knock offs 😛

  4. Snark says:

    Goddammit that crab looked good!

  5. Persocom says:

    First thing that popped in my head was Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. XD That’s one big crab. Well it looks like you’re enjoying yourself so that’s good ^^ Hope you find a decent anime store soon.

  6. acesan says:

    lol , yep thats what i meant persocom …

    also got some loot this weekend, went shopping! Not much anime stuff though, its all fake shit -_-;;

    going out now, but when i get back, I’ll post some interesting pics 😛

  7. phossil says:

    Did you liked the crab? It was good??

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