00 Raiser (HG 1:144) Gundam Model Review



Haven’t done a 4Koma in a while, so though I would do one better and do an 8Koma! And today I’ll be reviewing the HG 1:144 00 Raiser Gundam (Combined from the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser).

Anyways I had sworn off HG Gundam … but because I already had the 1:144 00 Gundam, it was pretty much a no-brainer to get the 0 Raiser add-on pack for it. Yes, you can’t really call this stand-alone, to see the true awesomeness you must have both!


To tell the truth I have gotten extremely lazy when building my model kits. I have like a pile the height of my room, tucked away in the closet ^_^. But I guess to celebrate the finale of 00 Gundam S2, I thought I’d get this one done pretty quickly (it shows, I rushed the panel lines quite a bit >_>).



What did I think of 00 Gundam S2? Overall I liked it a lot, though I have to say the original Gundam SEED is still my favourite Gundam. Yes. One of THOSE. A SEED fan. Ewww.


00 Gundam (S1 & S2) comes second place however. Third is Zeta Gundam and Fourth is Wing Gundam. And SEED Destiny goes somewhere around here. Destiny was good if you liked the mecha designs. Story was … I won’t mention the story ^_^;;


Anyways! What did I like about 00? I really like the way they approached the “super human” aspect, like the Quantum Brainwaves. It actually makes it seem plausible. And I do like the mecha designs a lot. I think I mentioned before but at first I didn’t like the 00 … until it was animated and then my whole mind changed.


And when I saw the 00 Raiser, it just blew me away. I can’t get enough of wings on a Gundam (My favourite is still Freedom) and the design of the 00 Raiser design seem like its wings actually make sense, since they aren’t there just for show, but to stabilise the twin drive system. Freedom is cool, but what was the purpose of those wings anyway?


And if they couldn’t make the 00 Raiser docking sequence even more cooler, they have to get Haru to join in!



So I think 00 Raiser has been upgraded to my second favourite Gundam. Then followed by Strike Freedom and Infinite Justice (I still haven’t built my MG Freedom or my MG IJ >_>)


Although the docking thing is cool, I wonder why the enemies don’t blow them both up while they are doing it? Plot convenience I guess.



It only took me about 2.5 hours to fully complete the 0 Raiser Model (Not including spray painting the sprues. Yes, painting the lazy way!). I guess that’s part of the reason why I had motivation to do it – it doesn’t have nearly as much pieces as an average Master Grade.



Paints were the same as I used for the 00 Gundam. All Tamiya Spray Paints; Brilliant Blue with Flat Top Coat, Matt White, Gunmetal, and there was no red this time around.



While I was at it, I snipped off the blunt bits on the V fins. Then promptly forgot to paint over the white spots with Yellow >_>


The anime doesn’t really show the correct combination sequence. You actually have to detach the wings from the 0 Raiser first, and then attach them to the oo Gundam’s GN Drives.



It obviously much detach otherwise the 0 Raiser would not be able to lift his arms up ^_^;;



Isn’t it funny how the thing that looks like a cockpit is not actually a cockpit? I suppose it would trick enemies into shooting it, thinking it was a vital spot… hang on a second, it is a vital spot no matter if it’s the cockpit or not >_>



This last part of the docking sequence is really lame imo. Does Setsuna really have to make a pose everytime they combine? Well, I suppose this is a SHOUNEN show … so there has to be a cool transformation sequence.



I have to admit the absolute eruption of GN Particules is hella cool though. Little wonder why Setsuna got irradiated and mutated into an Innovator if everytime he combines the 00 Raiser, he gets bathed in the stuff.


00 Raiser complete!!! A very very very cool little model.


It’s strange but this thing actually has better articulation than the 1:100 version (which I also have, but have not constructed). For one thing, it has a waist joint. Better ankle articulation, and the wing joints are stiff enough that you can pose them suspended, and they won’t flop down.


It also comes with the connector to make the GN Sword 2s join together, as well as the 0 Gundam’s shields, which originally didn’t come with the original model.


It also comes with the little black stand (not the clear one though). A lot of extras for a HG really.


All in all, a top add-on for the 0 Gundam. I would say a must have if you have the original. It also has much more playability and style than the 1:100 version, which I mention again, is very strange. The 1:100 version should kick its ass, but it doesn’t ,which is sort of disappointing. Maybe they’ll make an MG version of the 00 Raiser? We can only hope.

Now what else did I like about 00 Gundam as a whole? I have to say the realism of the first series was a breath of fresh air (if you can giant fighting robots are realistic). Also the politics and how there are parallels between this universe and the real world. Religious wars, terrorists, and so on. It really does make you think. The last episode was also hella cool, although the last fight between Exia and the 0 Gundam was really corny. Also, Ali Al Sarchez didn’t really get a big last battle, but I suppose there really wasn’t enough time with the massive amount of plot threads and characters. But overall, I did like the series a lot, I’m just a nitpicky bastard ^_^;;


But wait, what score does the model get? It gets a solid 9.5/10 from me. Highly recommended. And Feito-san also recommends it! Sayanara for now ~Ace

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9 Responses to 00 Raiser (HG 1:144) Gundam Model Review

  1. heathorn says:

    I like how you posed it based on the TV show, want more ^_^

  2. Snark says:

    Fate + Gundam?

    Oh holy shit. Oh holy fucking shit.

  3. phossil says:

    I think Pikachuu has more chances to win the battle.. Lol 🙂

  4. Persocom says:

    lol Pikachu vs a Gundam. poor Pika. The Gundam models look pretty accurate to the screenshots there, they don’t look rushed at all, I’d say you did a great job ^^

  5. Q says:

    I like it how you re-enact the scenes from the anime. 00 Gundam is really posable, and beats the 1/100 in terms of articulations and stability.

    Still haven’t got a 00 Raiser though (almost got the designer colour ver), as I’m still waiting for what Bandai is up to with the future releases.

  6. AstrayP03 says:

    we can only hope OO does not get short circuited lolz…

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  8. Barry Digsby says:

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  9. love robots in general, esp japanese gundam. Gundam is really a piece of arts, why do they appear so detail. Japanese are certain incredible.

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