April Loot Wave Continues

Yes. When Hobbylink Japan started having 40% discounts on Transformers, I knew it was the time!


I haven’t bought Transformers for a while, but it’s actually my first (toy) love. Being a poor 6 year old dependant on parental discretion back in the day, I wasn’t able to get as many Transformers as I would have wanted. Now with plenty of disposable income, I’m just making up for lost time ^_^.

First up, Transformers Encore, Eject, Rewind, Ravage and Lazerbeak. Too bad my Soundwave is all beat up, he’s not going to match my shiny new cassette-formers. It kind of sucks that they gave the Autobot cassettes rather than Rumble and Frenzy, but oh well. Ravage and Lazerbeak are all shades of awesomeness. These guys weren’t on sale, but were pretty cheap anyway. Had to pre-order them, I think they are all sold out now.


Next up is Masterpiece Starscream. I love this guy, and was always going to get him, but kept putting it off. I do also have the Encore version of him (reviewed somewhere else in this blog) but the Masterpiece really is a Masterpiece. Anyway since he was 40% off at 6000 yen, there was no excuse not to get him. However now I notice he is no longer on sale, I was quick enough!


And lastly, a guy that I have ALWAYS wanted, but could never afford as a kid. These guys were the type that you had to get for Christmas or your Birthday or what-not. Sadly I only had Metroplex (which I absolutely destroyed), but Omega Supreme is the original base bad-ass. And there was no excuse not to get this guy either also at 40% off at 6000 yen. Looks like Feito-chan has a new base to play in!


That’s about it for this load. I’ll have another shipment of loot next week also, namely Haruhi Extravaganza and Yami-chan from Goodsmile Company. Then after that, a load of Figmas. Happy Easter everyone! In the meantime I may work on some of my fanfics I’ve neglected this long weekend and also maybe some figure/toy comics.

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5 Responses to April Loot Wave Continues

  1. optic says:

    ZOMG, u got the original Starscream. WANT!!!!

  2. Snark says:

    Holy shit, its STARSCREAM!!!

    …can I trade you my revoltech Starscream for your Masterpiece…? =P

  3. Persocom says:

    wow, nice loot! I don’t remember a whole lot about transformers though I watched it like crazy when I was a kid and had a few toys of it. My son likes them too, but he has a lot of problems getting them to transform so he’s always asking for help.

  4. acesan says:

    Starscream ftw hey? lol. And revoltech? No way! Haha. Oh he isn’t on sale any more :(. Too many ppl must have snapped him up.

    And Persocom, the current line of transformers and masterpieces are bloody hard to transform. Gone are the days when you extend the legs, extend the arms, and voila! A robot!

  5. Raisha says:

    Whoa, G1 Omega Supreme! Nice! ^^

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