April Loot Wave Begins

I have an absolute ton of stuff coming in this month and the next several months where all my pre-orders kick in ^_^. Can’t wait, but here’s the first shipment … first up is Zange-chan from Kotobukiya:


I dunno, for some reason I’m not really a Nagi fan – I really though she came across as childish and kinda petulent and annoying. On the other hand I really liked Zange-chan cause she seemed kind of insane. Must be my anti-heroine fanboy gene kicking in again..

Next is the first Nendoroid Petite set for the Idol Master, by GoodSmile Company (they must be raking it in, their stuff is so popular, at least with me >_>). I’ve never even played the game, so I got caught in the trap of breaking my rules again. I was this close to cancelling the order as a moment of insanity, but then the famous Australian Apathy kicked in and I went ‘meh’ I’ll get it anyway.


Well, I do admit Miki Hoshii (the blonde) is kinda cute, as well as the Glasses Girl. All hail the Glasses Girl!!!

Next is the 00-Raiser add-on pack for my 1:144 00 Gundam HG. That one is one of my most popular reviews, so I guess I better start focusing on more Gundam stuff ^_^;;


I can start with some teaser images of my MG Unicorn Gundam that I just completed on the weekend:


I have to say that this thing looks absolutely f*cking awesome. And even though it’s posability is similar to a hundred year old grandad with arthritis, I don’t really care about that, but love this thing to bits.


I didn’t panel-line it since the instruction manual didn’t either except for the mouth plate. I wonder if I should? Also need to stick the decals on… gonna do a full photo review of this once I’ve put them all on and made it all look schmick.

And a bit of news happening on the irl end, it turns out that I’m going to be off to the Philippines next month on a business trip >_>. I haven’t been back since my parents took me about 18 years ago (when I was 11) so I guess it’s going to be kind of strange looking at my country of origin with Adult eyes… I’ve already heard of some shocking stories that some of my co-workers got up to when they were over there a month or so earlier… anyways, Ace signin off!

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4 Responses to April Loot Wave Begins

  1. Snark says:

    Holy shit Unicorn looks tits! Now I want one! But yeah, maybe light grey panel lines? I’m not sure really…lines might risk spoiling the awesome white look of the model…

    And enjoy the Philippines! Make sure you get heaps of pics!

  2. optic says:

    I have a few stuff coming in during April as well. I’m also having temptation in picking up a few more which I canceled a few months back where it has been released now.

    Awesome loot. Have fun in the Philippines. ^^

  3. Persocom says:

    very nice loot, I’m more of a Nagi fan myself but there aren’t any figures out of her that I actually like. This Zange one isn’t bad at all though. Sounds like going back to your home country is going to be quite exciting, hope you enjoy it ^^ Oh, I’m not sure if you knew but I moved to my new site now.

  4. acesan says:

    Snark: I’m thinking I’ll stick the decals on, and see if that makes it look complete .. otherwise might try panel lining a bit more … yeah I’ll take some pix, definitely brining my camera 😛

    optic: I have a serious amount of stuff incoming. I think I might be spending about a grand this month 😛

    Persocom: Yeah I haven’t really liked the so far released Nagi figures … the Zange-chan ones are awesome though, especially that Nendoroid . Oh I’ll fix up my links!

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