Nendoroid Merissa Seraphy Review

I have been wanting this thing for ages. I remember it came out just about when I started to collect figures. Then when I finally decided that I couldn’t resist getting this for any longer, it was sold out!!! RAGGHHH! But now I have my revenge ^_^. Managed to snag this from a restock at Hobby Search, and the result is this absolutely cutesifying Nendoroid Merissa Seraphy review. It may be a bit old, and people have already reviewed her, but had to do it myself as well!


Truth be told, buying this figure pretty much breaks my main rules for anime figurine merchandise.

  1. Must be a character I like
  2. Must be a character from a show/whatever, that I like
  3. The Figure must actually be pretty good. I won’t get a dodgy Figure simply because I like the character or show, unless it’s a character I REALLY like
  4. The Figure must be articulated – I may break this rule if the Figure is really good

I have absolutely NO IDEA who Merissa Seraphy is. All I know is she comes from some eroge. I have never seen the game, and I don’t believe this is from any anime or manga either. It’s completely out there in terms of me even knowing anything about this character. But for some reason, it was a must get.


So because of this fact, unlike my other reviews, I can’t give a breakdown of the character, where she comes from, or who she is. You’re just going to have to live with these sickeningly sweet pictures and be satisfied with that. By the way, do you like my combination Fate / Seto-san figma? I reckon she looks pretty cool ^_^;;


Nendoroid Merissa Seraphy doesn’t really come with much stuff unfortunately. Pretty much 2 faces only, a stand (which can be configured in 2 different combinations depending on how you set up the figure), and 3 extra gloves in various poses. If I have to mark the figure down, it’s the lack of accessories -_- 


Thankfully the figure MORE than makes up for it. I do believe this is a serious contender for cutest Nendoroid ever award.

Note: In regards to the background, I got it from someone else on the net who reviewed the actual 1:8 scale figure. I can’t remember for the life of me who that was, so if anyone can remind me, I’ll post credits here ^_^;;


Seriously, what the hell? Who would have thought an elfin blonde girl wearing a pumpkin as a skirt could be so cute?


I feel like doing this to this figure. Yes, I am possibly insane. But you might have figured that already from my blog.


I don’t usually do rear views, but felt like doing it this time. Unfortunately no clear pieces on the rear view for you ecchi people. Not that you could get all hot and bothered over a super deformed figure, but who knows, there are all kinds in this world.


And now here is my favourite face configuration. Something about that angwy face. Automatic GETTO.


Do you have rules or guidelines around buying figures? Have you ever broken those rules? What figures made you break those rules? What about that figure made you break those rules?


I don’t think I really needed to explain why I did in this case.


Out of the 3 faces however, this is my least favourite face. Not too sure what she is trying to express here o_O


I don’t know if can tell in these pics, but the pumpkin is REALLY shiny. Looks very cool.


You can just sort of see her pantsu through the clear orange eyes and mouth.


And if you really want to get a good look at those pantsu, you can split the pumpkin in half and remove it completely.


I think I prefer with the pumpkin on. Nendo pantsu doesn’t really do it for me. Also unlike Yoko, she doesn’t have much of a rack to speak of. Some people might prefer this however. If you go for Nendo racks that is.


Speaking of Yoko, who I just reviewed recently as well, I had to try this one out as well. And I didn’t think it could get even cuter, how wrong I was…


Yoko can be cute, but I prefer Merissa’s head on her own body. It’s only slightly sachurine. Also the lack of a rack kind of makes her seem a bit wrong.


In conclusion, do I recommend this figure? What do you think? I broke my own figure rules for this one. 9.5 out of 10 easy. Must Get, if you are a fan of Nendoroids IMO. Hmm, my Nendoroid collection is getting quite large … though I suppose not nearly as ridiculous as my Figma collection. GoodSmile Company does it again…


Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most sickeningly cute Nendoroid of them all? Out of all my Nendoroid collection, these 3 are my favourite. I can’t seem to pick out who I like best however. I think it’s going to have to go to either Miku or Merissa. I just can’t decide…


Anyways, sayanara till next review! Sorry, my posts been pretty much only weekly lately, but that’s because I’ve been busy at work … I’ll try step it up a bit soon as I have less on my plate. But for now, Ja! ~Ace

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10 Responses to Nendoroid Merissa Seraphy Review

  1. Snark says:

    There is some irony in that your least favorite face is my favorite =P

    Still, she’d be an awesome nendo to display come Halloween.

  2. phossil says:

    Yoko looks funny with the pumpking.. ^^

  3. Persocom says:

    Jealousy flows through my veins XD I really want the nendo and the PVC of this figure ~uguu! Oh well, it’s my fault for not catching the restock 😡 This will remain on my must get some day list.

  4. acesan says:

    Snark, yeah I tend to least like the strange faces 😛

    Phossil, I think she just looks strange because she has no chest to speak of..

    Persocom, yep, sometimes pays to keep an eye on the restock pages, some surprises may turn up! I’m also after the 1:8 figure, it looks awesome.

  5. optic says:

    Managed to grab the WF version but she’s still in the box. ^^

    As much as I appreciate the review, Fate as a mermaid is just hilarious and clearly a distraction to the review. 😀

  6. Rebecca says:

    hehe you have the same figure buying rules as i do~
    shes so cute~your least favorite face is so funny XD

  7. Roy says:

    ah,Seraphy,shes probably one of the cutest Nends I’ve seen so far,just love the lil pumpkin haha and her cute expressons.Pretty good photo techniques as well,like the background you used 🙂
    Oh,and don’t believe we met before so Hi the names Roy ^^

  8. acesan says:

    Optic: I think I need to do an article one day where I have my whole Figma and Nendoroid collection head swapped 😛

    Rebecca and Roy, thanks for commenting! And my photo techniques are really the definition of laziness .. that is, find a good image, plaster it full screen on my monitor and put a piece of black cardboard on the bottom and voila! Instant photo studio .. lolz

  9. Ichi says:

    Hehe.. Nice post. I have one too. She is very cute. Xixixi..

  10. Elaine says:

    ARGGGGG! i bought one of thse off of ebay, but on mine the paint is all messed up… the pumpkin and the hair and the mouth…. ;-;…. btw, even on restock, how much did this cost? o_o

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