I’m back! Kind of! And more Loot…

Hey all! Sorry for neglecting this website. I mean I haven’t really had much to talk about as I haven’t really bought much of anything (anime related) lately. I’ve just been lurking around here and there. And I haven’t really had the motivation to write anything unfortunately – no real inspiration >_>. Been busy at work since I got back in early Feb. Yes, the work doesn’t go away while you’re on holidays, it just piles up, so that when you get back, it’s sitting there in your inbox full of 800+ emails!

Anyways! My March pre-orders are in, and got quite some nice stuffs! Expect some reviews soon haha …


First up is my Claymore Clare Excellent Model. I have wanted this thing since it was first released, but back then I didn’t know about the wonderful world of online shopping. So HAD to get this when it was re-released. Very nice figure; except I guess the only thing I would’ve liked better is a figure of Teresa, my fave char from Claymore. Such a pity … the episode where you know what happens, I got so PISSED!!!


Also got Nendoroid Yoko. Definitely my favourite Yoko figure created so far… super cute and the only Nendo with a decent rack?


Figma Seto-san. Even though I haven’t actually finished the series she appears in, I thought this was neat Figma to get. And yes, part of the reason is I wanted to see what Fate as a mermaid would look like…


Super Parts for the Macross Frontier Models. And you know what, I haven’t even STARTED my Alto or Ozma model. God I’m lazy … though I’ve been start / stopping other models I suppose. But yeah, I do want to put these together soon as I do the others … sigh


And this is the one I’ve been working on casually. MG Unicorn Gundam. I’ve always thought this model looked absolutely sick, but never got around to actually buying it. This was actually an impulse buy about 3 weeks ago when my video card died. At the dodgy Azn place I buy my computer parts from in the City (Level 2 at World Square where all the dodgy stuffed toy games are), I noticed a new Japanese Hobby store had opened up. And I thought we had nothing in Sydney.


I’ts actually an expansion of an existing store that was in China Town, as I soon found out from the shop attendant. Here’s the flyer she gave me to point out where the other store was. The one I was at, in World Square, had half the room of Gundam Models, the other with Figmas and the odd figure. Apparently the other store has more figures in it.


If anyone’s interested here’s a map. I know that some of you before asked if I knew of any anime figure stores in Sydney. Well here’s one if you’re interested. Prices aren’t too bad, my MG Gundam Unicorn cost me $90 AUS, which isn’t the best, but considering how absolutely shitty the Australian dollar is nowadays, it works out about the same if you factor in shipping. I still need to visit this other store in China Town just in case there are any old gems of figures I may have missed out on since I’m only fairly new to the figure scene.


Anyways, I promise to start posting a bit more often, especially considering I have a ton of pre-orders coming in for the next couple months! Some really really nice figures due out, and I also want to get the set of 1:100 Gundam 00 S2 Models…

Oh yeah, just watched “The Watch Men” tonight. Not a bad movie, cliched at parts, but I did like the twist at the end. I won’t spoil anything but my favourite part in the whole movie involved a deep fryer. That’s all I’ll say…

Sayanara for now! ~Ace

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14 Responses to I’m back! Kind of! And more Loot…

  1. Snark says:

    Good to see you back! And awesome! I never knew about this store till now! I’m so fucking there!

    And awesome loot by the way; particular like the Claymore shit and the Yoko nendo!

  2. optic says:

    By any chance u checked out the prices. I will make an effort and check it out on Thursday. ^^
    Hopefully it’s not another bootleg store. -_-

    Anyway, Welcome back. ^^

  3. acesan says:

    Yep it’s actually 2 stores, the one in World Square is the one I saw with figmas in it, the girl did say they had more figures in the other store though …

    I think the price tag on them was about $55 AUS though from memory? So if you bought a Figma from say Hobby Search, current conversion is about $36 AUS … so if you add in shipping, it works about right for 1 Figma. Still cheaper if you buy in bulk online, but if there’s any rare figmas there it could be worth it since it’s hard to get anywhere else (I think I saw they had Hatsune Miku?)

  4. phossil says:

    Ohh you got Yoko Nendo!!
    Good coming back!

  5. ELTboy says:

    Haven’t watch Claymore myself…been wanting to but can’t find a source ^^”

    Love all those figures you got … might get Yoko myself … maybe even San-chan although I’m not into figmas now.

  6. Snark says:

    I just went to the store today, they’ve got a bunch of Figmas, but not that wide a choice. Also, the place is at Capitol Square, not World Square…I was wondering round World Square trying to find the place >_<

    Anyways, figmas look real; I for one bought a Tsuruya figma which I’m pretty happy with. But the nendos look kinda suspect…

    Also, I checked out the store at Dixon 1, the place is TINY! But they’ve got a few things not available in Capitol. Also, some of the stuff there’s 20% off, including the Figmas, which is why I paid $48 for Tsuruya ^^

  7. acesan says:

    Lol yeah I always get mixed up with world and capitol square, soz! Grats on purchase, I didn’t really have a good look at what figures they had, at that point I was just looking at Gundams >_>

  8. Snark says:

    Ahh, gundams eh? Have you had a look at Hobbyco at the 3rd floor of QVB? They’ve got a bitchin selection there, as well as paints and other stuff you can use for gunpla.

  9. 29point55 says:

    Hmm… from which country is this again? xD I need to know where I can get Figmas around Australia or London/UK… xD

  10. acesan says:

    If that was you that sent me the email 29point, I just replied to it. Yes, it’s in Sydney, Australia, within the CBD (you know, where the harbour bridge, opera house and stuff are!).

    Snark, yeah, I know about Hobbyco. I already cleaned them out with the Gundams I want from there. Good place to buy paint too! They don’t have any of the rare Gundams (like the Unicorn one), so I was happy to find it in this other place…

  11. Persocom says:

    nice loot! pretty cool you found another place to get figures at in town ^^ welcome back, I’ve been kinda gone too, for the last week at least.

  12. acesan says:

    1 week /= 1.5 months! I have been slack i admit! anyways i will soon have a lot mroe to review!!

  13. Very nice blog post I like your blog carry on the great blog posts

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