Anime I’m watching this Winter Season

Well, this Winter (or Summer over here in Aussie land) Season has gone long enough now, that I’ve got a fairly clear list of shows that I’ll be watching. Figures and Fanfiction is great and all, but without good source material to become a fan of, or write about, the world of Figures and Fanfiction (Anime) would be quite dull indeed ^_^;;


My strategy is thus – watch absolutely everything for a couple of episodes, and then choose to stick with the ones that interested me the most. What’s your strategy?

Anyway, it doesn’t look as strong as last season, but there are still a few new shows that I’m really liking so far. We’ll see… below is my list ranked in order of how much I’m liking them so far.

1: Rideback


Ballet on a Mecha Motorbike? WIN

rideback_02 rideback_03 rideback_04

The animation in this is nothing short of outstanding, and even if it had a crappy story I probably would have still continued to watch it for the eye candy. However, the story and premise is no slouch either. Imagine a professional ballet dancer, who loses interest in it, then goes on to study at college looking for a normal life … then becomes hooked in the world of mecha motorbike racing, and uses her ballet moves to pwn?

Cute chick – check. Mecha Motorbike action – check. Awesome choreographed dancing/martial arts moves – check. Definitely the dark horse of this season I did not know existed until I watched it like I watch every new show in every new season.

Currently up to the second episode, and the last sequence had my jaw dropping. Recommended.


2: Kurokami the Animation

No this isn’t Shana. Instead it’s her more serious kickboxing twin

kurokami_02 kurokami_03 kurokami_04

Another nice surprise. And also very good animation. The character designs somewhat remind me of Shakugan no Shana, and if you look at the pics you’ll see why. I think the OP somewhat reminds me of Shana as well.

However Kuro is not a tsundere this time. This time it’s the cute character design, who kicks ass. The fighting moves she does are very fluid, smooth, and realistic (at least until her hands start glowing lightning ^_^;;). Instead of sword fighting, Kuro looks like she uses a mix of some type of kick boxing style. Looks very very cool.

Anyway the premise of this one is that we have a main guy character, who at first glance, seems like the typical shounen variety. However as the first episode goes on, you begin to see beneath the outer layer, and see that he is not as typical as it seems.There is also a fair lot of shock scenes in the first episode that seriously made me go WTF. I won’t say more in case of spoilers however.

The gist though is about the concept of “doppelgangers” that is every person has another person who looks exactly like them. And if they were to meet, the “weaker” one would suddenly die of either disease or an accident, and that person’s power would transfer to the stronger one. And then you have Kuro (the red haired chick) who has some kind of power and joins up with the main char.

You may find it hard to find this series however, as it is already liscensed (that was fast). But definitely another series I recommend.


3:  White Album

An 80s School Days?

whitealbum_02 whitealbum_03 whitealbum_04

And now for something different, here is the romance / drama show of the season. Has Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana as the voice actresses, who also sing in the show, so just from them along, this show will already have some pull.

Even after watching 3 eps, I still don’t know too much about this one. But from what I’ve read, it will be a love triangle type story of some sort.  Touya the main char has been going out withYuki since high school. However Yuki is now becoming an idol, and is losing touch with him. In comes Rina, another idol, who becomes friends with Yuki. It seems the triangle will involve these three somehow … the pace is kind of slow, so not much has happened yet, but I’m curious to see what happens.

So if you like romance dramas, then this might be the show to watch this season. I’m not really sure if I should be ranking this 3rd on my list yet … it’s just this high because of the animation and the voice actresses. And the fact I’m a sucker for love triangle type dramas.


4: Chrome Shelled Regios

Meichi, cutest anime chick this season?

regios_02 regios_03 regios_04

Another Action Anime, and if you’re the type who likes the main character to be bad ass from the beginning, then this one is for you. I do get kind of sick of the shows where the main character starts off  really weak, then progresses very slowly from there (e.g. Naruto, who is still weak and why I’ve dropped that show after getting sick of Sasuke stealing the spotlight, but I digress and gomen to Naruto fans).

In this one, it is some sort of post apocolyptic future (I love these stories) where civilisation now lives in secluded bases in the desert which is ruled by huge bug monster things. Humans have evolved to have some sort of super powers, at least some of them, and it is their job to defend their cities from the bugs.

Well, I can’t really explain it too well. However the main character, Layfon, used to be one of the badass powerful humans, if not the most powerful one, who joins a new city wanting a new life. But the people in charge know his past and direct him into once again fighting and once again he shows how much of a bad ass he is.

And of course, in among the bunch, you have the cute girls littering the show (seriously the one who gets a crush on Layfon, Meishen, is seriously one of the cutest – in the way she acts – anime girls I have seen in a show yet). Excited about this one!


5: Miname-Ke Okaeri

Kana is my Anime Waifu
Kana is my Anime Waifu

minamio_02 minamio_03 minamio_041

The first season was one of my favourite shows ever – a day in a life of three sisters, all weird in some way. If only there was a Kana in real life, but I don’t think they exist o_0.

But they ruined that with the second season with the weird change of character designs, and unfunny plots.

So I didn’t have too much expectations for the third season. However it looks like they’ve somewhat gone back to their roots, as it now has the same feel as the first season somehow. Very much liking the transition back to the season one style. Although the quality STILL isn’t as good as season one, I still like it a lot better than two.

And Hosuka is back!!! YAY. So I’ve picked this one back up again. Recommended if you liked the first season.


6: Tower of Druaga – Season 2

Jil … and the Tower of Gilgamesh? *snort*

 druaga2_02 druaga_03 druaga_04

Little Kai … with her Spoon of Hell
Fatina receives Kai’s Spoon from Hell

Really liked the first season with how random some of the episodes were. And after that major cliffhanger at the end of it, I’m pretty much forced to watch this one.

IMO, Kaaya seriously needs to die >_>. Unless she has a REALLY good excuse about why she betrayed Jil. So right now I’m shipping for Fatina … she deserves it for taking care of Jil’s hikkomiri ass for the past year. however I have a feeling all will be forgiven for Kaaya -_-;;.

It really does look like Fatina has a genuine liking for Jil though. She is so cute. If she gets thrown aside by Jil later on for Kaaya (hate hate hate!) I will be quite annoyed!

However, the second ep with chibi Kai … with her spoon … has to be the FUNNIEST thing I have seen this anime season. This one upped my ranking on this show just from this scene lol! I’m not sure if this should be ranked 6 on my list anymore. I think it needs to be promoted.


7: Maria Holic

You know, I was fooled too
You know, I was fooled too

mariah_02 mariah_03 mariah_04

My LOL Anime of the season. Seriously couldn’t stop laughing at certain spots. The premise is that the main character, Kanako, joined a girl’s school because she wants to meet the love of her life. Yes, she plays for the same side of the fence. Of course, hijinks occur when she meets the antagonist of the show … the perfect Trap(tm).

It also doesn’t help that this Trap is the most sadistic, evil character you could even think of making – in a funny way!


8: Asu no Yoichi

I'm shipping for the blonde tsundere in this one
I’m shipping for the blonde tsundere in this one

yoichi_02 yoichi_03 yoichi_04

This one isn’t actually new to me because I’ve actually read the first few chapters of the manga. It seemed fairly typical, the samurai boy who has never learned to be part of society comes down from the mountains to learn the way of life in the city. He stays at a father’s friend’s family’s house, who all happen to be cute chicks.

Of course comedic hijinks occur when you have 2 of them the typical tsundere type, with one a violent one, the other the cute when she’s angry one. I’m liking Ayane so far, don’t really like the main female char as she kinda seems a tad too violent and unfunny.

Haven’t fully made my mind up on this yet, but for now it’s on my watch list.


9: Akikan

Too bad Melon-chan doesn't have bigger Melons?
Too bad Melon-chan doesn’t have bigger Melons?

akikan_02 akikan_03 akikan_04

This has to be the most absurd idea for an anime yet. Basically certain types of drink cans can turn into girls when you drink them. And there has to be fight between the “steel” cans and the “aluminium” cans to determine which are the best types of cans to produce.

The girls also have special powers that depends on what type of drink they are. Still, as utterly ridiculous the story is, I found myself being entertained. From the utter ridiculousnes of the story, to the homosexual government agent guy, to the pervertedness of the main character (who has Lelouch’s voice from Code Geass, no less), guess that goes to show what kind of guy I am if I like this sort of stuff LOL.



Not as many series that have hooked me in this time around, but still a few that I really like so far. Are there any shows that I’ve missed here, but you found to be a very good watch and recommendation?

And just like last time, here’s a poll! Please fill it out if you have the time ^_^


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16 Responses to Anime I’m watching this Winter Season

  1. optic says:

    I picked up Miname-Ke S3, Rideback and White Album for now. I just started on Clannad ~After Story~ so I’m wayyyyyyyyyyyyy behind. lol

  2. ZeroOBK says:

    In Asu no Yoichi, I like the tsundere best of all as well. Ace-san, I recommend just dropping the Kurokami anime and picking up the manga/manhwa. It’s been a disappointing adaptation so far.

  3. Persocom says:

    Rideback and Maria Holic are the stars this season for me so far. I’m watching Asu no Yoichi too but after the first ep it’s been slower and less amusing. White Album bored me to death in the first 10 minutes but I’ve been downloading the eps just in case. It was too slow for me though, even though I usually like dramas. I’m behind on Akikan but I’m watching it. I might have to check out the others though, except for the sequels, since I haven’t seen the originals to them.

  4. Panther says:

    The spoon. It wins everything, including swords. Ph33r.

  5. M12 says:

    I loved Kyou No Go No Ni last season. So, now I’m very interested in Minami-ke. Still haven’t to catch up on S1 and S2, though.

    Yeah, I fell for Maria’s trap, too. I was disappointed XD!!

    I too go for the tsundere in Asu No Yoichi. The more main girl is very pretty, though XP.

    Am I the only who gets confused by White Album sometimes? The directing seems very obscure?

    Yes, several scenes in Kurokami ep 1 shocked me… and then I rewatched them. Yeah I’m an evil bastard.

  6. acesan says:

    Optic: I’ve been downloading all of Clannad AS as well, but I haven’t found the motivation to really watch them >_>. N more Tomoyo eps!
    Zero: I heard that it is quite changed from the manga, but I’m fine with the anime for what it’s worth for now. Later on I might try the manga to see what I missed out on.
    Persocom: Yes, White Album has been boring so far, that’s why I’m hoping for some nice juicy drama later !
    Panther: Woot, another spoon fan!!!
    M12: Yeah Kyou No Go No Ni was done by the same manga author. Though the TV seriies of KNGNN I think is of lower quality than the original OAVs. Kurokami shock scenes really made me shout in absolute disgust / fascination as well. The director definitely has balls lol. And yes, Ayane ftw. The main chick has a nice rack but that’s all she has going for her imo!

  7. ELTboy says:

    I pick up Asu no Yoichi, Rideback, Kurokami and Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo. Am planning to catch Chromed Shell Regios and probably Akikan too.

    Do agree that animation is best on Rideback, so I hope that the storyline pans out well. Mixed feelings over kurokami for now while asu no yoichi and sora wo kakeru shoujo has been pretty enjoyable so far.

    This season’s animes are indeed not as strong but next season looks very promising. ^^

  8. sonic_ver2 says:

    No Marimite 4? I think my most favorite for this season will be Maria Holic. Kinda bored with action anime, so this season i’ll pick the most of the drama and comedy, and only 1 action: Regios.

  9. ZeroOBK says:

    @ acesan: If you can manage to stomach Kurokami ep. 3, then you should be fine, but that episode dropped my expectations so low I feel like I’m watching R+V Capu2 or one of the shounen speech episodes of Index all over again.

  10. phossil says:

    Im looking forward of Rideback and Akikan! They seem very interesting shows.

  11. Snark says:

    Holy shit Rideback looks awesome! Yeah, I know what I’ll be watching now! >=D

  12. acesan says:

    Eltboy: I noticed ppl aren’t all gaga over Kurokami, for now it doe seem kinda generic, but I really liked the shock parts in teh first episode
    Sonicv2: Is Marimite part of this season or last season? As for Regious, its a shame I haven’t found any high quality versions of the files. Didn’t think I’d like Regios from the first 5 minutes, but after I read some forum comments on it, it started to get more interesting, so I went back and watched it fully.
    Zero: I dropped R+V last season, still watching Index though, but parts of it are soooo boring, like the shonen speech scenes
    Phossil: Akikan yes, lol!
    Snark: Guess you’re back from Japan! I’ll have to visit to check if you wrote about it!

  13. Koshiko says:

    Hi~, first time commenting xD
    I let my brother pick up any new anime x3, was looking forward to Tower of Druaga Season 2, that would have been on my list first. ToD2 is looking fun so far, loved the spoon antics xD;
    Enjoyed RideBack =D, the style was a little strange in comparison to everything else that’s released at the moment, but I’m in it for the story, looks good so far.
    If my brother keeps up with Maria Holic I’ll watch it with him, but otherwise won’t follow it too closely, funny though [cute trap is cute lol~ xD;].

    Nothing else really stands out for me, will see what else my brother decides to check out :3

  14. You have excellent taste. I love rideback!

  15. Nia Syria says:

    Doing a bit of browsing and also noticed your blog looks a bit messed up during my K-meleon web browser. However happily rarely any one utilizes this anylonger but you might want to look into this.

  16. really thanks i needed this

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